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#1 Way to Heat Your Chattanooga Water More Efficiently

Yearly Hot Water Heater Maintenance Is Very Important

Most of us would never allow our vehicles to go without yearly routine maintenance. We rely on our cars and trucks to get us to and from work which is really important. There is another machine that we rely on each and everyday and without it our lives would be totally different– the water heater.

But sadly, many of us neglect it. Water heaters work hard to provide Chattanooga homeowners with hot water for many different applications. When hot water heaters fail, this is often the only time many people give them any thought. Today, we are going discuss why having your hot water heaters serviced yearly by a professional plumber just makes sense.

Build Up Can Destroy Water Heaters

Over the course of a year, calcium and other hard minerals can build up inside of the tank of a hot water heater. This can cause the heater to malfunction and even make tap water taste terrible. By having a professional plumbing service flush out the tank once a year, it will keep the water tasting great and the heater free from damage.

Servicing The Relief Valve Is Highly Important

Hot water heaters both electric and gas build pressure when they are warming up the water inside. If the pressure builds too quickly the danger of an explosion is real. To prevent injury and damage to property, a relief valve has been added. But if these valves are not properly check each year then they too may fail which can be very dangerous.

Rust and other build up can cause these safety relief valves to stick closed. When pressure rises too fast, the valve will not be able to relieve the pressure and this is very dangerous to anyone standing nearby. A professional plumbing service can check the safety valve to insure it is properly working.

Changing The Filter Will Prolong The Units Life

Some hot water heating units have filter at the bottom of the tank. These filters can become clogged which can damage the unit and make it less energy efficient.

During a yearly maintenance plan, these filters can be either cleaned or replaced in order to keep the water heater working great for many years to come in any Chattanooga home. This is a great way to save money and insure that your unit is always working when you need it.

If you haven’t had your Chattanooga, TN plumbing system checked out, there’s no better time than now to call Metro Sewer and Plumbing at (423) 855-0967!

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