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The Causes For Septic Tank Repair | Chattanooga, TN

The Causes For Septic Tank Repair   Chattanooga TN
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Do you have problems with your toilet when it’s flushed? Or a nasty smell in your garden? Perhaps you’ve seen evidence of sewage around your tank? If so, you may be experiencing problems with your septic system. Your septic tank is buried underneath your garden, and it’s often easy to forget and hard to know if it’s working efficiently.

This article will give you details of the most common types of septic tank problems. If you’re experiencing any sewage or plumbing issues, it’s important to call a septic tank repair service as soon as possible. They will be able to diagnose and repair the problem before it gets any worse and causes damage to your home.

If you’re looking for repairs in Chattanooga, TN, don’t hesitate to contact Metro Plumbing, Heating and Air.

Damage Caused by Tree roots

It may surprise you, but the roots of trees, bushes, and shrubs can penetrate the walls of your septic tank as they grow. They can also cause damage to soak aways or pipes that join the septic tank to your home.

Where a tree root has pierced the walls of the septic tank, the groundwater is then able to enter the tank. Having a hole in your tank will also allow sewage to leak out into your garden, causing contamination. These issues will stop your septic system from working sufficiently. They will also create a horrible, smelly mess in your garden.

Ground Movement

The soil that surrounds your tank could begin to shift slowly without you noticing any difference above the ground. This puts added pressure on the septic tank and can cause cracks to appear in its walls. Ground movement naturally occurs at a very slow pace but can be hugely increased due to earthquakes.

Ground movement can cause a couple of problems. You might find that your septic tank starts backing up. If this is the case, it will have to be emptied a lot more regularly. If there are cracks in the tank and groundwater can seep in, the tank won’t be able to separate the waste properly.

Damage Caused by Vehicles

Most homes that have septic tanks are located in rural areas, and in some cases, the septic tank is located on neighboring farmland. This puts the septic tank at risk of being driven over by tractors or other farming equipment. When this happens, the septic tank has too much pressure and is damaged, often beyond repair. Septic tanks can collapse under the weight of cars and tractors.

Collapsed Baffle

A baffle is a barrier inside a septic tank that stops solids leaving the tank and getting into the soakaway system. Drain aways are only designed to process liquid waste, and they can’t cope with solids.

If you have a damaged baffle, the solids will enter the drain away system and affect how well the system works. Once your baffle is damaged, your waste will no longer be adequately treated, and you’ll need to call in a professional to carry out repairs.

Dip Pipe Damage

The purpose of a dip pipe is to ensure that only liquid waste from the septic tank enters the drainage system or outlet pipe. Its function is very similar to the baffle. There are different types of septic tanks, and they will either have a dip pipe, a baffle, or in some cases, both.

Dip pipe problems often start when your septic tank is routinely pumped out. It may have been knocked slightly or damaged in the process. A damaged dip pipe will cause sewage to get into the drain away system. If you think your septic tank has drip pipe problems, it is best to call in the experts for septic tank repair, instead of attempting to change or replace the drip pipe yourself.

Hydrostatic Pressure

The volume of water held in your septic tank could be too high, and it could be putting pressure on the tank. In the worst-case scenario, the water pressure can cause the septic tank to split, crack, or `pop’ out of the ground. This will result in severe problems, as the system’s piping will become detached. Sewage will then start backing up the drainage system into the home.

This problem needs urgent septic tank repair, and the whole system may even need to be replaced.

Septic Tank Age

In some older properties, the septic tanks could be 100 years old or more. They will be very different from the modern septic tanks. Old fashioned septic tanks don’t have dip pipes and are usually a single chamber rather than a contemporary double system.

Ancient tanks do still work well, but may not be as efficient as a modern tank. Older tanks are likely to be slower, and this could cause problems for the homeowner. If your septic tank is very old and has been causing problems, you may like to replace it with a newer modern version instead then carrying out septic tank repair.

Lack of Maintenance

It’s crucial that your septic tank gets regular maintenance, this includes septic tank repair and regular pumping to empty it. Your septic tank needs to be pumped every three to five years. If your home has a garbage disposal system, you may need to get your tank emptied every year. You can ask an experienced professional about advice on how often your tank needs emptying, and they can also carry out any necessary septic tank repair.

Septic Tank Repair

If you’re searching for septic tank repair in Chattanooga, TN, you may like to contact Metro Plumbing, Heating and Air. The company provides heating and air conditioning installation, plumbing services, and septic tank repair. They are available for emergency call out and can be contacted 24/7 on 423-668-0507.

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