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When Do You Need Drain Cleaning Service? | Chattanooga, TN

When Do You Need Drain Cleaning Service   Chattanooga TN
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Most homeowners in Chattanooga, TN do not give their drains a second thought, that is until the drains cease to work. It is easy to overlook drain care maintenance. When drains do cease to work, we often reach for the liquid drain cleaner, but this is not your best option, in fact, it could actually damage your drains with prolonged use. Trying to fix a clogged drain yourself could actually cause more damage. Let’s look at the top signs that you need a professional Drain Cleaning Service.

Standing Water

If you have standing water in your sinks, tub, or washing machine, chances are you have a clogged drain. Standing water usually means that there is a plug somewhere in your drain pipes. Usually, these clogs are formed by hair or food waste, and it is enough that water can no longer pass through the drainage pipes. You never want water not to have a place to go, if it can not go down, it will go up through your drains or allow standing water to remain in your sinks or tub. If you have standing water in your home then it is time to call in a professional Drain Cleaning Service such as Metro Plumbing, Heating, and Air.

Slow Moving Drain

Much like standing water, a slow-moving drain often means a clog in the drainage pipes. The only difference between standing water and a slow-moving drain is that the clog is just a partial clog, which allows some water to pass through the drainage pipes. This partial clog will in time become a full-on clog, it is not if it will become a full clog, but a matter of when. If the water in your sinks or bathtubs takes longer to drain than normal, you have a problem. This is caused by a blockage made out of materials such as hair, soap, grease, or food in your drainage pipes. A slow-moving drain should be addressed by a professional Drain Cleaning Service as soon as possible. The sooner you deal with it the more likely it is that you will save not only money but also spare yourself the headache of a full-blown clog. If you have this problem the Drain Cleaning Service professionals of Metro Plumbing, Heating, and Air.

Unexplained Foul Odor

If you have taken note of some funky foul smells in your home, it could be your drains. If it seems no matter where you clean and spray in the house, yet the smell does not go away, it may well be your drains. Now you might not think of the drain being the source of the foul smells if your drain is draining as it should, but this does not mean that there isn’t food or sewage built up in your drain pipes. Your friendly Drain Cleaning Service professionals from Metro Plumbing, Heating, and Air have the special equipment needed to remove the source of any gunk or grime in your pipes causing any foul odors in your home. They can reach this gunk in your pipes no matter how far it is into your drainage pipelines.

Frequent Clogs

If your pipes are constantly clogging on you and your only remedy so far has been liquid clog removers, you might want to consider calling in a Drain Cleaning Service for your home. You might have taken care of the stubborn clog a week ago, only to find it is back with a vengeance this week. This can be the sign of a serious blockage that no amount of liquid drain cleaners will solve, you need a professional. While liquid drain cleaners can indeed help break a clog down somewhat, they won’t remove the debris blocking your drainage pipes. Gunk, grime, residue, and food particles all build up over time in drainage pipes. This gunk will need to be removed professionally by a Drain Cleaning Service if you do not want repeated clogs to happen. These professionals will remove the build-up allowing water to once again flow freely through your pipes. We see this as a common problem for many local homes, but thankfully the fix is rather easy.

Gurgling Sounds

Your sinks and drains should never ever make gurgling sounds. If you keep hearing odd gurgling sounds coming from your sink chances are you have a plumbing problem that can only be solved by a Drain Cleaning Service. Even if your drains seem to be draining fine, gurgling noises are a symptom of a behind-the-scenes issue building up in your pipes. When clogs start to form what happens is air bubbles as water rushes past the partial clog, creating the dreaded gurgling noises you are hearing from your drains. You will only hear this sound as the sink or tub drains. Once you have had a Drain Cleaning performed in your Chattanooga, TN home, the gurgling sounds will disappear.

Water Backup

No homeowner wants to deal with the nightmare of a water backup from their drains. You end up with a pool of nasty often foul-smelling water to deal with and clean up after. These water backups are not only a hassle to deal with, they can be expensive due to the potential water damage that they can create. Nothing with the exception of fire is more damaging to a home than water. It can also be expensive to repair the damage if you leave this problem unattended for long periods of time. If you have a water backup, call in a Drain Cleaning professional today to have that stubborn clog removed. The sooner you deal with the clog and water backup, the cheaper it is likely to be to fix, not to mention less messy for your household.

If you have any of these issues present in your home, it is time to call in the professionals. You need a Drain Cleaning Service that you can depend on, and that is Metro Plumbing, Heating, and Air of Chattanooga, TN. We will promptly address any issue with your drains.

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