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Why It Is Better to Choose Drain Cleaning Service in Cleveland, TN Over Drain Cleaning Products?

Why It Is Better to Choose Drain Cleaning Service in Cleveland TN Over Drain Cleaning Products

Drain cleaning products are poison for your drains. You do not want to use them to clean your drains, as they will do more damage than good. Instead, choose the better solution — hire a drain cleaning service in Cleveland, TN.

Even though you may have come across a wide selection of drain cleaning products claiming they can eliminate the toughest clogs and clear your drains at half the costs, but is pouring chemicals down your drain really worth it? Think in the long run.

These chemical-ridden drain cleaning products are causing a lifetime of harm to your drains. You are only increasing the costs, as overtime, your drains will become damaged. Wouldn’t it better for you to just contact a drain cleaning service in Cleveland, TN? It would be, but you need more proof of the damaging ways of drain cleaning products.

How Drain Cleaning Products Damage Your Drains

Chemical drain cleaning products contain potent substances with the ability to dissolve clogs instantly. They can eliminate all types of substances in your drain, both organic and inorganic material. It seems like a wonderful idea to use a drain cleaning product after hearing this, but what most homeowners do not realize is that they are only creating a small hole in the clog, and not eliminating the entire clog.

The reason for this is that these drain cleaning products can only clean a small part of the pipe. Therefore, the clog will return, and you will find yourself pouring a chemical substance down your drain again and again.

That is not even the worst part of draining cleaning products. Drain cleaning products can damage the walls of the pipes, dissolving a variety of pipes such as iron, copper, PVC plastic, and steel. Your drain cleaner may make a hole large enough for the water to flow again freely, your drain pipe will begin to deteriorate slowly. You will have no choice, but to contact the professionals for drain cleaning service in Cleveland, TN.

But they will be coming to repair the drain pipe, even replace it, when all they could have come for was to clean it. If you want to avoid extensive repairs, you will call the experts instead of relying on drain cleaning products that will only do more harm than good…to your bank account! Get in touch with a drain cleaning service in Cleveland, TN right away!

4 Ways Drain Cleaning Products Are Dangerous

Drain cleaning products have a caustic chemical substance, which as you know can do a number on your drain pipes. However, corroding your pipes is not the only damage they do, but they also pose a threat to the following four things:

1.  Environmental Impact

Drain cleaning products are not environmental-friendly, as the chemicals in them can seep into the soil and groundwater, contaminating them. Do your part to save the environment by calling up the experts for drain cleaning service in Cleveland, TN.

2.  Chemical Burns

When you use them at home, the harmful fumes can cause severe burns to your eyes, skin, and mucous lining. Even if you practice caution and care when using drain cleaning products in your home, there is still a very good chance of them making their way back up through burst or damaged drain pipe.

If you have small children, their immune system is weaker than yours and exposing them to these chemicals can make them sick, if not now, later. Why not play it safe and not risk yours and your family health by scheduling an appointment with a drain cleaning service in Cleveland, TN?

3.  Live for Weeks

Traces of chemical cleaning products can remain in your drain pipes for several weeks after you poured it to unblock the clog. Since they are made from of a gel or thick liquid like substance, they tend to stick to the insides of your drain pipes, prepared to dissolve anything that comes through the drain pipes, which could clog it again.

Although the drain cleaning product is doing its part, it is also wearing away at the inner part of your drain pipes. It also causes toxic fumes to release in the air, which can remain in the air for several weeks. You and your family will breathe these toxic fumes for several weeks, which is not good for your health, as stated previously. Therefore, it is better to get in touch with your local drain cleaning service in Cleveland, TN.

4.  Expensive

You will find yourself spending more money on buying drain cleaning products than if you would have just called a professional drain cleaning service. It would have saved you a lot of money. If the situation has become worse and the drain cleaning products have taken a toll on your drain pipes, you need to contact a drain cleaning service in Cleveland, TN.

Always Go with a Professional Drain Cleaning Service over Drain Cleaning Products

You do not want to use drain cleaning products on older, weaker metal drain pipes and on a completely clogged drain. Additionally, you should not use drain cleaners on plastic drain pipes, as there is a chance of you incorrectly using them.

You should especially not use them in your toilet, as drain cleaners can wear down the enamel, finish and porcelain finish of the toilet bowl. Your toilet bowl can crack and drain pipes can soften.

If you are dealing with a clogged drain, do not resort to using a short-term solution of pouring chemical drain cleaning products down the drain, but contact Metro Plumbing, Heating and Air for drain cleaning service in Cleveland, TN. Schedule their drain cleaning service in Cleveland, TN today!



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