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Pets and Pipes Don’t Mix!

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Pet Owners: 3 Plumbing Tips to Keep Cat and Dog Hair out of Drains and Pipes

Finding an efficient way in preventing dog and cat hair from entering inside the drain is quite important. Although this is a natural occurrence for humans as well, it can be a pain in the neck!

Allowing hair to fall into the sink or tub drain of your Chattanooga home can seem like the simplest way of handling it, but eventually this hair will roll around plumbing joints or position itself in pipes to accumulate and clog up the drain. If you have ever struggled with pet hair, trying to prevent it from destroying your house drainage system, you can prevent this happening by using a few precautions.

Not Just For Washers Anymore

Fabric softener sheets are not just meant for softer clothing, but pet hair as well! You can use an old fabric softener sheet and just place it over a drain. By doing this pet and dog hair sticks to it and lets the running water to smoothly escape from the drain.

After you are done bathing your pet, you just toss the sheet into a trash bin. Be sure to empty out the drain to prevent it from becoming sluggish. After using this procedure a few times, you will be glad you used this method for the drain and how much you prevented future hassles in your Chattanooga home.

Simple Mesh Drain Cups

While your dog or cat may be blessed with lots of thick hair, it spells nothing but trouble for a drain. So another option to use is purchasing an affordable mesh drain cup, which you can buy Online or any pet or department store. You can usually locate these items where the soap and bathroom items are.

If possible, purchase one comprised of plastic as this type pushes easily on the drain, particular if it is soft plastic. Try to avoid the harder plastic drain cups as they tend to pop out of the drain.

Hair Drain Trap

Similar to a drain cup, drain traps also prevent pet hair from clogging up drains. These do fit most drains and they are easy to keep clean. Its base has several tiny suction cups that fit most showers, tubs and sinks.

Don’t let your fluffy pup clog up your drain! If you need drain cleaning in your Chattanooga, TN home call Metro Sewer and Drain at (423) 855-0967 today!

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