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Sump Pump Services: Common Signs Your Sump Pump Needs Repair | Cleveland, TN

Sump Pump Services Common Signs Your Sump Pump Needs Repair   Cleveland TN
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Sump pumps are essential devices that keep homes safe against basement flooding. If you live in Cleveland, TN, chances are you have one or two sump pumps in your basement. During rainy seasons, sump pumps eliminate excess water before damages can occur. They prevent your basement from floods due to groundwater, heavy rainfall, or plumbing leaks. Similar to other mechanical devices, sump pumps experience some problems and need regular maintenance and repairs. With proper care, a sump pump can serve you for about ten years.

One of the ways to protect your home from flooding is to pay attention to how your sump pump behaves before it fails you when you need it the most. Therefore, if you spot any abnormal sump pump behaviors, you should seek sump pump services as soon as possible, even if the pump is still operating.

Spotting a problem sooner may be a problem, but luckily, there are some obvious signs that your sump pump needs repair. If you notice any of the following signs, consider calling a company offering sump pump services.

Loud Noises

While sump pumps make some noise while working, they should never be too loud to cause a disturbance. If you start hearing unusual sounds from the unit, you probably need to seek sump pump services from an expert in Cleveland, TN. A rattling, gurgling, or grinding means that the pump has some issues. Such noises could indicate a failing motor, which is an essential component for sump pump performance. It can also mean that the sump pump is at the end of its life.

Therefore, when your sump pump is running, you should listen to any odd sounds to know when to call for a sump pump service in your home. Failing to address such problems can cause permanent damage to your sump pump, putting your home at risk of floods.

The Pump Runs Continuously

If your sump pump is operating continuously, regardless of the present weather conditions, then it could be a time to seek service from a sump pump professional. Ignoring the issue can overwork the system, thereby wearing it down, and you may have to replace it. Many things can cause a pump to overdrive. The problem can occur if the pump is too small, and it has to work harder to eliminate the water. Also, the sump pit could be too small, making it refill quickly, and the pump has to work continuously.

Additionally, the pump may constantly be operating if there is a high water table. The reason is, the pit continuously fills, and the pump has to work hard to eliminate the water. If this is the case, you should hire a company offering sump pump services to install another pump. Even if the pump is constantly running under normal circumstances, it may break down eventually. You should reach out to a sump pump provider to examine the situation and develop a solution.

Tripping Circuits

A sump pump sources the power from the electrical system of your home. Under normal circumstances, the pump should never cause power failure in your home when running. However, when you notice that circuit breakers constantly trip every time the pump is operating, you should call your sump pump provider to assess the situation.

Some possible causes of the circuit tripping may include fault switch or wiring, inadequate power source, or a stuck impeller. Whichever the case, you need a certified plumber to examine the situation to know the exact cause and recommend a workable solution that restores your sump pump to its standard functionality without tripping the circuits.

Irregular Cycling

Sump pumps can switch on when they detect excess water in your basement and switch off after removing all the water. If your sump pump constantly turns on and off, it could mean that the switch or float has some issues. If the problem happens more frequently, regardless of the current weather conditions, it means that the switch needs repair. The float switch is responsible for turning the pump on and off when the water level changes.

Switch defects occur when the pump shifts from its original position inside the basin, thereby affecting the efficiency of the float. If you’re sure that you have switch problems, you should not fix them by yourself. It’s wise to request sump pump services to address such issues.

Defective wiring in your home or the sump pump could also cause irregular on and off behavior. If your sump pump displays this behavior, especially during a rainy season, don’t hesitate to contact a sump pump services provider.

Strange Smell

The role of a sump pump is to eliminate excess water in your basement. Because of this constant contact with moisture, the pump becomes vulnerable to mold and mildew formation. If the sump pump is old enough or breaking down, its effectiveness reduces and may not be in the position to eliminate all the water from your basement. As a result, mold and mildew can grow to cause an odd smell in your basement.

Aside from being a nuisance, such a smell may cause health problems. Therefore, you should immediately request sump pump services from a competent provider when you notice a musty smell. An expert can clean your sump pump and repair worn-out parts.

Visible Rust

Because the sump pump always comes in contact with water, it’s susceptible to rusting. While the brown rust in your sump pump could be due to battery corrosion, discoloration results from bacteria build-up.

Bacteria and iron or rust can form a gel-like substance that can clog the sump pump and the plumbing system. This substance may not be a hazard to your health but can harm your sump pump. It’s advisable to seek sump pump services as soon as you notice signs of corrosion in the system.

Get Professional Sump Pump Services Today

If you need sump repair, look no further. Call Metro Plumbing, Heating, and Air. Since 1989, we have served residential and commercial clients in Cleveland, TN, and the surrounding areas. Whether you need sump pump repair, maintenance, or installation, we can help you. If you notice any of the above signs, call our professionals to repair your sump pump to save your home from potential flood damage.

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