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What Is Plumbing Maintenance Worth To You? Drain Cleaning Service And Other Saving Strategies | Chattanooga, TN

What Is Plumbing Maintenance Worth To You Drain Cleaning Service And Other Saving Strategies   Chattanooga TN
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Neglecting plumbing maintenance and inspections can result in high water bills, reduction in your hot water supply, and appliance performance problems. Waiting for signs of trouble can also result in the high costs of flood damage including floor and ceiling repairs, general damage recovery, mold in your carpets, walls, and hard-to-reach spots, and chaos for your family while the recovery is in process. By using strategies like regular drain cleaning service by our team at Metro Plumbing, Heating and Air of Chattanooga, TN, you can also avoid toilet and sink backups that result from the accumulation of clogs over time, often reaching the critical point at an inconvenient time, and frequently leading to damage and unsanitary conditions as well.

Keeping Toilets, Sinks, and Showers Flowing Saves Emergency Drain Cleaning Service Calls and Cleanup

Regular visits from our team to your Chattanooga, TN area home, annually or semi-annually for example, can ensure that your pipes are not slowly narrowing from grease, hair, objects, and other partial blockages that will gather additional material and eventually lead to stopped up sinks and toilets, overflowing showers, and emergency calls to our plumbers. With effective, professional equipment to clear the pipes and video inspection equipment to check for trouble, we can ensure that you’re starting fresh after every visit. Our experienced plumbers will also note any pipe damage, corrosion, and problematic joints that could accelerate the accumulation of future materials and result in more frequent clogs.

Other Drains and Wastewater Connections You Might Not Have Thought Of

Our drain cleaning service doesn’t just take care of the obvious kitchen and bathroom fixtures, we can also ensure that your laundry room drains for your washing machine and utility sink are clear and not preparing to back up when the machine is unattended. Backups can occur either from the machine’s drain itself onto the floor, or down that side and up into the utility sink all over your hand washed items or other tragic contamination.

We can also make sure that your washing machine supply lines are in good shape, and replace rubber ones with stainless steel mesh that lasts longer and is much less likely to make a mess. The ultimate flooding protection in most basements is a floor drain, which you may not even think about as it sits unused for years. Is it ready to handle a sudden flow of gallons of dirty water? If not, what in the area will get wet and damaged? Our drain cleaning service will help you be sure that your protective drains are functioning as designed. The same goes for sump pump installations, where the sump needs to be cleaned out periodically to ensure that the pump’s intake doesn’t jam.

Maintaining Water Supply Lines

Are your water supply lines and fixtures in good shape? Accidental damage or corrosion and wear from aging can lead to a leak from these pressurized lines, and one that may run for some time with costs reflected on your water bill and in remediation costs. In addition to our drain cleaning service, we recommend that you have a periodic plumbing inspection to look for problems, especially in pipe materials and quality that we may recognize as prone to failure over time. We also recommend protective devices including shutoff valves, leak sensors, and even a whole-house water supply shutoff that will use leak sensors as triggers to protect your home while you’re away. With sensors located by sinks and appliances, this early warning system can be worth a lot to you, and may be considered a premium factor by your insurance company.

Outdoor Plumbing Protection

Do you have plumbing that’s exposed to outdoor temperatures, either running outside for hose connections and water features, or passing through unheated areas of your home? We may not see as many cold snaps as other areas of the country, but when pipes freeze solid, they usually crack and burst, allowing water to gush forth when the pipe thaws. Once again, you’ll face the cost of water flowing until the damage is detected, and the harm to your home or landscaping that comes from gallons of water flowing over time, uncontrolled. We can perform insulation maintenance tasks, install self-draining faucets as a preventive measure, and reroute plumbing so it’s not exposed to cold temperatures. While we’re maintaining your outdoor plumbing, our drain cleaning service can identify and then clean out any drains in the pavement around your home, your pool, or your patio.

Sewer and Septic Maintenance

When multiple drains in the basement or first floor start to back up at the same time, or several toilets are becoming slow, these are signs that your sewer or septic line may need our drain cleaning service and possibly further maintenance and repair. After a video inspection, we may determine that a thorough drain cleaning service such as hydro jetting will clear a clog or mound of settled material. If we see pipe damage, root intrusion, or other issues that need repair, there are a number of solutions that may be possible, at lower cost and disruption than sewer pipe replacement. While homeowners consider sewer lines one of their potentially most expensive repair items, the savings gained by avoiding sewer backup and the resulting cleaning and sterilization are considerable as well.

Call on Metro Plumbing, Heating and Air for Proactive Plumbing Inspections and Maintenance

We work hard to protect our customers against plumbing failures and water damage cleanup by providing the drain cleaning service they need. It’s part of our full-service professional plumbing practice, designed to establish long-term relationships with our customers. One of the best ways that we can help save you money is by making sure that your home’s plumbing is in good shape and not on the brink of stopping up, overflowing, or leaking. We’re glad to schedule an inspection and maintenance at your convenience, and we’re here for your emergency calls as well.

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