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Top Reasons To Get A Sump Pump Replacement | Cleveland, TN

Top Reasons To Get A Sump Pump Replacement   Cleveland TN
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A sump pump is an essential part of ensuring the basement safety of local homes as it keeps the basement protected from flooding. A sump pump keeps working for around ten years on average, but there is a possibility that something may go wrong before it reaches its retirement age. The worst thing that can happen is having your basement flooded because of a malfunctioning sump pump. That’s when most people call experts for sump pump replacement in their homes.

Here are a few reasons why you must consider replacing your sump pump as soon as possible.

Excessive Vibration During Operation

When hard debris enters your pump, it can damage or bend its impellers. Impeller works the same way as a propeller, the only difference being that it draws in things instead of propelling them along. Impellers need to be balanced to avoid any shaft wear while spinning.

Damaged or bent impellers may lead to wobble, thereby stressing the shaft. You may hear noise due to wobbling, which is an indicator of problems in the future. Since re-bending the impellers is almost impossible, you may need to go for the sump pump replacement.

Infrequent Usage

If not used for long periods, the sump pump may have reduced shelf life. That’s why it is essential to test your pump in between rains regularly. Doing this will give you an idea of any problems in the pump to be fixed in time. If you are testing your pump for the first time or have shifted to a new home, call in a professional for testing and maintenance.

Strange Noises

If you can hear strange noises coming from your sump pump, it may indicate damaged or worn parts. Excessive motor noise may indicate failed bearing. Grinding or rattling noises mean damaged or jammed impeller, a fan on the bottom responsible for pulling water into the pump. An impeller is often difficult to repair. So, the only option left is sump pump replacement.

Always Running

Your sump pump might be running all the time due to a switch problem. The on/off switch needs a float for smooth operation. Your pump depends on the float as well as the switch for operation. But when the pump goes inside the basin, the switch issue occurs, and the float becomes ineffective. Sometimes, the switch even loses connection with the power source.

A tethered switch that drafts to the pump’s side might hang up on the pump basin. Some vertical floats having plastic brackets may break, and vibrations during pump operations may push the float switch against the container’s side. If you allow your sump pump to run always for no reason, it may stop handling the water load, and you may need to consider a replacement.

Prolonged Running

If you need to leave your sump pump on for several hours, it is an indication that it is not producing enough horsepower to handle the amount of water and cover the distance required for pumping water. While calculating the pump size you need, you must consider several factors, including pipe diameter, reservoir size, and plumbing pathways or elbows.

A pump that needs to push up water tall will require more power to operate. If there are so many elbows and turns in your plumbing fixtures, the pump will need to produce more power to force the water through them. If the pump needs to move water through long pipes it also needs to produce a lot of power, because of which you have to leave it on for several hours. The more you use it, the sooner it will fail, and you will need sump pump replacement.

Constant Cycling

Sump pumps switch on when it detects excess water in your home, and then switches off when all the water is removed. But if your sump pump is constantly cycling without a pause, then probably it’s a sign of a problem in its operation. Constant cycling can burn out the motor and leave it inoperative, after which you have to go for a sump pump replacement.

Rusted Parts

Brown stuff on the motor parts can indicate corrosion in the battery terminals. It can clog your plumbing and create more problems. If you can see rusted parts on or near your pump, consider sump pump replacement, as it must have damaged your motor beyond repair.

Pump Failure

Wiring failure inside the pump may cause it to stop working. If your pump is receiving electricity but still not working, it indicates an electrical issue inside. The first step is to ensure that it is plugged in and check if it has thrown the breaker or the fuse. If they are okay, look for the extension hose and see if it is frozen or clogged. When the pump tries to force water through a frozen hose, it may cause backflow and lead to motor burnout. When that happens, you have no other option but to go for the sump pump replacement.

Stuck Motor

Your pump’s life may end prematurely if it keeps sucking up material and sediment. You may install a filter to keep such materials away from entering your pump and extend its life. Also, do not forget to clean and replace the filters periodically.

Pump Older Than Seven Years

Despite regular cleaning, proper maintenance, and careful usage, sump pumps do not last forever. If your pump is more than seven years old and creates problems now and then, you may consider sump pump replacement instead of repairing it time and again.

Frequent Power Failures in Your Area

Although Cleveland, TN is an urban area with all the facilities included, power outages may be expected in some areas. Since your sump pump is directly connected with your house’s electrical system, some parts may get damaged due to power surges, leading to pump failure.

Call in Professionals for Sump Pump Inspection and Replacement

Not sure of the status of your sump pump and don’t know what to do? Contact Metro Plumbing, Heating and Air  in the Cleveland, TN area today for an appointment. Our experts will determine your equipment’s working condition and age and help you decide if you must go for a sump pump replacement now or not. Call our 24/7 plumbing service at 423-250-3502 and let our experienced team handle your situation.

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