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Preventative Heating And AC Maintenance Solutions Tips From Your Expert Technician | Cleveland, TN

Preventative Heating And AC Maintenance Solutions Tips From Your Expert Technician   Cleveland TN
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The average lifespan of an HVAC system is between 12 to 15 years. However, without adequate maintenance, you may have to purchase a new one sooner than you expect. That is because heating and air conditioning systems work day and night all year round to keep the temperature in your home suitable for habitation, thus wearing and tearing easily.

Cliche as it may sound, prevention is better than cure. It is wise to have a professional electrician create and execute a preventative maintenance plan for your heating and AC system after purchase. Proper maintenance comes with benefits such as fresher air into your home, longer lifespan, convenience, and a reduction in repair costs.

Below are some of the preventative measures your HVAC maintenance professional can put in place.

Filter replacement

Filters work to remove impurities such as bacteria and dust from the air that passes through the heating and AC system. If you do not change it after the recommended period, the air flowing into your home might become a health hazard to you and your family, especially if you have underlying respiratory conditions such as asthma.

You would not want to become among the people who pay for the high costs of health in the country, right? Well, talk to an HVAC technician to evaluate the condition of your filters and install new ones if necessary.

Periodic inspections for gas leaks and electrical connections

Poorly insulated electrical wires or a gas leak can quickly turn your home into ashes. You might have to come to terms with the loss of thousands of dollars worth of valuables, and worse, injuries in case you were at the residence during the incident. Between 2012 and 2016, heating equipment fires accounted for about 52,050 fires leading to 1,400 injuries, the death of 490 civilians, and $1 billion in direct property damage.

No one would want to be part of those statistics. And to prevent that, all you have to do is talk with a heating and AC expert and create a plan for examining your gas or electrical HVAC system regularly to identify and fix any gas leaks and faulty wires.

Cleaning the heating and AC parts and components

All electrical appliances operating in a home usually require routine cleaning services to maintain their efficiency levels. Your HVAC is no exception to the rule. Condenser coils require cleaning to remove debris, enabling them to work effectively in providing consistent airflow within the heating and AC unit. Another crucial part that needs cleaning is the condensate drain line since it may clog, and your HVAC unit can freeze and malfunction.

Cleaning the condensate line involves detaching the line and using a cup of vinegar or bleach to remove the mold, sediments, and algae that may be trapped. While it may sound like a simple thing to do, it is best to leave the job to the experts. You would not want to destroy your HVAC parts and eventually incur extra repair or replacement costs. Talk to a certified HVAC technician and get the work done right.


All movable parts in your HVAC system require regular lubrication to increase the performance rate of your heating and AC system that works 24/7. Imagine hearing irritating creaking noises from your HVAC unit while watching your favorite movie or reading a best seller novel. You will probably get irritable.

The issue might require a simple fix, such as lubrication. With services from a professional, you will take care of all movable parts that produce strange noises.

Air duct inspection

If you notice that your heating and air conditioning system is passing no air through the vents into your house, your air ducts could be having a problem. Before making that conclusion, ensure that the vents are open well and have no material obstructing them. And regarding opening your vents, it is not correct to close all of them since you will overwork your HVAC unit to meet the exact temperature you need in your home.

That means you will eventually incur high energy bills, and the system will wear and tear quickly. If your vents still pass no air even after checking them out, it is time to call an expert to examine whether your air ducts are torn and need replacement.

Thermostat evaluation

Thermostats send signals to your HVAC unit, prompting the system to either start cooling or heating. If your thermostat fails, it means the whole system will malfunction and will not regulate the harsh indoor temperature in your Cleveland, TN, home. That can be disheartening, given that you spent a lot of money investing in a machine to make your home comfy.

Seeking routine thermostat inspection services from a certified HVAC technician will prevent impromptu malfunctions since the expert will identify any underlying problem and fix it before the whole thing fails.

Examining and adjusting fan and blower operations

A blower is a heating and AC motor that collects heated or cooled air from the furnace and circulates it in the home to set the indoor temperature as per thermostat signals. It powers up the fan to spin to enable air movement. From the above, you will note that the two HVAC parts give out the final product from the unit, that is, cooling and heating.

Therefore if you do not regularly check and maintain the parts, you might not be able to enjoy the services that your heating and AC system provides. To prevent such an inconvenience, consult with a technician for a check-up and maintenance plan for your HVAC’s fan and blower.

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