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Owning a new home is a learning experience, especially since all the maintenance becomes your responsibility. You’ll have to become a handyman of sorts, one that can at least understand what expert to hire and when they are needed. When it comes to sump pumps, having an experienced professional handle all servicing in regards to the device is ideal. An expert can help ensure your sump pump is operating efficiently, as well as saving you time and hassle in the process. If you are in the Cleveland, TN area, give the professionals a call at Metro Plumbing Heating and Air to handle all of your sump pump services.

What Is a Sump Pump and What Do They Do?

A sump pump is an electrically operated pump used to control groundwater underneath the home. The pump is usually small and hidden, you’ll most likely find it in basements and never on higher levels of the home. They are usually installed into crawl spaces that aren’t often frequented. The pumps are designed to be submerged in water and invisibly remove excess water from beneath the property. Sump pumps are important because they regularly remove groundwater that could infiltrate the home’s foundation. Sump pumps work in tandem with the drainage system around your home to catch water. The drains direct the water to the sump pump, which then distributes it back to the outside. An efficiently functioning sump pump is also well-equipped to remove large amounts of water due to slight flooding, or thunderstorms without overextending itself.

Soliciting sump pump services isn’t often required due to the sturdiness of most sump pump devices. However, having your regularly scheduled plumber run diagnostics at least twice a year should be enough maintenance for the device. Sump pumps are vital to the integrity of your home and should not be neglected or forgotten. The best time to check the sump pumps is during the springtime before the monsoon season begins. Hiring a company that specializes in sump pump services such as, Metro Plumbing Heating and Air in Cleveland, TX, can help ensure your home is protected against flooding and dampness.

Experts recommend having your sump pump checked at least twice a year due to some of the common problems that sometimes occur. You may want to utilize sump pump services if you notice any of these signs.

If your sump pump often starts and stops it is a sign that your pump is not large enough to handle the water load. In this case, be sure to call a plumbing service provider to recommend the right size. If your sump pump won’t turn off the size of the pump may also be the problem. If your sump pump just won’t turn on then it may be in need of repair, in which calling a sump pump service provider would be the most ideal solution.

When to Replace Your Sump Pump

Nothing lasts forever, including your sump pump. According to the US Department of Housing and Development, a sump pump’s lifespan is about 10 years. Utilizing sump pump services to perform proper maintenance may help expand the life expectancy of your device. However, some signs indicate your sump pump must be completely replaced. In this case, contact your trusted local Cleveland, TN plumbing agency, Metro Plumbing Heating and Air to replace it for you.

The Sump Pump Isn’t Used on a Regular Basis

If your sump pump isn’t used regularly it can shorten its lifespan, similar to a muscle when it isn’t used often. A plumbing technician can perform a test to ensure its functioning properly. If the expert determines it’s obsolete then they would replace it. You should take note of the last time it rained and the last time it was tested in order to ensure it works when it’s needed.

Sump Pump Turns On and Off or Just Won’t Turn On

You should have sump pump services assist you with your sump pump if it cycles on and off too often when it rains. A sump pump that often turns on and off or won’t turn on at all indicates a problem. However, hiring a professional to perform these services may save you the cost of having to replace it by finding the root of the problem which sometimes could be something simple an expert can correct, such as faulty electrical wiring or incorrectly adjusted float switch.


You may want to hire an experienced professional to just reinstall your sump pump. If the sump pump was installed by an amateur or someone who doesn’t specialize in sump pump services you may experience a malfunctioning device. Have a plumbing technician examine your sump pump to determine if the device is salvageable and if reinstalling is an option. Unfortunately, poorly installed sump pumps can lead to flooding and new homeowners can fall victim to this without proper inspection.

Frequent Power Outages

Some areas are prone to power outages. Some homes also sometimes have issues with their electrical system in which case an electrician should be called. If your home experiences many power outages then it’s imperative you contact a Sump pump service company such as Metro Plumbing Heating and Air to inspect your device. A sump pump that often experiences power surges is susceptible to damage and may lead to failure of the device in the future.

Too Much Debris

A sump pump that is constantly taking in debris can malfunction and give out sooner than expected if not cared for properly. A professional plumber can help alleviate some of this issue by installing a filter and cleaning that filleter periodically or with routine sump pump checks.


You’ll also want to contact a specialist in sump pump services if you notice rust on the device. Although, rust isn’t an urgent issue, but if left unaddressed can cause problems with water flow in regards to the pump.

Even if your sump pump is working fine it still is a good idea to contact sump pump services specialist at a trusted plumbing service in your area. Regular maintenance can save on future damages. Call Metro Plumbing Heating and Air, to schedule a maintenance check.

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