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Have you ever suffered a flooded basement? We hope that you have not, but it is one of the very worst possible things that can happen to a homeowner. The mess is often hard to clean up, your belongings are soaked, fixtures and fittings are often ruined, and some repairs need to be carried out. If your basement is wet, mold and mildew can grow, leading to asthma, allergic reactions, and other serious health issues. There can even be structural damage to your foundations. All in all a very stressful and often costly state of affairs.

What can you do to prevent this? You could check your sump pump periodically, is it working as it should? Not many people check their sump pumps, they are out of sight and usually out of mind. We do not normally need a sump pump but if you live in a low-lying area that is prone to flooding it is often your only line of defense.

Cleveland has two main waterways flowing through it, Hilliard’s Creek and Ross Creek, and these empty into Moreton Bay. There is an increased risk of flooding in the Cleveland area, meaning that buildings with basements are more likely to flood.

Metro Plumbing, Heating, and Air understands just how vital it is to provide dependable sump pump services and repairs. We have been Cleveland, TN’s most reliable plumbers for several years now and if you need any sump pump information or services then call us at Metro today and we will send an expert technician around to fix your problem.

What Is a Sump Pump?

A sump pump is a device that pumps out excess water that collects in your basement and so prevents any flooding. The pump sits in a pit located in the lowest part of your basement. This pit has a gravel base and when there is excess water, it will flow into the pit. A pressure sensor or a float activator arm will be triggered when the pit starts to fill up. The excess water is pumped safely away from the pit, through pipes that usually lead into a specified outdoor drainage area, usually a municipal storm drain. One-way valves at the pump end will stop the water from running back into the pit. They are simple mechanically, but you will need sump pump services at some point.

Types of Sump Pumps

There are two main types of primary sump pumps in use, the submersible and pedestal sump pump. The submersible version is designed to be completely submerged in the water and contains the motor and the pump mechanism in one unit. They can pump larger amounts of water than the pedestal type and are also less noisy and smaller. Because they are underwater this helps the pump from overheating so it can run longer. A submersible pump is more expensive and is harder to install as it needs to go deeper into the pit.

A pedestal sump pump is not waterproof and has been designed to be above the water. It has separate motors and pumps, with the motors mounted on top of a long tube above the sump pit so it is less prone to water damage. As it is a simpler piece of equipment it is cheaper and usually lasts longer than the submersible type. They are ideal for smaller sump pits that cannot house a submersible sump pump. They do not require as many sump pump services as a submersible type.

The submersible and pedestal sump pumps are usually powered by the mains electricity. Homeowners sometimes have a backup sump pump; these are battery or water-powered and will begin automatically when the primary pump fails. A primary and backup sump pump can be combined into one system.

Test and Clean Your Sump Pump Regularly

Whatever the type of sump pump you have, you need to clean and test it regularly. You should pour a bucket of water into the pit to make sure the pump begins automatically and that the water empties rapidly once working.

If the pump does not start, call Metro Plumbing, Heating and Air, you need one of our sump pump services. If you have a submersible pump, clean the grate on the bottom, to ensure that dirt and gravel do not get into the pump. If you are unable to remove the pump from the pit call us so you can do it for you.

Signs You Require Sump Pump Services

Sump pumps are normally very reliable, but occasionally they need sump pump services. There are some tell-tale signs to look out for:

Sump Pump Continually Runs – it could be that the on-off switch may not be working properly. If there is no water in the pit, your sump pump may start picking up debris and damage itself.

Pump not standing upright – when it is working any vibrations can cause it to fall or tilt onto one side. The float activator arm can get struck, meaning the pump will not switch on when needed.

Excessive vibration – If dirt and gravel get pulled into the pump’s impeller, they could bend it out of shape, and the pump will start to vibrate too much. You need one of Metro’s sump pump services and repairs before any further damage is caused.

Why Choose Metro Plumbing, Heating and Air for Sump Pump Services?

It is very stressful to find your basement flooded. Not only is it causing structural damage, but it is dangerous as well. First, you must turn off the electricity supply, you do not want to electrocute yourself or one of Metro’s technicians.

Sump pump services are one of the many things that Metro’s technicians do well. That is why we are the top plumbing company in Cleveland, TN. We put you as the customer first. We will put you and your family’s safety first. We will not leave your home until the job is done to your total satisfaction. Cleaning up after a basement flood can be a dirty and traumatic experience and you can count on us to get the job done properly and safely.

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