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Top Benefits Of Regular Heating And Air Conditioning Service | Cleveland, TN

Top Benefits Of Regular Heating And Air Conditioning Service   Cleveland TN
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Winter is now setting in across Cleveland, TN, so if you haven’t done so yet it is time to consider booking your annual heating and air conditioning service. Regular heating and AC service is the best way to extend the lifespan of your HVAC system and ensure you don’t have to deal with a broken system in the middle of winter. No one wants to wait in the cold while new parts are on order, and with a regular preventive heating and air conditioning service, you won’t have to.

This is just one of the many reasons that regular heating and air conditioning service in Cleveland, TN is recommended. If you have never had a heating and AC service, there is no time like the present. With most people spending more time at home than ever before, it is important to ensure that your home remains a safe and warm haven. The following are a few of the top benefits associated with regular heating and AC service.

Increase Your Energy Savings

Sometimes you have to spend money to save money, and that is certainly true when it comes to heating and air conditioning service. A heating system that is bogged down with dust, dirt, and other debris will have to work harder every day which means you will spend more on energy costs. In addition, HVAC systems that have never been maintenanced may have parts that are wearing down, adding to energy costs as the system may need to cycle more frequently to achieve the same temperatures indoors.

This can be easily fixed by routine heating and air conditioning service in Cleveland, TN. If you have never had your system serviced, then now is the time to start. It is never too late to clean your HVAC system. You will be glad you did once you see how much dirt the technician removes during your heating and air conditioning service. Keep in mind that not only is that debris causing your system to use more energy, but it is also passing into the air you breathe on a daily basis.

As part of an annual heating and air conditioning service, the technician will perform a set of routine checks and cleaning tasks including testing the calibration of your thermostat, checking connections and tightening any that may be loosening, lubricating all moving parts, changing the air filter, airflow testing, ductwork inspection, and testing of system controls. All of these simple checks ensure that your HVAC system is working properly and will continue to work properly over the coming winter and summer months.

Improve Your Home’s Air Quality

With that in mind, since you are spending more time than ever at home you want to ensure that your family’s air quality is the best it can be. A great way to do this is by keeping up with routine heating and air conditioning service. The only source of moving air in your home is probably coming from your HVAC system right now since it’s too cool to open your windows. Therefore, you need to ensure that your HVAC system is clean if you want your air to be clean.

As air moves through your ductwork it picks up any loose particles that are laying in the ducts, inside of the clogged air filter, or any dirt that is covering the components of your HVAC system. Believe it or not, there are a lot of air contaminants that are probably floating around your home right now if your system has not been cleaned lately. Some of the most common offenders that negatively affect the air quality in your home include pet dander, dust, mold, pollen, bacteria, and mildew. `

Outside of influencing the air in your home, the particulate in the air will eventually float down creating a surface of dust in your home. Tired of cleaning dust off your picture frames and shelves? This is usually a sign that your HVAC system could use a heating and air conditioning service in Cleveland, TN. If you have family members who suffer from asthma or allergies it is even more important that you book an HVAC service sooner than later.

Increase Your Personal Comfort

Outside of increasing your breathing comfort, annual heating and air conditioning service can also increase your comfort when you are in your home. Reduced airflow or leaks in your ductwork can stop your HVAC system from properly reaching the temperature set on your thermostat. In addition, it may force you to set your thermostat lower than you like for optimal comfort.

A lot of homeowners turn down their thermostats to save money, which means dealing with cooler than desired temperatures. However, if you simply book a heating and air conditioning service your system will become much more energy-efficient. Therefore, you will be able to turn the thermostat up a few extra degrees and still not pay anymore since the system will now be much more efficient. If you are tired of being cold or hot all of the time in the name of saving money, consider taking one proactive step that will solve your problems.

Increased HVAC Lifespan

HVAC systems are not cheap. No one wants to replace their HVAC system if they can avoid it, and with annual heating and air conditioning service you can potentially avoid replacement for several more years. HVAC systems can last anywhere from a decade to two decades. Their performance depends heavily on how well you maintain and protect your system. If your heating system is kept clean with any aging parts replaced in a timely manner before they can cause even more damage, your HVAC system will be able to perform unimpeded for years to come.

A simple heating and air conditioning service in Cleveland, TN that includes lubrication, small repairs, and regular cleaning is all it takes to reduce the stress on your HVAC system. Paying a small amount each year is much better than replacing your HVAC system prematurely. It will also save you from being stranded without air or heat since replacing an HVAC system is not a simple task and usually requires at least a few days to order system components.

Lower Repair Costs

Along the same lines, when you book annual heating and air conditioning service you lower the amount you can expect to pay on HVAC repairs over the lifespan of the unit. Routine maintenance allows technicians to catch minor issues before they turn into costly repairs. It is always better to fix a loose connection before something breaks or to clean out a clogged air filter before it impedes airflow and stresses out your fan motor. Think of your yearly service as a small repair call, because that is essentially what it replaces. While regular servicing does not guarantee you will not need HVAC repairs at some point, it does dramatically reduce the chance that an unexpected expensive repair will crop up.

Improve the Safety of Your Home’s HVAC System

When most people think about their heating and cooling system, they think about how comfortable they are or about their energy costs. Most people do not think about the potential danger that an improperly serviced HVAC system can pose. Even the best-maintained HVAC system usually produces a very small, minuscule amount of CO. This is not an issue because the venting system carries the trace of carbon monoxide out of your home.

However, if an HVAC system is malfunctioning or too dirty for the venting system to work properly, the carbon monoxide will remain in your home eventually growing in concentration. At this point what was a very small trace amount of CO2 will increase threatening everyone who lives in your home. When you book an annual heating and air conditioning service one thing the technician does while they are in your home is to inspect the gas connections, burner combustion, and heat exchanger to ensure that everything is working properly and safely.

Carbon monoxide is a deadly gas that is completely odorless so you will never know it is in your home if your HVAC starts producing higher amounts of it. It is not something that you want to mess around with, and it certainly makes the marginal costs of heating and air conditioning repair service worthwhile. In addition, if you don’t already own a carbon monoxide detector it is recommended that all homeowners should place one in their basement.

Make Sure Your HVAC System Is Reliable

Most homeowners expect their HVAC system to simply turn on during the winter months and the summer months. Once the temperature changes they simply flip the switch between heat and cooling. However, there is a lot more that goes into preparing an HVAC system for the different seasons than just flipping the switch. A lot of technicians recommend booking your heating and air conditioning service prior to the start of the summer season or the winter season so that you remember. When you get into a routine it becomes easy to keep up with routine service.

At the very least, make sure that you change your air filters every three months to ensure that the system does not get clogged resulting in extra stress on the fan motor and other components. A good rule of thumb is to change your air filter every time that you change the oil in your car. If you notice the filters are very dirty when you change them you may need to increase frequency during certain seasons. However, if you get in the habit then you will get to know your system better so you can cater to its needs,

A well-maintained HVAC system is your best guarantee against costly repairs or breakdowns. Taking a few minutes to change an air filter or book your heating and air conditioning service can safeguard you against most major issues. Regular servicing also gives you the opportunity to talk to the technician to determine if something is or is not normal when it comes to your heating system. Sometimes things like a knocking noise or frequent cycling that you get used to is actually a sign that there is a large problem with your HVAC system.

Don’t Be Afraid to Call for Help

Finally, it is important to note that regular heating and air conditioning service is not a substitute for repair. If your HVAC system starts to make odd noises or fails to heat or cool properly you still need to call an HVAC professional for aid. Addressing matters as soon as they arise is usually the best way to prevent them from turning into major problems.

Just because you book routine service does not mean that you should put off repairs until an HVAC technician returns. A lot can go wrong with an HVAC system in a matter of days. When one component breaks failure to fix it can result in a chain reaction that gets more expensive by the day. Eventually, the entire system will likely stop working leaving you in a mess.

While proper heating and air conditioning service is the best way to prevent unseen repairs, it cannot work magic. An aging system or unexpected issue can still arise and you need to act promptly to keep your system reliable.

If you are experiencing an issue with your HVAC system or have not had a heating or air conditioning service for a few years now is the time to change that. Metro Plumbing, Heating & Air in Cleveland, TN will be happy to come out to your home and service your unit for you. Give us a call today and protect the health of your HVAC system for years to come.

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