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Sump Pump Issues: Causes and Services, Chattanooga, TN

Causes Of Sump Pump Failure And Reasons To Call For Sump Pump Services   Chattanooga TN
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Sump pumps are a common occurrence. Often located in your house’s basement, the sump pump plays a vital role in pumping out excess water build-up. If left unattended, it can cause extensive problems such as flooding resulting in costly sump pump services.

The plumber usually installs the pump at the lowest position in the ground. Similar to other equipment and appliances in your home, your sump pump has a limited lifespan. On average, the component lasts for 10 years.

Surprisingly, many homeowners may fail to notice a damaged sump pump until it stops functioning. Product defects and improper maintenance are some of the reasons. Knowing these causes would help you take the necessary measures to prevent such an occurrence from taking place.

Power Failure

Electrical power breakdown causes unexpected sump pump failure. To minimize such cases, always have an automatically operated generator. If your original pump fails due to natural catastrophes such as storms, the generator can ensure the pump continues functioning.

Having that in mind, some parts of the sump pump can get damaged due to power surges. Installing an entrance surge protection device will safeguard the whole electrical system from power surge and minimizes the need for sump pump services.

Visible Rust

The decayed battery terminals result in visible brown deposits of rust. Although in some scenarios, the stain may result from the presence of the bacteria. Because of its color, it’s usually identified as iron bacteria. In the long run, this bacteria leads to water discoloration and develops a gel-like component that may result in the entire plumbing system blockage. Even though the iron bacteria may not be a serious human health risk, it causes unnecessary blockages within your drainage line in Chattanooga, TN.

Irregular Cycling

Frequent on and off cycling of your sump pump, especially during heavy rains, implies that your sump pump system is experiencing some trouble and requires comprehensive sump pump services. The issue may be straightforward, just like an improperly set float switch. Other times, the problem may be with the faulty wiring system. Additionally, a short circuit in your electrical system will force the pump to switch on and off periodically.

Improper Installation

Proper installation is essential when fitting your home appliances or systems, including a sump pump. Therefore, the installation process must be properly performed by a trusted sump pump provider.

Failure to do so results in the backflow of water, forcing the pump impeller to spin in reverse and untwist off the machine shaft. You would rather get overcharged for quality services than get an amateur offering unreliable sump pump services to mess up the sump pump’s functionality. If you experience damaged pump problems a few days after installing your sump pump, the installation process could have gone wrong.

You should evaluate all plumbing companies within Chattanooga, TN, and pick on the most reliable one with experienced damaged sump pump repair professionals. The sump pump service experts should be able to troubleshoot all the defects arising from the improper installation. After installation, they should test if the sump pump is up and running smoothly.

Frozen Discharge Lines

Your system will malfunction when water fails to exit along the release line. Therefore it’s vital to safeguard your discharge pipe from dirt, sticks, rocks, and debris. This will keep away animals and debris from the system, hence making your pipe function efficiently.

Unfortunately, even the grated wrapping will not prevent the lines from blocking or from freezing. However, a unique grated discharge line connection can be your lifesaver, preventing discharge lines from freezing and avoiding the constant demand for sump pump services. You can achieve this by allowing some openings that release water out of the pipe in case of any line blockage.

Poor Maintenance

Your sump pump repair plumber should suggest a proper maintenance program for all your plumbing systems and structures in your home. The sump pump shouldn’t be left out when listing structures and appliances that require maintenance in your home.

Getting your pump pumped regularly is essential since it prevents backups. The emptying schedule can vary depending on various factors, including the size of your basin. You may be required to look for sump pumping services either once per year or in three years.

Wrong Size Sump Pump

The sump pump size is one of the critical elements of effective pumping scheduling. Smaller sump pumps may not be unable to pump water effectively, making homeowners seek sump pumping services often.

On the other hand, when a sump pump is large, it may be forced to struggle while pumping water, thus reducing its lifespan. For multiple reasons, you should consider the right size sump pump to make your schedule work effectively, and if you find it hard, don’t sweat it, seek help from a sump pump services specialist.

Switch Problems

Switch problems are commonly experienced mechanical causes of a damaged sump pump. This problem usually happens when the pump moves from its location within the basin, making the float inadequate. Float is a vital element since it allows the smooth on and off operation of the switch. For an effective sump pump operation, the float and switch should be kept in their appropriate working conditions.

Age-Related Problems

When you purchase a sump pump system, it’s vital to know its lifespan. This will prevent you from incurring frequent maintenance costs, which could be the same as or just close to purchasing a new system. After your system has lived through its lifespan, you can consider buying a new one to prevent the hassle of looking for a sump pump services expert whenever your system fails.

Metro Plumbing, Heating, and Air; Get Comprehensive Sump Pump Services Now

Regular maintenance plays a vital role in ensuring your sump pump works effectively and longer. If you need sump pump installation and repair services for your Chattanooga, TN, home, make sure to consult with our trained sump pump service providers.

Whether you need a proficient expert for sewer leaks, drain cleaning, water heater repair, or a heating and cooling technician, you can rely on us. Our team of licensed sump pump services specialists provides residential and commercial plumbing services. Call an expert today.

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