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New Homeowners And Air Conditioning Service: Upgrading Your Old Air Conditioning System | Cleveland, TN

New Homeowners And Air Conditioning Service Upgrading Your Old Air Conditioning System   Cleveland TN
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Does the HVAC system in your new home look a bit dated? Perhaps it has a single, simple thermostat, shared ducting for all rooms, and a fairly straightforward installation for heating and cooling. If so, there are lots of things you can do to increase your energy efficiency and improve your comfort at the same time. Long-term owners sometimes live with an older air conditioning system until they sell, and it’s up to the new homeowner to upgrade the home’s HVAC systems. Our air conditioning service team can help you consider your upgrade options and bring your new home into the 21st century HVAC-wise. We’re Metro Plumbing, Heating and Air, your full-service air conditioning experts serving Cleveland, TN and beyond.

Depending on the time of year that you move in, you might want to just have our air conditioning service clean and maintain the unit and then fire it up and stay cool. On the other hand, you could take advantage of the winter to have our air conditioning service make the changes you need to your whole system, during a time when it will be easy to schedule whatever is right for you. If you’re starting from a unit that’s pretty basic and your home still has the original ducting, you could make some changes that will help you stay cool and comfortable when summer comes, and keep your energy costs down as well.

Servicing or Upgrading Your Air Conditioning Your Unit

Our air conditioning service technicians are detail-oriented, and the job they do on maintaining your air conditioning unit is amazing. They’ll check the motors, lubricate, clean, adjust the fins and the case, and make sure everything is operating efficiently and smoothly. Our air conditioning service team will even handle problems that have developed if the unit has been idle for some time, such as rodent nests and other intrusions and the damage they can cause from obstructing equipment and chewing on wires. If you have an older unit, you might want to talk with us about upgrading to a newer model both for reliability and cost of operation.

Newer units are generally much more energy-efficient, and with various incentives and other deals, you can often see better numbers on your spreadsheet with a new unit than you would be limping along with an older one. Plus, there’s the comfort. A newer unit will likely make your overall HVAC system more responsive. A powerful unit will allow any other adjustments you have our air conditioning service techs make to airflow and temperature control using zones and intelligent thermostats to keep that feeling of sudden arctic blasts to catch up on temperature settings to a minimum.

Duct Cleaning for Health and Efficiency

It’s amazing how long people leave their ducts without having them cleaned. Yours might have decades of dust, dirt, organic material, and more lining them, restricting flow and providing a breeding ground for germs that can break free with the dust and dirt and recirculate throughout your home. Let our air conditioning service team take a look at your ducts and give them a good cleaning, bringing them back to the bare walls and increasing both your airflow and air quality. They’ll also note any concerns about your ducts including gaps and dents in the sheet metal.

Our air conditioning service team will also tend to your vents and other air circulation issues, and note if a slight adjustment of furniture placement or a new vent location might help to keep your comfortable air flowing where it needs to be for consistent temperatures everywhere. Once you have your HVAC system the way you want it, regular duct cleaning by our air conditioning service team at least every couple of years will help keep the buildup from reoccurring. It will make sure that any dust, dirt, and allergens in your air have nothing to cling to. You can add deeper filtration to further limit what can find its way into your ducts and then your home’s air.

Dividing Ducting into Zones

Zones are important for your comfort and also for great energy efficiency. Most older homes just have ducting throughout and a single thermostat, but zones are used to divide the airflow into regions such as the bedroom, basement, and living room. Our air conditioning service will provide additional ductwork and fans to route cool air to each of these zones under thermostat control. You’ll be able to set your bedroom to the right temperature for sleep while the living room is comfortable for guests, and the basement is set to the right temperature for active kids playing games. If you’ve used box fans to distribute cool air where it’s needed in single-duct homes, you’ll understand how wonderful it can be to target your zones, each with the right temperature.

Our air conditioning service can also upgrade your thermostats for more detailed control so your home really knows how to treat you right and save energy at the same time. You’ll also save wear and tear on your air conditioning unit, as it will only run when zones need it to. Basic ducting requires the air conditioner to push cold air to meet the whole house’s needs, which can make it run frequently when it doesn’t really need to. With time and temperature control, you can make more detailed changes so your system anticipates your needs, leaving your bedrooms alone during the day, and then pulling them to the right temperature just before you go to bed. Likewise, as you go to bed the rest of the house can drift in temperature overnight, and even into the day until you get home at night — except on weekends when you’ll be home of course. Just as you’re decorating your home with design experiences for each room, you can create comfort experiences for each room with a modern HVAC system and controls.

Upgrading Thermostat Controls

Your basic thermostat is probably past its prime, and it’s definitely not ready to manage all the new features our air conditioning service experts can add. If you choose to have several zones, you’ll need thermostats in each zone to keep each area’s temperature just where you want it to be. You may also choose to have our air conditioning service team install intelligent thermostats that adjust the temperature according to time, or smart thermostats that provide local control if you want, or yield to your smart home system so you can centralize your temperature and humidity settings.

You can even have the air conditioning service team add an intelligent thermostat if you choose to keep a single zone, and it will help you save energy by adjusting your home’s temperature so you’re comfortable when you’re home, and your thermostat has a bit looser control when you’re away and don’t need your HVAC system to work so hard.

Filters and Hygiene

Filtering your air keeps dust, pollen, and other allergens from circulating and accumulating in your ducts. With extra-fine filtration from a HEPA filter, you can even snag some pathogens and help make your home a haven for those who have respiratory or immune system issues. Our air conditioning service team will clean your regular filter as part of your seasonal service, but adding filtration units can make a big difference in your air quality. Specialized units that can be attached to your HVAC system as well include UV treatment that exposes pathogens in that air flowing through to the same UV light used in laboratories, restaurants, and medical offices to keep the air clear.

Humidity for Comfort All Year Round

If you only had the basics for HVAC when you moved in, you’ll be surprised at how much of a difference having our air conditioning service team add a humidifier and dehumidifier to your system can make. Cool air feels cooler when it’s a bit drier in the summer, and cold air in the winter can get pretty dry and have lots of static without a bit of moisture added in. You can have full control of your environment, just the way you like it. Humidity control can help people with respiratory issues breathe easier, helps electronic equipment to avoid static damage, and helps your home from getting mold growth in the summer when humid air condenses on cool surfaces.

Is Smart Home Technology for You?

If you’ve been getting connected with smart home devices, your HVAC equipment can be wired into a smart thermostat by our air conditioning service and controlled for greater efficiency and convenience. Depending on how much you’re into, you can get it programmed to include weather forecasts for sunny and cool days, control of automatic shades, and other cool features that help keep your home comfortable and your energy usage optimized. Plus, for those who aren’t as mobile, being able to adjust temperature and humidity settings from a smartphone or remote control is an important feature. Smart home systems can allow you to get alerts when your HVAC system has problems, and arrange for service right away so your home remains comfortable and your air easy to breathe.

Keeping Your New System Maintained

Seasonal visits from our air conditioning service team to your home in the Cleveland, TN area is part of the plan. They’ll keep your HVAC system running efficiently and in good shape for the coming heating or cooling season. A skilled bit of service is a good investment in uninterrupted comfort year-round. In addition to duct cleaning every couple of years, our team will change filters on your system, check add-on features such as humidity control and UV air treatment, help with any thermostat issues, and make sure the system is operating normally. Outside, they can perform tests on the air conditioning unit to make sure that motors are in good shape, check belts and hoses and other connections and make repairs as necessary, and keep the unit clean, protected, and with proper coolant levels.

Seasonal Opportunities for Upgrades

If you decide to wait before making major changes to your home’s HVAC system, managing with an older unit for a season could bring you into the off-season where opportunities exist. When our team is not as busy, we may have opportunities to arrange your system upgrades and new unit installation based on manufacturer incentives and other advantages. After summer has passed is also a great time to perform major work such as re-ducting for multi-zone operation, where you distribute the cool area separately to various regions of your home under thermostat control. Our duct cleaning team would also be glad to give your system a thorough cleaning while your system takes a break between seasons, preparing you for the future.

A Word to New Homeowners About Our Services

Metro Plumbing, Heating and Air is your one-stop service provider for many of your new home’s needs. In addition to expert air conditioning service, you can count on us as your go-to plumber for emergencies, renovation, and individual upgrades such as bathroom and kitchen sinks, luxurious showers and tubs, and new, water-saving toilets.

Let Our Team Help You Run the Numbers and Do The Work for You

Our air conditioning team at Metro Plumbing, Heating and Air includes HVAC experts that can help you design the upgraded cooling system that’s right for you and your Cleveland, TN home. We’ll recommend the components and services that make sense and take advantage of the manufacturer’s specials and seasonal opportunities. We’ll also show you how increases in efficiency can make a real difference in your overall costs of installation and year-to-year operation. In the end, it also comes down to your family’s comfort, and we’ll make sure you know how each upgrade can affect how your family feels when winter cold sets in or summer heat and humidity make you long for fresh, cool air. Give us a call and find out about all the possibilities, then get your new home’s AC and heat modernized.

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