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Why You Need to Invest in an Energy-Efficient HVAC Unit | Tips from Your Cleveland, TN Air Conditioner Installation Company

Why You Need to Invest in an Energy Efficient HVAC Unit   Tips from Your Cleveland TN Air Conditioner Installation Company
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Thanks to technology, we now have air conditioners that give you more for your money. Plus, the old air conditioners you’ve had since 1980 probably no longer give you the comfort they used to.

Your current AC is most likely getting you huge bills. It isn’t even as safe for the environment as you once thought it was. Now there are newer ways of cooling your home that are better for both your pocket and your environment.

So why not consider getting a new energy-efficient air conditioner? If you want help with air conditioner installation in the Cleveland, TN area, we can help you. Here are some of the advantages of upgrading your AC:

Saves Energy

Whenever we invest in a new appliance, we weigh the pros and cons. If you want to know which AC saves more energy for your next air conditioner installation it’s definitely the energy-efficient one. It literally says so in the name.

A lot of times, your old AC could still be in working condition. This makes you reconsider investing in a new one because you don’t see a reason. However, being energy-efficient is a huge plus side to new ACs.

A new AC has a greater energy efficiency rating than an old one. They take up lesser energy to give you the same cooling or better. Ask the person coming in for your air conditioner about the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio of your AC to find out how efficient it is.

Saves Money

An AC that is energy-efficient doesn’t only use less energy. It also costs lesser money. This is pretty obvious, given that the more energy something uses the more money it costs.

Most homeowners have electricity bills that are half filled with AC and heating costs. Having an energy-efficient AC could save around 25% of the energy it usually costs to run an AC. Even if you feel like you’re spending too much to invest in an AC, the savings that you get in the long run will pay off.

Your old AC may be working fine, but in the amount of money it uses up, you could install an even bigger AC system. So why not go for one that’s giving you more for less?

If you’re considering air conditioner installation an energy-efficient AC could be one of your best investments.

It’s Better for the Environment

Did you know Americans use enough energy to surpass entire continents? With more energy use comes more damage to the environment. Temperatures are rising throughout the world. The least we can do is reduce our own contribution to the rise.

If you want to be cool in an environmentally friendly way, these ACs are the way to go. An old AC usually runs on refrigerants known as Freon. These are dangerous to the environment and have a huge carbon footprint. Buying an energy-efficient AC will help reduce the carbon footprint that you’re leaving behind for your future generations.

A new AC generally runs on newer, environmentally friendly refrigerants known as R32 and R410. When you hire an expert for professional air conditioner installation consider asking them about the type of refrigerant your AC uses.

Improves Your Indoor Air Quality

Newer AC systems make your air better quality. They keep it feeling fresher and odor-free. If you opt for a new AC, you’ll have advanced filters for the air. They’ll also keep your home feeling humid-free.

The filters also help the AC system stay free from dirt while also clearing the air that goes to you free from dirt as well. Filters prevent the system from wearing down from debris and also stop dirt and dust from entering into your house.

When getting air conditioner installation, go for an energy-efficient variant. It will do less damage to the environment outside as well.

Provides Better Temperature Control

A newer AC system has a more efficient way of controlling the temperature of your home. They have thermostats that can be set to maintain the temperature at whatever is comfortable for you.

They also have options to time their use. This way you don’t have to worry about waking up in the night to switch them off. There are also systems that help you decide which places in your home you need more cooling in.

In case there’s any place that doesn’t require as much cooling, you can program your AC accordingly. No more wasting cooling all over the house to keep one place cool!

If you get air conditioner installationdone, it might come with an app for the AC. You can then make these adjustments right from your phone.

Reduces Noise

If you have an old Ac, you’re probably familiar with the extreme amount of noise it makes. It may have even become part of the general ambiance of your home.

Newer AC units are designed to be less noisy, or even noiseless in some cases. This will definitely give you the good night’s sleeping you’ve been craving for.

Lasts Longer

The AC you’re had since the past two decades is probably working overtime to provide you the comfort you need. The amount of stress on the AC can cause other issues with your electricity as well, like voltage fluctuations and an outrageous bill.

Older AC units are bigger and require constant checkups to stay maintained. Newer air-conditioners even come with apps that help you monitor the condition of the AC and alert you if there is anything wrong.

Instead of having to constantly call someone in for AC repairs, you can call us in for air conditioner installation in the Cleveland, TN area and get a new, more energy-efficient AC.

You can call Metro Plumbing, Heating and Air of Cleveland, TN for all sorts of professional guidance and services related to your heating and air conditioning problems. We do certified air conditioner installation in the Cleveland, TN area and intend to deliver the most proficient services to our valued customers. Call us at (432) 616-1025 today.

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