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When Should You Consider Water Heater Repair in Cleveland?

When Should You Consider Water Heater Repair in Cleveland

Winter can hit you hard in the United States. There are certain places where life without proper HVAC and water heaters is impossible to imagine. Temperatures can plummet to freezing levels and solidify the water running in pipelines. Water heaters are essential for homes to ensure a constant supply of running water.

The weather in Cleveland, TN, can also get icy-cold at the height of winter. People need running hot water for various reasons, from bathing and general cleaning to laundry. This is why you have to be watchful about the condition of your water heater in Cleveland. Here are some signs that can help you identify that your water heater in Cleveland is at risk.

No Hot Water

Hurrying into the shower on a chilly morning and getting welcomed by a barrage of cold water is a classic water heater problem. People like to forget such instances and wonder what caused them. The reason behind this problem depends on the type of water heater you have.

If your water heater is gas-powered, it may be because your pilot light has blown out. In that case, the culprit is a faulty thermocouple and you should get it repaired immediately.

However, if you have an electric heater then the heating element is the cause of your issue. Whatever reason there may be, it’s better to leave the job of repair to a plumbing professional in Cleveland.

Smelly Water

When the hot water from your water heater turns smelly, it is a clear indication bacteria has infected it. The smell is usually similar to the odor of rotten eggs. It can be taken care of by flushing the tank and then filling it with a water-hydrogen peroxide solution. The solution has to be allowed to sit in for two hours, after which you can flush it with clear water.

It’s possible that this problem persists even after taking protective measures. Also, if both the hot and cold water have the same smelly problem, your main water source may be at fault. In any case, you should call a reliable plumbing contractor in Cleveland to look at the problem.

Noisy Water Tank

A noisy water tank can be a result of many problems. One of the most common reasons is the accumulation of sediment in your water tanker’s base. Whenever you switch on the water heater, it cooks the sediment while heating the water. The noise is created because the heating element is literally burning the sediment.

If that is the problem, the solution is simple. You just have to drain your water tank to get rid of the sediment, something which is also essential for regular maintenance.

Your water tanker might also become noisy if it is worn out. In that case, you have to be careful and replace it as soon as possible. Water tanks can pose safety hazards, so it’s wise to consult a professional when your tank gets noisy.

Not Warm Enough

One of the most common water heater problems is not having water that is hot enough.  Increasing the temperature of the tank’s thermostat can resolve this problem. However, you should be careful about not raising it too much, as it can increase the risk of a scalding hazard.

If the water isn’t getting warmer even after raising the temperature, your heater might have a problem. On such occasions, you should consider calling a professional in the Cleveland area to identify whether it has to be replaced or repaired.

Too Hot to Handle

When the water is too hot, it’s possible that your thermostat has malfunctioned. As a precaution, you should try turning the thermostat to a cooler setting and wait for a few hours. If the problem persists, it’s because the thermostat isn’t working anymore.

There can also be a problem with the temperature pressure relief valve if the water coming out of the tap is steaming. Never try fixing these problems on your own, consult a professional plumber in Cleveland to do the repair for you.


Leaking Tank

Once you spot a leak in your tank, your tank’s life is as good as over. Leaks are not something you should ignore; even small leaks can cause big problems for you. A 30-60 gallon tank draining in your basement can ruin it entirely. You should start looking for a new tank at the first sign of a leak. Before buying a replacement option, consult a plumber in Cleveland to know which water heater will be best for you.

Too Long to Reheat

Time is of the essence when you’re late for work. If the water heater is taking too long to reheat, the heating element in the heater isn’t in top shape. However, slow heating can also mean there are more serious issues at hand. Sediment or rust built up inside the tank could be insulating the heating element. This will result in making the element work harder, building up pressure and heat in the process. You should be careful when the unit is heating water slowly because it can lead to rupture if not repaired.

Changing Color and Taste

High concentration of sulfates and other minerals in your tank can cause your water to change color. At first, you should try to flush the water tank once or twice to wash the sediments away. If that does not help, you should call a professional to place an anode rod to rid your tank of these minerals.

Your water heater should function perfectly to help you get through the winter in Cleveland. If it ever breaks down, you should consider calling the best plumbing service in Cleveland to repair it.

Metro Plumbing is a family-owned company that operates in Cleveland. The company provides effective repair solutions at reasonable prices.

Visit their website to get a quote on their repair service. You can also call them at (423) 616-1025 to benefit from their round-the-clock services in Cleveland.

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