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10 Most Common Times to Call an Emergency Plumber | Cleveland, TN

10 Most Common Times to Call an Emergency Plumber   Cleveland TN
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Problems with your plumbing can happen at any time of day, often at the most inconvenient times. Whether it’s the middle of the night, or you were just about to leave for work before disaster struck, there are few things worse than having to deal with burst pipes and other plumbing emergencies when you’ve got a busy schedule, or it’s late at night. Luckily for you, Metro Plumbing, Heating, and Air can provide you with a trusted, professional emergency plumber whenever you need it. Our firm is family-owned and operated, bringing our local expertise to Cleveland, TN residents 24/7.

It could be your bathroom or kitchen fittings and fixtures suddenly malfunctioning, or perhaps water has pooled under your water heater. If you’ve got a plumbing emergency, we’re here to assist you. Some of the most common disasters an emergency plumber can assist you with include the following:

  • Toilet Blockages

Blocked toilets are a widespread plumbing issue. If your toilet is making unusual noises, not flushing, or leaking, there’s likely a blockage that needs to be removed. If you don’t deal with toilet blockages as soon as possible, sewage backup can pose potential health risks. If you only have one bathroom in your Cleveland, TN home, an emergency plumber can unclog and replumb your toilet, so you’re not without this essential facility.

  • Blocked Shower Drains 

Another common bathroom plumbing situation that an emergency plumber deals with regularly involves blocked shower drains. Not only does a blocked shower drain prevent water from flowing correctly, if the water is running for a while, but it can also lead to flooding that may work its way out of your bathroom, causing damage to other aspects of your home. You may find yourself dealing with soaking carpets, floorboards warped by water damage, and it could even lead to water dripping through your ceiling and damaged electrics. Accumulated hair and soap scum are two of the most common causes of this type of blockage, and an emergency plumber can quickly fix them before the damage becomes too severe.

  • Leaky Toilet or Bathroom Faucet

A leaky toilet pipe or leaky faucet in the bathroom can be incredibly annoying for more than one reason. The constant dripping may be keeping you awake at night, and you’ve had enough. Fortunately, a plumber can quickly fix these types of situations, allowing you to return to a peaceful night’s sleep without worrying about the constant drip, potential for rust, and mold growth in your bathroom.

  • Blocked Sinks 

Emergency plumbing situations don’t just affect the bathroom of your home. They can affect the sinks in your kitchen, utility rooms, and even outdoor sinks if you have one. If the water stops draining suddenly or begins to flow very slowly, this can slow down a lot of tasks in your household. Whether you’re trying to prep a large dinner for guests, or you need running sink water to get ready for work, an emergency plumber will locate the source of the blockage and clear it as soon as possible so that you can return to your task without delay.

  • No Hot Water

Bathing in ice-cold water might seem like a pleasant idea on a hot day in Cleveland, TN, but it’s much less inviting when it’s a cold day. If your water heater has broken down, it could be due to a plumbing fault. A plumber can quickly look at the issue and determine if it’s a plumbing, electrical, or utility fault.

  • Leaking Water Heater

Hot water supply can also be interrupted by leaks. For example, if a heater valve has corroded, it can be replaced by an emergency plumber with knowledge of water heater repair. You might want to neglect simple issues like worn valves or small leaks, but in some cases, these can lead to more severe plumbing faults that are not fixable. You may need to replace a whole water heater system. Since hot water is integral to every Cleveland, TN home, you must have access to dependable emergency plumbing services capable of fixing such leaks when they arise.

  • Leaking Washing Machine or Dryers 

Washer and dryer hoses are often one of the weakest components in these appliances. If the hose attached to your appliance is cracking, bulging, or leaking, neglecting it can allow rust and mold to set in. You may find that instead of emptying water through the designated flow pipe, the water ends up flooding your kitchen or utility area. In cases like these, you’ll need an emergency plumber to fix the source of the leak.

  • Broken Water Lines

A broken water line is one plumbing emergency that you can’t often do a lot to prevent. Water-seeking plant roots can cause breakages in underground water pipes, leading to reduced water quality and water pressure. Unsupervised digging can also cause pipe breakages. If you suspect a water line is damaged, a plumber will be able to assess the damage and replace any broken pipes as necessary, as well as advise possible preventative measures to avoid similar plumbing emergencies happening in the future.

  • Burst Pipes 

One of the most severe plumbing emergencies, a burst pipe, commonly happens in winter, as the contracting and expanding of frozen water cause damage to pipes. These plumbing emergencies often require the full replacement of burst pipes. To minimize the amount of disruption that a burst pipe can cause, task a local emergency plumbing service to get started straight away.

  • Sewer Backups 

Another severe plumbing issue that an emergency plumber may regularly have to deal with is a sewer backup. Possible signs not to be ignored, including water pooling around basement drains, foul-smelling drain, drain blockages, and consistently gurgling toilets. Sewer backups can be extremely uncomfortable to deal with, as well as expensive to fix if left unattended for too long.

At Metro Plumbing, Heating, and Air, we provide fully-insured, professional plumbers capable of dealing with all of the above plumbing emergencies throughout the Cleveland, TN area.

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