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Things that hurt an Air Conditioning Unit | Air Conditioner Repair in Cleveland, TN

Things that hurt an Air Conditioning Unit   Air Conditioner Repair in Cleveland TN

Air conditioning is an integral part to your home. It has become such an important part of your lifestyle and it’s an incredible luxury in your household. Its task is fairly simple, to keep your house cool enough for you not to be affected by the heat outside. With that in mind, it is absolutely crucial to have a smoothly functioning air conditioning system at home. There are several aspects and factors that might affect your air conditioning. Now, as the climate begins to climb up a little, it would be the best time to have an air conditioner repair in Cleveland, TN.

There are several misconceptions about air conditioners that common homeowners have. Most of the time, this is what usually leads to cooling problems as well as shorter life spans of the air conditioning systems. The best thing would be to let a technician come to your home and initiate any air conditioning repairs that might be necessary. Not only will it keep your air conditioner in optimal condition, it will also ensure its efficient functioning throughout the season.

In spite of that, here are some things that homeowners do that end up hurting the air conditioning system. Make sure you try to avoid repeating these mistakes and it might improve your air conditioner’s performance significantly.

Air filters neglect:

Neglect is by far the principle reason why your air conditioner falls prey to performance-related issues. It is an unquestionable thing that your air conditioning unit’s air filters need to be replaced at a regular interval. However, there are several factors to take into consideration before you change the air filters such as the number of occupants in the house, the presence of any pets and the overall air quality of the city and the locality that you live in. It might be hard to believe but there are several homeowners who don’t change their air filters even after multiple seasonal usages.

The air conditioner’s cooling may not suffer as much but it will result in significantly reducing the overall lifespan of your unit as well as escalating your electricity bills. If you’re unaware or hesitant about changing the air filters, then you could also ask a technician to come and perform this task for you as well as some other related maintenance.

The air flow:

This is one of those areas where proper and regular maintenance would eliminate this possibility altogether. The air flow in your home is something that most air conditioners depend upon in order to properly cool your home. However, any sort of issues with the air flow will result in a dip in the quality of performance by the air conditioning unit.

Things like dirty condenser coils, the condenser unit being blocked or any other obstructions which harm the proper air flow will make it harder for the air conditioner to properly function. The best option in this case is to book an appointment with a technician who can come and properly clean the coils as well as replace the internal distribution coils. These technicians also have the equipment to clear the external units of any debris that might be blocking the airflow.

The wrong size:

This is an aspect that most homeowners ignore completely when buying an air conditioning unit for their houses. While it is true that the bigger air conditioning units are capable of cooling the rooms quickly if the room size is small, it will also have to gear down repetitively in order to keep the temperature consistent. This puts a great deal of stress of the air conditioners’ internal circuits as well as the unit’s compressor.

It is important that before you make the decision to get an air conditioning system for your home you get a clear evaluation of what size would be the best according to your house, as well as the number of occupants. This will not only increase the amount of efficiency that you will get from your air conditioning unit but also reduce the chances of any major damage or accidents related to your air conditioning unit.

The thermostat:

The homeowner must understand that the air conditioner is a machine that relies a great deal on the thermostat in order to understand the home’s cooling needs. In case the thermostat is damaged or isn’t set properly, then the air conditioner will not be able to properly adjust its function and it will probably result in too much cooling or too less. The thermostat is an invaluable tool which has been designed in order to help you conserve energy, while at the same time allowing the air conditioner to function efficiently. This will not only prolong the air conditioners’ life but also maintain its performance.

Lack of rest:

While it is true that there are some seasons where you need the air conditioning unit to operate, a machine has its own limitations. No electrical machinery can keep operating constantly 24/7 while maintaining its efficiency. They have their own mechanical limitations and need a cooling off period of their own. Regardless of how hot the climate gets, it is advisable to turn it off for a few hours. Try opening the windows rather than having the air conditioner operate ceaselessly. Not only will it hamper the air conditioner’s performance in the long run, it can also likely result in the unit breaking down altogether, which might require an expensive repair or a new air conditioning unit altogether.

Lack of maintenance:

As the season comes along where you are sure that you’ll be using the air conditioning regularly, it would be the best option to get a technician to perform a thorough maintenance of your system. The air conditioning systems require regular cleaning as well as tune-ups to functioning properly for an extended period. Cleaning the ductworks, checking the refrigerant levels and other such complicated tasks require a seasoned professional.


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