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Top Causes Behind Moisture Problems – Here’s How a Plumber in Cleveland Can Fix Them

Top Causes Behind Moisture Problems Heres How a Plumber in Cleveland Can Fix Them
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Internal moisture in the house is a nightmare for any homeowner who prefers to keep their interior design fresh and clean. So when someone finds moisture on the central wall of their living room, they can’t do anything but call for a professional plumber in Cleveland.

Most times, moisture problems pop up when the plumbing system starts to develop issues. These issues range from leaky pipelines to faulty installations by an inexperienced plumber in Cleveland.

However, amateur plumbers are not the only culprits. There can be an array of reasons that cause moisture problems in Cleveland. So, it’s essential that you know when these problems are in an early stage.

Discovering these issues in the start will stop these problems from worsening. Even if the problem is beyond its early stages, those issues will get resolved before they cause a catastrophic leak.

If you suspect that your house is having moisture problems, watch out for the following signs:


  • Rings of dampness
  • Water seeping from walls
  • Unusual stains or blisters on walls
  • Damp or humid air
  • Carpet and wood start to deteriorate
  • Columns, joists and headers start to rot
  • You can smell mold or mildew
  • Water puddles on the floor

If you see any of the above signs, you have good reason to call a professional plumber in Cleveland. Though a professional plumber in Cleveland can fix most moisture problems, there are also other reasons behind these issues.

The most common reasons for moisture issues in Cleveland are as following:


Condensation is a natural process and happens when warm, moist air has contact with a cool surface. Cool surfaces (such as your walls and floor) enable the water vapors present in the air to liquidate gather on the surface. This is similar to when moisture gathers around your cold beer on a summer day.

Moisture caused by condensation is not such a big issue and you won’t need to call a professional plumber in Cleveland have it fixed. Moreover, it also requires a less expensive solution and the problem is relatively easier to resolve.

Ineffective Grading

It’s common for rain or groundwater to make its way into your home due to poor grading. Grading is the leveling of ground which surrounds your house. Because of poor grading by your constructer, water can slope towards your home instead of flowing away.

As a result, water accumulates against the foundation and makes its way inside your home. This often happens when fill dirt around your foundation isn’t properly compacted. This faulty construction can weaken the walls of your home and ultimately cause safety hazards for your family.

A plumber in Cleveland won’t be able to do much for you when it happens. However, you can cope up with this problem by accumulating dirt around your foundation. Try to keep that slope at least one inch high for up to six feet to keep the water away.

An Interior Water Leak

An interior leak is perhaps the most obvious cause behind moisture in your home. Internal leaks should be the first thing you should check for when identifying causes behind excessive moisture.

Water leaks can originate from several places such as your sink, toilet, shower, washing machine and of course, a broken pipe. Therefore, it’s difficult to point out where a certain leak is coming from.

Trying to figure out where the leak is coming from will waste a lot of your time. Instead taking unnecessary stress, it would be better to consult a professional instead.  A plumber in Cleveland have years of experience in dealing with water leaks. So it’s easy for them to fix these issues and they do it in minimal time.

Delaying repair of water leaks is not something to take lightly. These water leaks not only ruin your interior designing but also weaken the walls from within. Calling a plumber in Cleveland will resolve the problem before the water does any damage.

Defective Gutters

The purpose of downspouts and gutters is to direct rainwater away from your home. If these downspouts and gutters are missing, rainwater can get accumulated around foundation. Something similar can happen if these components are not functioning properly.

If you’re having problems with your roof gutters and downspout, you can consult a plumber in Cleveland to have them deployed in your house. Professional plumbers have special tools that can identify problems in your drainage system. So, even if these components are not functioning properly, a plumber in Cleveland can resolve these problems for you.

Poor Drain Tile and Sump Pit

Besides drainage systems on your roof, your house needs a subsurface drainage system to keep water away from your home. However, many houses in Cleveland lack these subsurface drainage systems. If your home is one of such houses, it’s possible that it’s suffering from moisture problems in the absence of a subsurface drainage system.

However, getting a new subsurface system is a difficult task and you’ll have to consult a plumber in Cleveland for the job. These plumbers will have to dig and plant subsurface drainage to prevent ground water from damaging your home.

Getting these issues fixed immediately is important. Even if the water is leaking outside your home, it can have a toll on your water bill. In most cases, neglecting it would be unhygienic and harmful to your family. You should call a professional plumber in Cleveland to examine the yard and determine where the leak is coming from.

If you find any of these issues in your home, feel free to contact Metro Plumbing and Air on their website. You can also call at (423) 616-1025 to avail their emergency services.


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