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Signs You Need to Hire a Septic Tank Plumbing Expert | Cleveland, TN

Signs You Need to Hire a Septic Tank Plumbing Expert Cleveland TN
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Most homes, especially those away from urban centers, are not connected to city sewer lines. The homeowners prefer individual septic tanks to hold and treat waste from their households.

As much as installing a septic system is expensive, if it’s accorded proper care and maintenance, it can be of service for many years. Part of the maintenance procedures of a septic tank is pumping.

Pumping ensures that your system operates longer and efficiently as it unclogs the drain pipes and gets rid of unwanted waste. Septic tank plumbing experts have come up with several indicators that can alert you when your system needs pumping:

Foul Odors in Your Lawn or Around Your Drain Field

Your sense of smell could help detect a full septic tank. When the septic tank is producing a stinky smell, your environment becomes unbearable. It can also be embarrassing for you when you have guests over at your home.

Septic tanks hold a lot of waste products sent down the drains of kitchens, bathroom sinks, and even toilets. These waste products range from sludgy waste to liquid waste.

When the septic tank fills up, the combination of waste products may emit gases that have a foul smell. If you happen to be around your septic tank and notice some unpleasant odors, you might need to service it. You encounter most odors once you get to the drain fields. Hiring a septic tank plumbing professional to pump your system could help eliminate the stench.

Sluggish Draining

If you flush your toilet and it takes time to drain, it’s the most reliable sign that you need to contact a septic tank plumbing professional to fix it. It’s a great indicator as it gives you time to make amends before more damage occurs.

If you happen to use commercial drain cleaning aids on your sinks, but they still drain slowly, try recall the last time your septic tank system underwent servicing. Your septic tank might be filling up. In this case, pumping can be a suitable intervention to use. It would help if you considered assistance from a septic expert in Cleveland, TN, to assist in resolving the issue.

Stagnated Water

When your septic tank is operating as it should, your lawn should remain completely dry. But when the waste products clog the pipes in the drain field, the water rises to the surface. Pooling water around the drain field is an indication that your septic tank is full.

Septic tank plumbing can be helpful in this case as the professionals can pump out the septic tank, leaving you with a water-free lawn. Stagnated water can be harmful as it breeds insects. It is also a health hazard for anyone who comes into contact with it. You do not want your playful children running around a lawn with stagnated wastewater.

Sewage Backup

One of the most disgusting things about full septic tanks is to watch sewage backing up in sinks, toilets, or bathtub drainages. A sewage backup is usually stinky and unbearable. Plus, the presence of waste from the sewer is not only a dreadful sight but also poses a health risk for you and your family.

At times, when you notice sewage backing up in your drains, you have to flush the toilets to confirm whether the problem is in the whole system. Full septic tanks cannot retain the waste products and therefore causes it to reverse back to the drainage pipes.

You don’t have to get frustrated over the sewage backup. An expert in septic tank plumbing can rescue this situation by pumping the system.

A High Concentration of Nitrate in Well Water

If you are dependent on well water, you should be aware that wastewater could mix with your drinking water, causing it to have a high concentration of nitrate. High levels of nitrate are harmful to your health. In this case, your septic system will require pumping.

Septic tank plumbing experts in Cleveland, TN, have come up with a method of testing the water. You should test well water annually. If the levels of nitrate are higher than usual, it should raise a red flag. Wastewater may be overflowing from your septic system into your drinking water. Always consider the advice of your plumbing professional on what steps to take when your drinking water is compromised.

Unusual Lush Green Lawn

If your lawn surprisingly looks better than usual, you might consider giving it a second thought. A healthy lawn is a beautiful thing, but in some cases, it could be a warning sign. Don’t be in a rush to celebrate. Check your septic system first.

When your septic tank is full and overflowing with wastewater, it just might be fertilizer for your lawn. You will notice that your grass is growing much faster and looks greener than other gardens. It’s a sign that you need to call a plumbing professional in Cleveland, TN, to address the situation.

It’s Time for Pumping

The rules of maintaining your septic tank suggest that it should be pumped once in a year. It’s, however, easy to ignore this maintenance tip when your septic system is fully functional.

It’s advisable that you reach out to a septic tank plumbing expert every year, for both expert advice and to avoid costly damages within your system. A quick examination by a professional is inexpensive and probably your best option.

Septic Tank Plumbing Experts Can Save Your Situation!

The septic tank system is a recipient of all waste products from your household. It ensures that when you flush a toilet or pour water through drainage, the water goes straight to its designated holding.

Just as it is working for you, it’s your duty as a homeowner to invest some time and resources in maintaining it. Pumping your septic system is among the most excellent ways to ensure a healthy system. At Metro Plumbing, Heating and Air, septic tank plumbing professionals are always within your reach in Cleveland, TN.

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