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Why You Should Have an Emergency Plumber on Standby | Chattanooga, TN

Why You Should Have an Emergency Plumber on Standby Chattanooga TN
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You never know when an emergency might strike.

That is true for life and that is true for plumbing situations. It is always better to have preventive safeguards in check for a rainy day. How do you have such safeguards for plumbing emergencies for your Chattanooga, TN home?

Hire an emergency plumber in the Chattanooga, TN area. There are various situations which call for prompt and immediate repair. The costs of not doing so can land you deep in the red. Here are some of the most likely situations which will require emergency treatment.

1.  Burst Water Pipes

Everyone wonders, what is the big deal with a leaking pipe?

A burst water line is the big deal.

A water line can burst unexpectedly at any time of day without prompting. It is usually the result of problems like improper plumbing. The only way that you’ll really be able to solve these issues is by acquiring the services of a professional.

Since a burst line will cause a lot of water to gush out, you will, at the very least, face some flooding. This flooding, if not controlled in time, can cause untold damage and chaos. It can cause water damage, asset destruction, and electrical interference.

An emergency plumber will be needed to fix and stop the problem along with its effects.

2.  Blocked Drains

Clogged kitchen drains are quick to become a nightmare. You can’t use those drains and you won’t be able to use the kitchen as well as you used to. The drains are generally blocked due to trapped food particles and this causes rotting smells and odors.

If the clog has been long persisting, it can give rise to various pests and disease carriers. These can invade your house through the drain and expose pathogens to your family. Therefore, you should call an emergency plumber at the first sign of a drain clog. They will promptly clear the clog and ensure that it works perfectly again.

This is also important because clogged drains put stress and pressure on water pipes. They may cause them to sag or change shape. This might require pipe replacement which will be a considerable expense.

3.  Sewerage Issues

Sewerage concerns are the top plumbing emergency for most people.

A burst pipeline is damaging, yes, but it does not repulse you like the thought of a sewerage emergency. A clogged sewerage drain will keep water standing. This will very quickly create foul odors and smells. You will be prevented from using the bathroom until the clog is cleared.

You will have a health emergency on your hands if you are affected by a backed up sewerage line then. A backed up sewerage line will pump out noxious sewage water and raw sewage. You will need not only an emergency plumber but also a cleaning crew. Extensive deep cleaning will be required to make your bathroom completely pathogen-free.

Those are not all the emergencies which sewerage lines can cause. Your sewerage lines can also start leaking, resulting in seepage of raw sewage. That is another potentially dangerous emergency. You will never feel the need for an emergency plumber as you will during a sewage emergency.

4.  No Water

Water is a vital component of daily life. Without water, you cannot go about your daily routines. You need water for drinking, washing, cleaning, and cooking.

If you are stuck without water, then that too constitutes a plumbing emergency. You will need an emergency plumberto quickly locate the source of the blockage and ensure water starts flowing again.

The reason why you’re stuck without water may be the fact that your running water is stopped by a blockage. This is dangerous because it will mean the water will continue building and may burst your pipes and cause flooding. This blockage needs to be cleared to ensure water starts flowing again.

5.  Water Heater Problems

If your water heater is making loud noises, then you should never neglect it. If neglected, it can cause an explosion and damage a substantial part of your property. It will also cause flooding, thus, you will have to account for multiple damages.

Similarly, a water heater which is not working properly is also an emergency. Why? Try to bathe with cold water in the winter and we will ask you if it is an emergency or not. Always call your emergency plumber if you suspect anything wrong with your water heater.

6.  Frozen Pipes

It is common for water pipes to freeze in winter. Make no mistake, it might be a common occurrence but that makes it no less of an emergency.

Frozen pipes can cause a variety of problems all at once. First, they will stop the water supply and impede your daily life. Second, they will most likely burst as the water pressure continues to build up. This will cause flooding and we don’t need to repeat how damaging that can be. Call your emergency plumber in the Chattanooga, TN area if you suspect frozen pipes to prepare accordingly.


If you are looking for an emergency plumber in the Chattanooga, TN area, then contact Metro Plumbing, Heating and Air. We are experienced professionals who know the importance of fixing emergencies quickly. No matter the hour of day, we will be ready. Call us on 423-616-1025 to have a representative reach you whenever and wherever an emergency might arise.

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