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Types of Heating and AC Systems | Cleveland, TN

The Different Types of Whole Home Heating and AC Systems   Cleveland TN
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There are many ways to heat and cool your home. If you are unfamiliar with them you should consult with your heating and ac professional to see what options are available when you are looking to upgrade your current place or are looking at a new home for yourself. The type of heating and ac system used in the home can affect many things about the home that matter to you. They can also change the cost of upkeep in the house so it is important to keep that in mind when choosing the types of systems for your house.

Heating-Forced Air

The most common type of heating system used in America today are central forced air heating systems. They have modernized a lot since their original days of “octopus” style furnaces that just heated a large pod in the basement and had a register link to every vent in the house. Today’s forced air heating systems have high efficiency furnaces that help save money by reducing the emission waste through the chimney or vent port with a fan reclaim as much heat as possible from escaping. These systems generally make a decent amount of noise while running but have a low running cost that your heating and ac professional can help you with.


The more traditional whole heating system isa water or steam boiler system. This system has a large boiler hooked into your home plumbing system and feeds hot water through the pipes to radiators or baseboards around the house to disperse the heat into the atmosphere. The heating and ac professionals may suggest radiators if you have a historical home or are looking for a system that doesn’t drain your house of humidity and decrease static electricity issues forced air systems have. The rattle and bang noises boilers typically make can be mitigated in newer systems but they usually can’t be fully eliminated because of the nature of heating and cooling metals.


Geothermal systems are much cheaper than they were when they were first introduced. If you have the square footage on your property you can add a water or air transfer systems that go below your house and heat them up using the residual heat underground and help warm your house up. You then would have your heating and AC professional install a heat pump to help get that up to the temperature you desire if the ground heat isn’t enough. The natural temperature underground in Cleveland, TN is able to keep your house close to a comfortable temperature with very little assistance.

Cooling-Central Air

The summer temperatures in our region means that having an air conditioning system is almost a requirement.For whole house system the most common is a central air system. They work by taking air into the outdoor box that travels through a system of coils and tubes to decrease the heat in it and then gets cycled with a refrigerant that decreases its temperature even more. The newly cooled air is then sent back into the house and cycled back through the whole system until your house reaches your desired end temperature. This can take a while on older systems and can be quite loud. The box itself is located outside the home and is placed either on a concrete pad near where your furnace is or on the roof if your house and the unit select is able to go up there. Ground based units are generally more cost efficient but can take up valuable space, along with being more audibly noticeable as you will be closer. Consult your heating and ac professional to determine what options are available for you.


Evaporative coolers are another whole house cooling system that can be cheaper to purchase and to operate than standard forced central air systems but require the right conditions to be more effective. As you might be able to tell by the name the dryer it is outside is more it works. The evaporative cooler adds moisture to a house , typically by putting water on a porous near a fan and blowing hot air from outside through or across the water lines and then through the home. For a more practical comparison if you have ever gotten out of a swimming pool and felt cold even if it’s extremely warm outside this is the same effect. Their biggest disadvantage is humidity renders them almost useless, and because of that a lot of places can’t use them effectively. A heating and ac professional would be able to answer your questions about that.


Take the geothermal heating system and turn it backwards. It may seem strange that you can heat your home in the winter and cool your house in the summer using the same resource with almost no changes. A heating and ac consultant will likely tell you that this whole-year system means a lot less moving parts that would be susceptible to failure. That heat that is underground during the winter to warm your house is still generally cool enough in the summer to drop the temperature of your house. It may not be as effective as a central air system but you will still get enough out of the geothermal installation to greatly decrease your reliance on individual room solutions.

Mini Ductless Room Systems

If you have a house that has partitioned rooms you can also get a system of ductless room systems that can either just cool or heat and cool depending on the model. You would set up a unit of appropriate size in each room and control the rooms independently. This is great if you have a segment of your house you don’t want to heat or cool at all times.


No matter what you think you will need the experts at Metro Plumbing, Heating, Air, and Septic out of Chattanooga can cover your Cleveland, TN home ensure all of your heating and ac needs are met. With expert staff and a history of quality service you can be sure that your work is done right and your questions are answered.

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