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Metro Plumbing Heating & Air is a family-owned operating in Hamilton County since 1989. We collaborate with specialty-trained trades-people to attend to the people of Chattanooga, TN. Inviting workers into your business or home requires trust and consideration before confidently hiring a plumber or HVAC technician.

You can trust us! And here is why – Metro Plumbing Heating & Air conducts background checks, drug and alcohol screens on all our team members. Trust that before any of our team members serves our customers that they’ve been thoroughly vetted. Also, we’re a proud member of the Better Business Bureau and we maintain an A+ rating!

We care about the people we serve. Our community is responsible for the popularity and growth of our business. In return, we promise to provide you with expertly skilled plumbers who respect you and your home and will perform the repair to the highest standard possible for your sewage system.

Wild Beauty and Modern Convenience

Chattanooga, TN is the fourth largest city in the state, but within a 20 minutes drive, you’ll find the dramatic beauty of the Cherokee National Forest. The tri-state area and Hamilton County consist of urban epicenters and vast wilderness. The rural and mountainous forests are part of the reason why locals rely on septic tank plumbing.

Septic tank systems allow households to live in rural areas without renouncing modern conveniences like plumbing. Yet, there are essential steps to maintaining a healthy septic tank and optimally-functioning system both require routine septic tank repair.

Septic tank plumbing depends on an underground alcove made from plastic, fiberglass, and concrete. This is where residential sewage water flows to collect and undergo an initial treatment.

Septic tanks are on-site sewage facilities (OSSF). On-site sewage facilities are common in places where a homes’ wastewater doesn’t flow to the city’s sewage system and the wastewater certainly isn’t treated there.

Septic Tank Maintenance in Chattanooga, TN

Septic tank plumbing provides convenient solutions to living in more remote areas like the naturally wild Cherokee National Forest. This convenience has a downside because there are lots of steps to caring for a septic tank plumbing system.

Without regular septic tank repair and maintenance, it can result in costly problems like sewage contaminating the groundwater. If you’re unfamiliar with maintaining an OSSF, then it is wise to anticipate at least one repair or maintenance session within the first six months. You’ll want to know the state of your tank and prevent any wastewater from entering your home.

We’re experts in septic tank repair and offer the best value for specialists in the region. We work with experts to provide clear, actionable solutions while remaining transparent about pricing and the length and the time it will take to complete the job. Lots of our services are money-back guaranteed to ensure your confidence in our work.

Signs Your Septic Tank Needs Attention

Foul odors and non-flushing toilets are both red flags that you need an immediate repair. The septic tank cleans the homes’ wastewater into a different drain area where the bacteria work on decomposing solid waste.

The word septic refers to the vital anaerobic bacteria that live inside the septic tank. The bacteria breakdown the waste before it’s released from the tank.

Septic tanks commonly mix other types of on-site sewage facilities (OSSF) like other aerobic pathways that collaborate with the bacteria to further purify the water. If you suspect a problem with your tank, then contact a plumber as soon as possible to avoid contaminating the groundwater surrounding your residence.

Regular Maintenance for Septic Tanks

Routine maintenance is critical to maintaining an optimal plumbing system while proactively dealing with any of the foul issues associated with septic tanks.

At a minimum, a septic tank will need to be professionally pumped every two years. Remember, this rule applies to brand new tanks. If the tank has been used previously you’ll want a specialist to evaluate it and complete a total septic tank repair before settling in.

A healthy septic tank system should be serviced every year. Studies show that a well-managed septic tank lasts years longer than one that hasn’t been routinely maintained. An ignored septic tank system hikes up your plumbing bills and can ruin your property.

Regular pumping of the septic tank will prevent high costs from adding up. Taking care of a problem quickly reduces repair costs.

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That Doesn’t Belong in the Toilet!

Don’t ruin your septic tank by flushing anything other than human waste and toilet paper. Baby wipes, paper towels, and corrosive cleansers harm the living bacteria which impairs how the tank functions.

Be particularly careful with products that state the items are flush-able on the packaging because that endorsement doesn’t include septic tank customers.

Metro plumbing regularly serves homes who could’ve saved money on an extensive septic tank repair if they didn’t allow these products to be flushed down into their septic tanks.

Sludge and Septic Tank Repair

Another widespread problem with a septic tank is when the septic cavity overflows with excess wastewater and it rises and soaks into the ground contaminating the groundwater. It’s important to know about how fecal sludge builds up and how to keep it from overflowing.

If wastewater accumulates quicker than the bacteria can break down the material then you’ve got a smelly problem on your hands. Alternatively, investing in regular draining of sludge (using a vacuum truck service) may save money when it comes to septic tank repair.

Sludge accumulates quickly and it is common among OSSF residences throughout Chattanooga, TN. If wastewater is emptying into sinks in your home, then the sludge needs immediate pumping.

Please call Metro Plumbing Heating & Air with any questions you might have about septic systems or septic tank repair!

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