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The Importance of Septic Tank Pumping | Cleveland, TN

The Importance of Septic Tank Pumping   Cleveland TN
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Are you a homeowner who needs your septic tank pumping? Are you looking for a plumber for a new build or a plumbing emergency? If you’re searching for a plumber or heating and air conditioning specialist in Cleveland, TN contact Metro Plumbing, Heating, and Air. The company is available for all your plumbing needs.

Why Septic Tank Pumping Is Necessary

Septic tank pumping is often a job that is forgotten, put off, or overlooked by homeowners. Many people think that as long as their septic tank is working, they don’t need to do anything to it. They often leave their septic tank much longer than is suitable and only get it pumped out when it starts having problems.

Getting your septic tank pumped out regularly will help to increase its lifespan. Regular maintenance is needed as materials will begin to accumulate as sludge at the bottom of the tank. There may also be a scum on the top of the water and in your drain field. This can make the area surrounding your septic tank a bit disgusting, and the condition of the tank and drain field will also suffer.

How Often Does My Septic Tank Need Pumping?

Most septic tanks will need to be pumped out every three to five years, depending on the age of the tank and household habits. Adequate space should be available for the sludge to accumulate during this time before it stops functioning correctly. It’s a good idea to get into the habit of scheduling regular septic tank pumping.

Homeowners who wait too long to get their septic tank emptied could find that their tank has been damaged and is now in an unsalvageable condition. This could include permanent damage to the drain field, which will be very expensive to repair.

Some septic systems may need to be pumped out every year. If you have a garbage disposal system, your tank will need to be emptied more often, and this may be every year. Failing to pump out your septic tank regularly will result in clogging. Homes without a garbage disposal system will be able to stick to the three to five-year period.

Other Things to Consider

The Tank’s History

It’s a good idea to look at the amount of sludge that’s accumulated while your tank is being pumped out. Ask an expert to judge how often the job needs doing; they can usually tell by the amount of sludge if a tank has been left too long or if you could have left it a bit longer. Looking at the prior history, as well as the age of the tank, is the best way to decide how often septic tank pumping is needed.

If you’ve booked to have your septic tank pumped too soon, you’ll be able to wait longer until you have it pumped again. However, if you’ve waited a long time or you’ve just purchased a house with a tank that hasn’t been pumped for a while, the sludge could build up and cause damage. If you want to ensure that your tank remains in good condition, carry out septic tank pumping every one to three years if you have a garbage disposal system and 3-5 years if you don’t.

Household Habits

Each household handles the disposal of food waste slightly differently, and this can affect how often to scheduled pumping. If you live in a ‘wasteful’ household and have lots of leftovers, you’ll need to have your tank pumped more regularly. Alternatively, try to limit the number of leftovers that are disposed of via your garbage disposal system.

Flushing non-decomposable materials such as sanitary items can cause your septic system to become clogged. This needs to be taken into account when deciding how long to wait to clean your tank.

It is best to remain on top of your pumping schedule, as this will save you both time and money in the long run. If you leave it too long, you may need to change the tank completely. This will come at a tremendous expense, which will be more costly than having it pumped regularly.

The Size of the Septic Tank

When deciding what size of tank to install, consider the number of people in your household as well as their water usage. Your septic tank will need to be big enough to allow the waste water to stay in the tank and separate before going to the drain field. This will allow any solid particulates to settle as sludge on the bottom and lighter particles like fats or oils to rise to the top as scum. After this process has taken place, the water will then drain away.

The size of your septic tank may also determine how often it needs to be pumped out. A smaller tank may need septic tank pumping more often than a larger tank. However, the number of people in the household will have to be taken into account when deciding this.

Septic Tank Pumping in Cleveland, TN

If you live in Cleveland, TN, and have any questions about septic tank pumping, contact Metro Plumbing, Heating, and Air, who can carry out any plumbing, air conditioning installation, and septic tank needs. The company can be contacted on 423-250-3502.

Metro Plumbing, Heating, and Air are family owned and operated and can be contacted 24 hours a day. The company can provide emergency plumbing services and employs highly skilled and qualified trades people. Metro Plumbing, Heating, and Air pride themselves on the quality of their work, they will also provide reasonable upfront pricing with no hidden costs.

If you’re looking to make your home more energy-efficient by installing a new heating and cooling system, Metro plumbing, Heating, and Air can also advise you on the best product for your home.

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