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Limping Through The Summer With An Insufficient Air Conditioning System? Call A Heating And Air Conditioning Service | Cleveland, TN

Limping Through The Summer With An Insufficient Air Conditioning System Call A Heating And Air Conditioning Service   Cleveland TN
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If you turn on your air conditioning for the first extra-warm day of late spring or early summer, do you feel a burst of cold air and look forward to your refuge from the summer heat? Or do you realize that you meant to call for a heating and air conditioning service months ago, and now you’re going to face a summer of barely-cooling AC and a few days when the system just won’t keep up at all? We know it’s not easy to keep up with all the responsibilities that homeowners face, and often the only time to take action is when the problem presents itself. Still, summers here in Cleveland, TN can be somewhat unforgiving during the day, and weak air conditioning can be the source of some interpersonal discomfort as people try to cope in the warm, humid air at home.

If Your AC Doesn’t Keep Up This Summer, What Should You Do?

In recent times when people have been required to stay at home, summer has been particularly oppressive without good AC. The options of a trip to the theater or the mall weren’t available, and even the public pool was off-limits. The focus was squarely on air conditioning and what needs to be done to get it working hard to do its job right. Our HVAC service has been working hard to improve the effectiveness of older AC units in area homes, and there are some important repairs and maintenance that we can do that make a world of difference.

Repairs That Can Make a World of Difference to Your Summer Comfort

We focus on a couple of important areas of your system with our heating and air conditioning service strategy. We make sure that your home’s ventilation system is in good shape, moving available cooled air through clean ducts with fans that are operating properly. That way, any improvements we gain in your cooling equipment will have the best chance to reach you. We focus, of course, on the cooling unit itself, making sure that the compressor or other cooling equipment is functioning well, and checking the refrigerant for leaks. If either of those need repair or replacement, the results can be significant. We also make sure the unit is clean since clogged fins can limit the efficiency of your cooling system. We also check your thermostat, to make sure that it is telling your system to cool with accurate temperature sensing. With a bit of heating and cooling service work, we can usually make your summer much more bearable.

Can You Catch Up on Air Conditioning Maintenance?

Much of the maintenance as part of the heating and cooling service work we do is to reduce the wear and tear on your system by making sure it’s well lubricated, filters are cleaned, and the whole system is running as smoothly as possible. Without maintenance by our heating and air conditioning service, items like the compressor will probably need replacing much sooner, along with fan motors supplying your duct system and other components. When you set your thermostat to your preferred temperature, an unmaintained system has to work harder to meet the goals you set for it, running for longer periods of time and more frequently to cool your home as required. This results in a cycle of wear and tear, as the system degrades from running excessively, and produces less efficient cooling which requires more operation, and so on. Sooner or later, you’ll need heating and air conditioning service to bring the system up to par, either with regular maintenance or more frequent repairs.

Backup Systems for a Critical Comfort Need

If you have a special need for cooling such as an elderly or ill family member’s bedroom, we have a special note. There are lots of ways to get your whole house cool again, but there are also better ways to cool one or two rooms than window AC units. Ask our heating and air conditioning service team about “ductless mini split” units for focused cooling where the main unit is still outside, and you don’t have the hassles and reduced window space of a window unit.

Reducing Your Need for Cooling by Protecting Your Home from the Heat

Another way to improve your AC results for now and lower your costs in the future is to have a thermal scan of your home and install insulation. This will help with heating in the winter too but definitely keeps your inside walls from getting warm from the sun’s rays and forcing your AC unit to fight against it. You’ll still want to get our heating and air conditioning service to get your unit repaired and probably upgraded, but insulation is a wise choice.

Thinking About Air Conditioning System Replacement

Our heating and air conditioning service professionals serving the Cleveland, TN area may surprise you with the numbers when you ask about replacing your air conditioning system. Newer units offer significantly improved efficiency for lower energy costs, allowing you to balance the investment in a new unit with reduced energy bills. It could be a win-win for you, and then there is also the question of whether to install now in peak season, or get repairs and plan ahead.

Timing Your Air Conditioning System Replacement Can Reduce Your Cost

When you need a new system because repairs aren’t enough to keep you cool or it’s just time to take action, a new unit provides many benefits that you’ll enjoy. If you plan ahead for replacement during the right seasons, you may discover manufacturer and installation deals that help make it possible.

Your Heating and Air Conditioning Service for Keeping Cool Now and Into the Future

Call Metro Plumbing, Heating and Air for heating and air conditioning service. We’ll get you nice and cool this summer. Our team has the skills and expertise to help you relax.

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