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Residential Plumbing: Common Septic Tank Repair Problems | Cleveland, TN

Residential Plumbing Common Septic Tank Repair Problems   Cleveland TN
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Septic systems are constructions located underground whose purpose is to treat wastewater coming from homes. They are used often in premises that aren’t connected to centralized sewer systems. The systems are designed to operate using a combination of technological inventions and nature to treat the wastewater flowing in. Wastewater can be classified into three, namely black, grey, and yellow water.

Blackwater comes from your home’s toilet, dishwasher, and the kitchen sink, and some of the contaminants in the water include human waste, toilet paper bits, discarded food, and cleaning chemicals. Greywater is wastewater that has no human waste or food particles. It comes out of the bathtub, bathroom sink, and laundry machine drains. On the other side, yellow water consists of pure urine without contaminants found in grey and black water.

Over 21 million residential properties in the United States have septic systems. Having a septic tank in your Cleveland, TN, home means hygiene is of high quality. However, just like other components and structures in your home, septic tanks are prone to damage or wear and tear. If you get a septic tank problem in your home, you may have to deal with inconveniences later on, including vacating your home due to backup issues.

You may also have to incur expensive floor damage repair and sewer damage restoration costs. In addition to that, your home could be a dangerous dwelling place since it could cause respiratory and digestive problems. To avoid all these inconveniences, you can get some insights about possible problems you can identify in your septic tank system. The next step you should take would be to contact a septic tank repair specialist to fix the defect before it turns into a more messy problem. For that reason, let go straight to discuss some of the issues you may encounter with your Cleveland, TN, home’s septic tank.


Clogging is one of the most common problems you’ll probably find in pipes of your plumbing system, either the clean water supply or the drainage section. Septic tanks fall under the drainage system, and clogs in the sewer pipes can be a big nuisance to your home, causing backups.

A warning sign for clogs in your sewer system could be slow draining toilets and the notorious sewer backups in your bathtub, toilet, bathroom drains, and sinks. When you notice this, your first stop should be at a reliable septic tank repair company in Cleveland, TN, to salvage your home from sewer damage.

Human Errors When Digging

There comes a time you want to remodel your home’s yard, and this could require digging services to install stuff such as cables for your outdoor lights. Also, contractors may have to dig up through your yard to install water pipes or cable lines for new houses in your neighborhood. The diggers can accidentally hit the pipe while creating the trenches, making the pipes or septic tank surface crack, bend, or burst.

Before things turn gloomy into your yard, you’ll need to call a septic tank professional to identify and replace the broken pipes. However, all this can be at bay if you find the plan of the septic tank before the digging starts. Mark the areas where your sewer system is located to prevent damages to your system. You may ask the past owner of the house if you just bought it. However, if it’s your own home, you can contact the building company to give you the house plan or help you locate it. A skilled septic tank professional can also help you trace the septic tank system in your yard.

Aged Tank

Usually, septic tanks are made of strong materials that make them durable structures to last for many years. At some point, the tank will get old due to wear and tear while performing its functions over the years. If you recently moved into a new home, you should look for a septic tank professional to assess your septic tank.

If the septic tank is old, the septic tank plumber should recommend and install a modern one. Installing a modern septic tank is beneficial since it comes with a double chamber structure and dip pipes that help increase its efficiency. Eliminating your old septic tank means you won’t experience frequent backups, clogs, breaks in your home’s septic tank.

Improper Installation

Installation is an important factor to consider while installing any appliance or system in your home, including a septic tank. You would rather get overcharged for quality services than get an amateur and fake professional to mess up the tank’s functionality.

If you experience sewer problems a few days after installing your new septic tank, the installation process could have gone bad. You should evaluate all plumbing companies within Cleveland, TN, and pick on the most reliable one with experienced septic tank repair professionals. The experts should be able to troubleshoot all the defects arising from the improper installation. After installation, they should test if the sewer system is up and running smoothly.

Inadequate or Lack of Maintenance

Your septic tank repair plumber should suggest a proper maintenance program for all your plumbing systems and structures in your home. The septic tank shouldn’t be left out when listing structures and appliances that require maintenance in your home. Getting your tank pumped regularly is essential since it prevents backups.

The emptying schedule can vary depending on various factors, including the size of your septic tank and the number of dwellers in your home. You may be required to look for sump pumping services either once per year or in 3 years. If you aren’t sure how to identify when to get the services, you can look for a septic tank repair professional to assess the properties of your septic tank and recommend the correct time.

A Collapsed Baffle

As a homeowner, you may get baffled about what a baffle is, and wonder why it’s essential for the proper operation of your septic tank. You may ask your home’s plumbing expert for clarification. One of the definitions you could get is it’s a barrier inside the septic tank that stops lumpy materials from entering the soakaway system. When the baffle collapses, it means the solid waste will escape into the soakaway system and lead to a mega blockage.

The arising problem is one you wouldn’t wish to deal with, sewer backups! If you notice early signs of backups or you notice the baffle has collapsed while taking a walk in your yard, don’t hesitate to look for a septic tank repair specialist to mend the collapsed baffle. This will save you from all the struggles that come with a crumpled baffle.

Defects Caused by Tree Roots

A shocking fact is that tree roots are capable of growing through the walls of your home’s septic tank, sewer pipes, and the soakaway. Tree root tips can naturally identify any tiny contrasts in moisture levels nearby, and sewer pipes have a warm water flow that leads to the septic tank. When the roots penetrate through the tank, it can cause the sewer matter to escape into the ground and water to seep into the tank, limiting its efficiency.

If not fixed in time by a septic tank repair expert, you may have to deal with a big mess in your yard that you haven’t ever seen all your life. So it’s smart if you look for a septic tank repair plumber the first time you notice strange smells and overly green grass patches in your yard. The probable cause for that could be a root-damaged septic tank.

Ground Movements

However small the magnitude of a moving ground is, your home’s septic tank could be subjected to an enormous amount of pressure. Such movements can trigger septic tank wall cracks, fractures, and shrinks. A shrunken tank implies the septic tank gets filled up quickly, and if unexpected, it can cause backups, prompting you to look for emergency sump pump services often. When the water seeps into the tank, it will make the tank incapable of separating liquid from solid waste fruitfully.

Without an immediate fix, you’ll ultimately be forced to replace your septic tank. Talk to a professional septic tank repair expert from a certified company to suggest the best solution. However, sometimes it may be unfortunate for you to realize the problem late. Although you may be affected by the large replacement bill, this time the septic tank repair expert you get will suggest a suitable location for your septic tank, free from tree roots.

Septic Tank Leaks

Just like other plumbing fixtures or appliances, leaks in septic tanks are inevitable. Tanks made of cement could crack if the weather becomes extra harsh for them to withstand, especially when it becomes extremely cold. Additionally, plastic tanks can develop perforations due to wear and tear, and those with metallic walls can be susceptible to rust that corrodes the surface and creates holes. Joints connecting the septic tank to the sewer pipes could also be loose or snapped and leak the wastewater into the ground.

Sadly, it’s next to impossible if you try to identify septic tank leaks without help from a professional septic tank repair specialist. To prevent this problem, you should opt for regular septic tank cleaning and interior wall inspection services after cleanup from a reputable company. If you step on a squishy or flooded ground above the ground where the septic tank is located, it could mean there is a leakage problem. You should talk to your septic tank repair specialist to have a look and mend any leaks.

Destroyed Dip Pipes

Dip pipes are also called T-pipes, and they ensure the right type of waste gets out through the outlet pipe or the soakaway system from the tank. These pipes work the same as baffles. Some modern systems have baffles, others have dip pipes, and others contain both of them. You can select a septic tank with a baffle and a T-pipe while installing a new septic system or replacing your old one for maximum efficiency.

A septic tank repair expert can offer more advice about these options. During regular cleaning services, the dip pipe can be knocked off and displaced to the base of the tank’s interior. If the dip pipe is missing, the wrong waste can break free into the soakaway and cause a blockage that could lead to frequent backups in your home. If you notice recurrent backups in your toilet, it’s high time you seek professional help from a septic tank repair provider. The professional will assess the whole septic system and mend all arising defects, including a misplaced dip pipe.

Non-biodegradables In The Septic Tank

Some homeowners don’t realize the risk they put themselves into while disposing of non-recommended waste through their garbage disposals, toilets, and sinks. Until they’ll have to deal with backups and clogging problems, they keep on feeding the wrong waste to their sewer tanks. To be on the safe side, you can ask for some insights from a septic tank repair provider on what to avoid wasting into your drains. Some of the materials you should avoid include diapers, bones, sanitary wipes and pads, cigarette butts, and dental floss.

The mentioned waste products are considered non-biodegradable, meaning it will be an impossible task for bacteria and other microorganisms in the septic tank to decompose them. If these components fill up the septic tank over time, you may be looking at seeking frequent sump pump services because the waste in the tank piles up quickly due to a slow decomposition process. The best solution is to prevent this the first time. However, if you accidentally release non-biodegradable materials to your septic tank, you can plan with your septic tank repair plumber to clean the tank.

Get Professional Septic Tank Repair Solutions in Cleveland, TN, Today!

Metro Plumbing, Heating and Air, located in Cleveland, TN, is the place to go if you have any septic tank emergencies in your home, including slow draining bathtubs, sinks, and toilets as well as backups and human waste odors.

After listening to your needs, we will assign a septic tank repair specialist to your home to offer personalized services. Apart from septic tank repair services, we also deliver other solutions, including sewer line camera inspections, septic tank plumbing, clogged toilet repair, and drain cleaning.

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