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Sump Pump Services: How A Sump Pump Can Help You In Times Besides Rainy Seasons | Cleveland, TN

Sump Pump Services How A Sump Pump Can Help You In Times Besides Rainy Seasons   Cleveland TN
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If you haven’t been thinking about sump pumps since the Cleveland, TN area’s floods in 2020 and 2021, it might be a good idea. In fact, there are many ways that sump pumps serve you besides keeping your basement clear when the rains come and the creek rises. Our sump pump services at Metro Plumbing, Heating and Air can make sure you have the pumps you need, the ones you have are working properly, and your home is protected against water damage from basement flooding. If you’re upgrading your basement into a finished space, home theater, or guest bedroom, it’s especially important to make sure your investment is protected against rising water at the lowest level of your home.

Lowering Water Table Pressure on Your Foundation

Hydrostatic pressure is the name for the pressure of the water table in the ground as it pushes up against your foundation. If the pressure is high, you might get more than water seeping into your basement, there might also be additional cracks in the concrete as the water continues to push against it. Some homes have more than one sump pump, both as a backup to make sure that the water pressure is reduced, and to even out the water accumulation beneath the basement floor so that difference in pressure from one side to the other don’t cause cracks and damage as well. If your home would benefit from a second pump, our sump pump team can easily cut a new sump and install an additional unit for you.

Automatically Pumping Water Much Further Away Than a Portable Pump

Your sump pump is already installed and ready to pump when the water levels rise into your basement, but there are additional reasons why it’s a better solution than keeping a portable pump available for water removal. Of course, the automatic operation has you covered even if flooding is a risk while you’re away, and the discharge pipe is already in place carrying excess water far away from your foundation to a well-planned location where it might water the plants, but it won’t do any further harm. With a portable pump, it’s hard to get the discharge far enough away to keep the water from seeping through into the ground near your foundation, resulting in wasted time and effort. The discharge hose also may wind up damaging your yard or causing flooding in your yard if it isn’t carefully placed, and other discharge locations may be problematic or even illegal.

Handling a Water Heater Flood

Sump pumps handle water in your basement no matter where it came from. If you have a flood from a failed water heater tank or other plumbing disaster, your sump pump stands ready to help keep the basement water level down. Submersible sump pumps are particularly good at helping with basement water disasters since they keep on the job even if the water level rises quickly at first. Our sump pump services team can replace your existing units with versatile submersible pumps. Sump pumps, but lowering the water level in your basement, can help avoid situations where you might be tempted to take risks and enter the basement while it is still flooded.

Washing Machine Hose Disasters

As plumbers, one of the unexpected basement flooding situations we sometimes encounter is when a washing machine hose bursts. Homeowners don’t always check the rubber hoses that lead to their unit for hot and cold water, and over time they crack and get ready to burst. Since they’re always under pressure, once they do burst the water keeps flowing. In addition to sump pump services, our plumbing team can install stainless steel hoses on your washing machine to help avoid basement flooding.

Other Basement Water-Related Device Failures

While we’re talking about the benefits our sump pump services team offers, there are even more areas where, as plumbers, we can help avoid basement flooding problems. When your home has a water pressure regulator that reduces street pressure from the utility, if higher than acceptable, you have another potential big leak in your basement. The same goes for your water filter or water softener. Any units that are connected to your main water line or are constantly under pressure are potential sources of basement flooding. Our plumbing team can help by inspecting and maintaining them for you. Our sump pump services team will provide general basement protection from water that rises from inside or outside.

Backup Power for Your Sump Pumps

It’s surprising how many homes have sump pumps that, when the storm rages and the power goes out, won’t be available to pump the rising water out of the basement because they don’t have power either. Our sump pump services team can install battery backup systems for one or more of your sump pumps to ensure that they’re ready to respond, especially if you live in an area where flooding is frequent, as it has been in some parts of town the past few springtimes.

A Tip About Dealing with Water Leaks Throughout Your House

There are many places in your home where water is very likely to overflow besides the basement. Children’s bathrooms where sinks are left to run over, and kitchens where it’s easy to get distracted while filling the sink are a couple of common places. Homeowners can now get standalone, alarm system linked, and smart home integrated water leak and flood detection sensors that catch water on the floor or under the sink early and sound the alarm. In addition to having our sump pump services team protect your basement, you might consider installing these throughout your home for protection.

At Metro Plumbing, Heating and Air, Water Damage Prevention in Cleveland, TN is Our Specialty

In addition to performing quality plumbing repairs and installations, our sump pump services team does maintenance and inspections for your existing plumbing and comprehensive sump pump services for our Cleveland, TN area customers.

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