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Modern HVAC Systems And AC Repair Keep Us Doing Our Homework to Keep You Cool | Chattanooga, TN

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Our Team Trains in the Off Season to Keep You Cool All Summer

Each spring, our team gets calls from homeowners whose air conditioning units aren’t cooling. To avoid the rush of seasonal calls we recommend regular maintenance, but our job is to address the problem and get everyone cool. As air conditioning systems become more complex and advanced, they become more difficult for people to tackle themselves, if that’s their leaning. In the past there were a few common problems that needed attention. A motor won’t start, a capacitor fixes it, things like that. Now, more advanced cooling systems and sophisticated electronic controls mean at Metro Plumbing, Heating and Air, we spend the off season in training, getting prepared to serve our AC repair customers throughout the Chattanooga, TN area.

Intelligent AC Controls Add More Elements to AC System Diagnosis

In the past, when our customers say “it doesn’t work when I tell it to cool,” they mean when they set the thermostat. Now, they often mean it literally, as in they told Alexa, Google, or some other voice control system to adjust the temperature. That’s where our diagnostic process starts, which is a world of difference from even a decade ago. It’s cool, if you’ll pardon the pun, that the systems we provide AC repair for can meet our customer’s needs in such customized, adaptable, and energy-saving ways these days.

Motors, Compressors, and Filters, Too

The increased efficiency of modern equipment makes repair a more specialized activity than in the days when most systems had basic interchangeable parts such as motors, compressors, and starting capacitors. Many of our customers have heat pumps and other technologies that have expanded our horizon as we take on new approaches to home comfort. Renewable energy sources can also contribute to home heating and cooling, saving on the heat production and cooling electrical power required to keep the home comfortable. Advanced HEPA filters and other methods for filtering and neutralizing pathogens have added another twist to modern home HVAC systems.

Specialized Systems for Single-Room Cooling and Backup

There are some wonderful cooling systems for one or two rooms, not window-based AC units, but systems that use an external cooling system to supply vents installed in the rooms. These are great for offices, bedrooms, and space for those with a medical need for cool air in a home that otherwise hasn’t been upgraded. AC repairs on these are simple matters, similar in concept to a whole-house system but with reduced airflow systems, thermostats, filtration, and dehumidification.

The Complexities and Conveniences of Zoned Systems

Zoned systems combined with intelligent thermostats and control systems can significantly reduce the cost of air conditioning operation. They can also cut the cost of AC repair, since they divide up air flow systems and cut the burden on individual fans. They also limit the demand on the core cooling technology since only the spaces that currently need cooling are placing demand on the system. Our AC repair team can help you to understand how HVAC zones could benefit you.

Converting from a single zone system where one thermostat controls the whole house’s temperature to a multi-zone system allows you to prioritize your cooling budget and avoid cooling unoccupied spaces. If you evolve to a smart home comfort control system, the intelligent controller can also make use of your zones. The controller applies the information it gathers to adjust your temperature for comfort and savings. It combines the latest weather reports, room occupancy patterns on each day of the week, whether the shades are open or closed and how much sunlight is incoming, and other factors to improve your home’s efficiency without the comfort changes that homeowners sometimes face when budgets get tight.

Let’s Talk About Thermostats

The simplest AC repair we can do to improve your system’s efficiency is to install a basic timer-based thermostat that manages system operation based on the time of day. For most homes, it’s acceptable to set different target temperatures for day and night, for example. The possibilities for thermostat replacement are enormous, with multiple thermostats for multiple zones, intelligent thermostats that learn how you prefer your home’s comfort levels and adjust accordingly, and smart thermostats that tie into your home’s smart home technology. You can understand, then, how “my home’s not cool” can be a complex issue on some AC repair calls.

While We’re Talking About Technology, When is the Best Time to Upgrade?

The best time to make upgrades to your home comfort system may not be when your current one is on its last legs. There are a lot of factors that can make it to your advantage to make changes to your system or even perform a major replacement. Our team is quick and efficient at HVAC installations and upgrades, so inconvenience may not be as big a concern as you’d think.

The best decision point for many of our customers is when a new system or new components can increase the efficiency of their system, saving them money on the cost of operation. This efficiency can be through a new cooling unit, improved ducting, fans, and control systems including creating a zoned air distribution system, and even modifications such as adding dehumidification that increase comfort levels.

New equipment reduces repair costs, of course, and seasonal pricing and other financial incentives can reduce the cost of the equipment upgrade. A well-timed change in your HVAC system by our AC repair team can make a positive impact on your household budget as well as your quality of life.

Keeping Chattanooga, TN Cool with a Well-Trained Team

Metro Plumbing, Heating, and Air is the area’s well-trained and experienced team of HVAC experts. We provide AC repair and more plus the information our customers need to keep their systems up to date. Give us a call for seasonal tune-ups, responsive repair calls, and expert upgrades. We’re ready for you.

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