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Seven Signs That You Need to Call an AC Repair Service | Chattanooga, TN

Seven Signs That You Need to Call an AC Repair Service   Chattanooga TN
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As the summer months approach, the temperatures in Chattanooga, TN, are bound to soar. In-home air conditioning systems are a blessing when the outside is blazing with heat, and no-one wants their AC to break down in the middle of a heatwave. Although, sometimes air conditioning system issues are unavoidable, regardless of how well you maintain your system. However, if you identify and repair a small issue soon enough, you can avoid the difficulty of your entire system packing up.

To avoid the inconvenience of a full breakdown, here is a list of seven signs you need to call an AC repair service.

Your AC Thermostat Doesn’t Work

The thermostat on your air conditioner controls the entire system. It registers the amount of cold air it needs to generate and sends that information to the air conditioner so that your AC can behave accordingly. During the time your AC is turned on, the thermostat checks the system is doing its job correctly by intermittently taking new measurements.

A sign that your AC thermostat is malfunctioning is if your AC unit only runs for a short period of time before it shuts itself off. This indicates that the thermostat is not taking accurate measurements. If your air conditioner has been doing this for some time, it may eventually stop turning on altogether.

If you are currently experiencing this issue in your Chattanooga, TN, property, call a repair specialist who will see to the problem.

You Notice an Odor When the AC Is On

Air conditioners should make your home or property more pleasant and comfortable during hot weather and should not release bad odors. If you begin noticing an odor when you switch your AC unit on, it is recommended that you have it looked at.

Different types of odors indicate different issues. For example, a strong burning smell may indicate that a wire has burned out inside the unit, whereas a musty smell may indicate mold.

If this happens, it is important to call out an AC repair specialist to look at your unit as mold spores can make you sick.

Your Energy Costs Have Increased

If you are using your air conditioner much more than usual, it is completely normal for your energy costs to increase accordingly. However, if you are using your AC unit in the same way you usually would, or less, and your energy bills are still increasing, an inefficient system could be to blame.

The causes of air conditioner inefficiency include an aging system and faulty parts. It is best to have your air conditioning system looked at if you suspect the unit is becoming less efficient as a repair specialist may be able to repair the faulty part. If your system is increasing in cost due to its age, it is also a good idea to talk to an HVAC specialist about your options regarding a new system.

There’s Lots of Moisture in the Air

Air conditioners should remove excess moisture from your inside air, so if you notice that your air is becoming more humid, you should consider seeking AC repair advice.

Any cracks and leaks in your unit will cause water to pool near your unit and contribute to the air’s humidity. If this problem is left for too long, the water in the air can cause mold to grow, which can have significant, negative effects on your health.

Less Air Is Blowing from the Vents

All air conditioning systems should have the capacity to be powerful. Usually, turning your air conditioner on will have an almost immediate effect, and the cool air should spread around the entire vicinity of your home. If you can feel cool air coming from your unit, but it is a weak flow, or it is not circulating around the room, your system has a fault.

This kind of issue is often a result of a failing compressor or an issue with the ducts in your unit. Both of these problems can be easily solved by an AC repair specialist.

You Are Encountering More Frequent Issues

If you went years without any issues caused by your AC unit, but recently there have been several problems that require fixing, it may be a sign that your air conditioner is reaching the end of its lifespan.

On average, an air conditioning system will last for between 10-15 years, so if your unit is approaching that age, or is already within that bracket, it may be a sign that it needs replacing. A local AC repair contractor will be able to advise you on whether you need a new system, and what the cost of installation will be.

The System Is Blowing Warm Air

It’s obvious that there is a considerable problem if your air conditioner is blowing hot air. Air conditioning units are designed to keep you cool and comfortable, so don’t hesitate to call an AC repair specialist if you encounter this problem.

Picking a Reliable AC Repair Company

When your air conditioning unit encounters an issue, it can be extremely frustrating and uncomfortable, particularly in the summer months. So, when you call a professional to help fix the problem, you want to know the company will do a good job for a fair price. Unfortunately, not all AC repair companies offer reliable services.

Here at Metro Plumbing, Heating, and Air, we promise to deliver the highest-quality services at fair prices. We are family-owned, and our licensed, highly qualified contractors have decades of combined experience. So, regardless of the size of your problem, we can help you.

Contact Us Today

If you choose Metro Plumbing, Heating, and Air, for your air conditioner repair services, rest assured that you will receive second-to-none service and the fairest price available. If you want to talk to one of our specialists or wish to book an AC repair appointment, call us today on 423-668-0507.

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