Signs That Suggest You Need Air Conditioning Repair in Cleveland, GA

Problems are much easier to handle if they are caught on early. If you ignore them for too long it can become severe and pronounced over the period of time. This is exactly the case with air conditioners as well. If you have been catching small stuff lately, please get air conditioning repair in Cleveland, GA, because you wouldn’t like paying for expensive repairs when your AC stops working in the middle of an extremely hot day. Let’s have a look at some of the signs that suggest you need to call an expert for air conditioning repair in Cleveland, GA.

Issue #1- Your AC is Blowing Warm Air

You didn’t buy an AC to only mount on the wall. Its main job is to make the room cool so that you and your family can be comfortable over long and hot summer days. Cleveland experiences roughly 220 hot summer days out of 365, which means that you would want your AC to blow cold refreshing air instead of hot one. If your AC is unable to do so, get in touch with an HVAC expert for air conditioning repair in Cleveland, GA so that they can fix your problem in no time.

Issue #2- There Is Little To No Air Coming Out Of the Vents

A variation of warm air is an issue with weak air flow. You may have some cool air coming out of the vents but if it is too weak, it will not circulate well around the room and bring a change in the temperature. One of the reasons why this happens is that the AC compressor is not working properly and there is an issue in the ducts as well. The best way to find the problem is to call for air conditioning repair in Cleveland, GA.

Issue #3- The Thermostat Is Not Doing Its Job

The thermostat gives you control of the temperature and is the command centre for the AC. It controls the amount of cool air to generate and then senses the temperature to regulate it as per your choice. If your AC is not turning on or keeps switching off itself, it means that there is an issue with the thermostat as it is unable to gauge whether the unit is working smoothly or not. This problem can only be fixed by hiring a professional air conditioning repair in Cleveland, GA.  They will have a look at the complex components of the thermostat and identify the issue.

Issue #4- The AC is Making a Loud Noise

If you can hear a grinding or a hissing voice coming from the AC unit, it means that there is a problem inside which may be because of a slipping belt. This issue can accelerate quickly, so make sure that you get in touch with air conditioning repair in Cleveland, GA.

Issue #5- Your AC Smells Bad

If your AC is smelling bad, it means there is something wrong inside the system. If the smell is pungent, it means that the wire insulation inside the unit has burnt out. However, if the smell is musty in nature, it means that there is mold inside the unit and in the ductwork as well. This is not a DIY job, so make sure that you call a professional for air conditioning repair in Cleveland, GA.

Issue #6- You are Experiencing a Lot of Problems With Your AC

If you have been experiencing a lot of issues with your AC and no repair work seems to get the job done, call a professional and let them have a look at the system. If your AC is too old, they may suggest replacing it with a new one.

Issue #7- Your AC Is Not Removing Humidity

Your AC is supposed to remove humidity in the house, which is needed in the humid climate of Cleveland where there is no much moisture in the air. If you feel that there is more than usual humidity in the house while the AC is running, it means that you need to call for an air conditioning repair in Cleveland, GA.

Issue #8- There is Leak in the AC Unit

If there is moisture around your AC unit, it indicates a refrigerant leak. It is important you know that if the Freon is leaking, you need to call air conditioning repair in Cleveland, GA immediately since it is poisonous in nature. Another possible reason for the leakage is that the condensation tube is broken or blocked. Some of the signs that indicate this issue are water leakage and ice formation inside the unit. Whatever the case is, call in a professional, so that they can fix it for you.

Issue #9- Your Electric Bill Has Increased

If you notice a significant increase in your electricity bill, it means that your system in need of a repair. There can be a number of reasons behind this problem, such as a broken thermostat or leakage in the ductwork of the AC. No matter what the case is, you will have to get your unit repaired by a professional.

Issue #10- Your AC is Too Old

If your AC is more than 10 years old, it means that you need to buy a new one because HVAC systems generally don’t last for more than a decade.

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