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Upgrade Your Chattanooga HVAC System Today!

Are You Ready to Have a New HVAC System Installed   Tips from Your Chattanooga TN Air Conditioning Service Provider
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Air conditioning systems are more than just the necessary household equipment. They are an investment to make your home comfortable to live in. That is why they cost more than other electrical appliances to purchase and maintain. Did you know that a sound air conditioning system can increase the resale value of your house if you are planning to sell it in the future? Therefore, protect your investment by hiring the best air conditioning services technicians.

Metro Plumbing, Heating, and Air offers a full line of heating and cooling services within Chattanooga, TN and Northern Georgia. Our technicians are experienced in ac services and are certified by the relevant energy authorities both locally and nationally. We value punctuality and always complete our clients’ projects on time.

If you are looking for installation, maintenance or repair services for your air conditioner or heating systems, give us a call today! We provide excellent work and our technicians are friendly and easy to talk to. They will diagnose the problem with your air conditioner and communicate clearly on the options to resolve it, whether to repair the machine or to install a new one.

Air Conditioning Installation

Summers can be uncomfortable in Chattanooga, TN, without a properly functioning air conditioner. Metro Plumbing, Heating, and Air offers outstanding air conditioner installation services at an affordable rate. We have a wide variety of brands that you can choose from or help you decide, depending on your budget and the size of your household. Our technicians have your interests at heart and will ensure that you get only the best.

Air Conditioning Repair

Repair is part of our air conditioning services. If your house is getting hotter by the day, then probably your air conditioner is not functioning well. It could be faulty wiring, low levels of refrigerant, the outside fan may not also be working or the coil may be frozen due to filthy air filters.

These are some of the problems that our technicians will want to confirm when checking your air conditioner. Calling a certified technician as soon as you notice a problem is critical in preventing further damage. They will promptly analyze the issue and implement the necessary repairs. Call us today to get the best air conditioning services.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Best practices suggest that the most effective way for a homeowner to prevent the expected air conditioning problems is by participating in a preventive maintenance program. Issues such as bad wiring, low refrigerant levels and airflow problems can be discovered during the regular maintenance sessions.

Metro Plumbing, Heating and Airoffers an effective preventive maintenance program for your air conditioners. Our technicians will regularly check the status of air conditioners every month. They will be able to diagnose problems in time and prevent you from paying a lot of money on repairing something that would have been solved cheaply at an early stage. Call us today to get enrolled in the Preventive Maintenance Program for air conditioners.

Heater Installation

Need a new heating system? There are many types of heating systems that are available in the market and choosing the best one for your home should not be hard. If you are based in Chattanooga, TN, then you can call us today to help you make the right choice and even conduct the installation at an affordable rate.

When choosing a heating system, there are many factors to consider, such as the energy source, the type of distribution system (hot water or forced air), the efficiency of the heating system and the overall costs among others. Our technicians are experts in the field of heater installation. We provide a proper installation service and your heating system will remain effective for a more extended period. Call us today to fix your system and have it work optimally once again.

Why You Should Hire Us for Your Heating and Air Conditioning Services

Metro Plumbing Heating and Air is a company focused on the customers’ needs. Our mission is to solve every heater and AC problem that our clients are facing.

We are Honest

Metro Plumbing Heating and Air believes that honesty is the fastest way to build trust with our clients. We are always clear on our upfront charges when approaching every customer. We also provide clear information on the problems affecting your air conditioner and do not inflate the prices to take advantage of your lack of technical details about the work involved. Honesty is our second name.

We Are Punctual

Punctuality impresses and instills confidence in clients. We have learned this beautiful statement and inculcated it into our work ethic. We value your time and so, we always strive to complete the projects within the set timeline. If we realize that we will not be able to beat the deadline, as agreed, we will attempt to make your wait be minimal and put a premium on quality work.

We Are Friendly

Our technicians undergo customer care training to ensure that our warm interaction with clients extends from when you contact us to the time your job is done. They are free with clients and advise them on any issues regarding air conditioning services. Feel free to ask them any questions that you have. They will answer you promptly and even suggest ideas that could transform your life!

Our Services Are Affordable

Metro Plumbing Heating and Air is a leading air conditioning services company, not only because of the quality we provide but also the prices we charge. Our prices are pocket-friendly and can always fit within your budget!


We hire only the best technicians in town because we know that you deserve the best services. All our technicians regularly undergo regular training and obtain certifications on varies subjects in the electrical appliances sector to remain relevant with technological advancements.

Metro Plumbing, Heating and Air is a heating systems and air conditioning services company based in the Chattanooga, TN area. We provide installation, maintenance and repair services at an affordable rate. Our technicians are certified with the relevant authorities locally and nationally. Call us today to get the best air conditioning services in town!

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