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Slab Leak Prevention Tips

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The Tips for Detection and Prevention of Slab Leaks

Slab leaks can become a real problem if they are not caught early. Many homeowners have them go undetected until it is too late. Slab leaks can cost you serious money to fix if not taken care of.

What is a slab leak?

First we need to understand what a slab leak really is. The slab leaks will occur when pipes that are located under the homes concrete foundation begin to leak. Due to this, it can be very difficult to diagnose a slab leak in the early on-set stages. However, dealing with the problem of a leak once you have found it can be sometimes even harder and unfortunately a very expensive ordeal.

What are the signs that you may have a slab leak?

When you are trying to determine if you have a slab leak in your home you can use some very easy methods to spot the signs. Out of the blue your water bill will increase. If you had not changed your water usage habits then this could be a clear indicator. If the water pressure is almost non-existent this can be another clear indicator. Finally, if you see signs of water damage to the ground level floor, you may have a slab leak.

What can I do to prevent a slab leak from happening to me?

We are going to outline three very important ways that you can prevent slab leaks in your home.

-Make sure to keep a water pressure that is conducive for your pipes.

Many of us enjoy a washing ourselves with a strong shower head, or when manually washing our dishes to have a strong faucet. However, it cannot be stressed enough that if your pipes are narrow and unable to accommodate the high water pressure you will eventually have pipe corrosion. When the pipes are corroded you can have serious issues.

-The water’s PH level is possibly either too low or too high.
If you do not have the PH level correctly set you will eventually have damaged corroded pipes. This can lead to leaks.

-Exercise very extreme care when pouring chemicals into the drain pipes in your home.

Using full bottles of liquid chemicals into your pipes will usually clear clogged pipes but you must remember that these products can also have serious reactions to the overall integrity of your piping system. They can create weak pipes causing leaks.

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