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The Best Air Conditioning Service and HVAC Repair in the Great Appalachian Valley | Cleveland, TN

The Best Air Conditioning Service and HVAC Repair in the Great Appalachian Valley   Cleveland TN
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Did you know that Cleveland, TN is the 14th largest city in Tennessee and is an important location for industrial work? There are 13 Fortune 500 manufacturers that operate in Bradley County placing Cleveland as the fifth biggest industrial town in the state.

Huge corporations like Coca-Cola, Whirlpool, and Duracell make their products here. Several other companies produce furniture, pharmaceuticals, and textiles. Big business needs environmental controls in their offices and processing and production plants.

Cleveland, TN’s close proximity to Chattanooga, the Blue Ridge Mountains, and Chickamauga Lake make the city a popular tourist hotspot. Many residents make their incomes in the tourism industry.

The nearby Cherokee National Forest offers exciting rafting opportunities on the Ocoee and Hiwassee rivers which draw thousands of visitors every year.

After a thrilling day on the white waters visitors don’t want to return to hot hotel rooms and stuffy inns. Reliable air conditioning maintenance is a necessity for hospitality enterprises in Bradley County. Metro Plumbing Heating and Air are proud to be the most trusted HVAC company in the region.

Metro Plumbing, Heating & Air Services

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  • Furnace Repair
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  • Furnace Maintenance
  • Safety Inspections

Air Conditioning Service Repair, Cleveland, TN

Dehydration and heat stroke are serious illnesses that can harm anyone. The average temperature for the Great Appalachian Valley in July is 88 degrees Fahrenheit. While the mercury rarely rises above 94 degrees Fahrenheit, that doesn’t mean the threat of heatstroke isn’t a possibility.

In fact, children and senior citizens are more susceptible to dehydration and heatstroke during the warmer months. The humidity in Tennessee is palpable so it is best to take precautions and repair faulty air conditioners before the summer months arrive.

A reliable air conditioning service is key to maintaining the integrity of the environmental controls in homes, warehouses, and offices. Metro Plumbing offers affordable repair fees that will keep any space nice and cool.

A few of the most common problems which require an air conditioning service include low levels of refrigerant, dirty condenser coils, frozen evaporator coils, leaking ducts, thermostat issues, and clogged drains.

Air Conditioning Installation

Air conditioners don’t last forever. A central air conditioning unit can last up to 15 years, but only when installed correctly and maintained well. There are lots of reasons why a newly installed air conditioner isn’t working properly.

Not every air conditioning service is done with diligence. The team at Metro Plumbing are expertly skilled at installing central cooling units, HVAC systems, and window air conditioners.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air conditioning maintenance is essential to maintain optimal cooling. Changing the filters, cleaning the drain tube, repairing fins, and reinforcing insulation are just a few of the tasks performed by a thorough air conditioning service.

Air conditioners are tricky appliances that require experienced technicians. Attempting to fix an air conditioning unit without proper training can result in costly repairs and potentially damage the unit permanently.

Metro Plumbing provides a maintenance package as a subscription service. It is an affordable option when it comes to keeping environments’ comfortable. Scheduling a maintenance visit during the shoulder seasons will keep the heating, cooling, and ventilation systems in tip-top shape when the time comes to turn the appliances on.

Heater Repair

Winter in the Great Appalachian Valley is a beautiful sight. The snow-covered Blue Ridge Mountains and crisp, country air make Cleveland an ideal place to be during the cooler seasons. The best way to make sure a heater works well when needed is to perform regular maintenance reviews on the appliance.

Similar to the air conditioning service, Metro Plumbing offers a routine check of all the HVAC systems in a home or business environment. However, even the most diligent technicians can’t prevent a necessary heater repair. The team at Metro understand that the need for repairs doesn’t always happen during regular business hours and provide a priority service when the worst occurs.

Heater Installation

Energy Star appliances can reduce a home’s carbon footprint, lower electricity bills, and provide a more cozy atmosphere. The talented HVAC technicians who work at Metro Plumbing, Heating and Air advise on which heating unit is best for the space it is warming.

Heating installation requires factory-trained technicians who have witnessed how the units are manufactured. Attempting to install a boiler or furnace can be rife with dangers. Always consult a professional before replacing any HVAC appliance.

Heater Maintenance

It’s easy to take heating and air conditioning service for granted. The environment in homes and offices aren’t at the forefront of our mind’s until it gets uncomfortable.

Ignoring heater maintenance is problematic because the unit may collect dust or other materials which prevent it from working properly. Filters and other components should be changed regularly for the most energy-efficient and safe use of heaters, boilers, and furnaces.

HVAC System Replacement

Older homes often need new air pathways installed to comfortably control the temperatures throughout the house. At Metro Plumbing, our HVAC technicians represent decades of honed experience installing new HVAC systems. They specialize in all air conditioning service, ventilation, and heating unit replacements.

Indoor Air Quality

The air quality inside a home or office depends on a myriad of factors. A simple way to improve the air quality in your home is to replace the filters regularly. A professional air conditioning service and heating check-up can drastically improve the air circulating throughout any environment by ensuring the HVAC system is clean and functioning efficiently.


Thermostats are important tools to monitor the temperatures throughout any environment. As technology advances homes become more and more digitized. Smart homes rely on thermostats to provide accurate data about the homes’ environmental control. Smart homes can use their thermostats to suggest when to schedule an air conditioning service or heating repair.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are devices that move energy produced by from the heating source to a thermal reservoir. Heat pumps transfer thermal energy in an opposite path from spontaneous heat movements by using cold environments to absorb heat and moving that energy to where it is needed.

Akin to a basic air conditioning service, a heap pump may need repairs made to their condensers, valves, and compressors. It’s wise to attend to malfunctioning heat pumps as soon as the problem presents itself.

Furnace Repair

There is nothing as chilling as waking up to a frozen home. Furnace repair is as essential as any air conditioning service to protect loved ones from hypothermia and frostbite. Clogged filters, dead batteries in thermostats, and blown safety switches are the most common, small furnace repairs needed throughout the region.

Furnace Installation

Air conditioning service and installing any new HVAC system into your home or office is a complex procedure and one mistake can damage these expensive systems. Metro Plumbing, Heating, and Air have been professionally installing furnaces and boilers for many years. At MPHA, furnace installation is a streamlined task that doesn’t interrupt everyday life.

Furnace Maintenance

Heat is a necessary element during the winter months, but it can cause hazards if left without regular maintenance. A professional and routine review of all HVAC systems is the most comprehensive way to protect the environmental controls throughout the home or office.

Safety Inspections

Gas, heat, and air conditioning service aren’t without a few caveats. Gas can cause carbon dioxide poisoning while heat may start fires, and an air conditioner houses dangerous refrigerants that can poison children and animals. A professional safety inspection can defend against these threats and provide confidence for ensuring safe, clean homes.


“My wife and I spend half of the year in California and the other six months in our Bradley County home. Last August, we decided to return to Tennessee only to find our home roasting inside. Our housekeeper told us in an email that the air conditioning wasn’t working very well. I trusted our usual handyman to fix the problem with our air conditioning service but he didn’t have the necessary skill set.

I called Metro Plumbing right away and they sent a friendly chap the very next day. Unfortunately, our 12-year-old central air conditioning unit was dead. It had blown through the fans and condensers. There was nothing left to fix.

The Metro Plumbing technician made a stressful situation seem easy and carefree. He advised us on which energy-efficient model would suit our home best and the pros and cons of each unit. Our home was lovely and cool within a week of arriving.

I can’t recommend Metro Plumbing enough. They really go out of their way to provide exceptional service and first-rate installations. If your air conditioning service is on the fritz call them, you won’t regret it!”

Neil Mullins, Cleveland, TN, August 2019

“The air conditioning service in my office is so unreliable. I own a real estate company and every day I listen to my colleagues complain about the temperature. Sandy is too cold on Monday and Will is sweating buckets on Tuesday.

My skills don’t include repairing air conditioners. I can make excellent homemade wine, speak Italian fluently, and sell six-figure properties every day of the week but I can’t change an air filter to save my life.

I’ve been a Metro Plumbing customer for a few years. I rely on them for all of my home’s needs and I’ve even called them to the office when the water pressure disappeared a few autumns ago. I trust them to provide affordable, efficient, and competent repairs.

The HVAC tech found the problem with the air conditioner and had it running at a dependable temperature by midday. Now, Will and Sandy can focus on their open houses instead of the climate at work. Thanks Metro Plumbing!!!”

Kevin Beales, Chattanooga, TN, October 2019

“I don’t often use air conditioning service because it interferes with a health condition I struggle with on a daily basis. However, I do turn on the air conditioning when it is too hot.

I was shocked when I went to turn on the air this summer. I was worried because of the pandemic that an HVAC company wouldn’t be allowed to come to fix the problem considering all the necessary social distancing due to the coronavirus.

It took me the majority of a morning to finally find Metro Plumbing, Heating, and Air but they were so helpful, I’d of called all day to find them. They came out that same day and found a broken motor to be the culprit negatively impacting the air conditioning.

I was surprised when the technician handed me the invoice. It was much cheaper than I expected and the work is guaranteed which really helps me because I’m on a restricted budget. If you need a plumber or HVAC service give them a call you will be glad that you did!”

Myrtle Stephens, Bradley County, June 2020

Trusted Technicians

The modern world is full of potential threats and welcoming a stranger into your home or office is an act of trust. The team members at Metro Plumbing submit to an extensive background check and drug and alcohol screen before being assigned to any service calls. We don’t hire anyone we wouldn’t happily welcome into our homes.

Any work completed by a Metro Plumbing, Heating, and Air is guaranteed or the technician will return to the job site and make it right. In addition to offering exceptionally efficient services, Metro Plumbing operates transparently so our clients can trust the work we do.

It doesn’t matter whether you need an air conditioning repair, furnace maintenance, or a brand new HVAC system we can help along every step of the way. We specialize in routine services that will keep all the systems running smoothly.

Please give us a call to discuss how we can help optimize your climate controls, enhance your plumbing, and improve the air quality in your home today. Metro Plumbing Heating & Air is proud to be serving the greater Chattanooga area.

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