5 Signs That You Should Call A Professional In AC Repair | Chattanooga, TN

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Anyone who has spent a summer in Chattanooga, TN, knows how hot and humid it can get. The daytime temperature can reach 90 degrees, and the humidity can make it feel up to 10 degrees hotter. Because the summers can be so brutal, your home’s air conditioning system is essential. The last thing you want during one of the hottest days of the year is for your air conditioner to break down completely. This will make it almost impossible to keep your house cool.

If you want to prevent a complete system breakdown, you should be able to recognize the signs that it is time to call for AC repair. If you call for a repair when the problem first arises, there is less chance of a complete system breakdown.

#1 Warm Air Is Coming From the Vents

The most obvious sign that there is an issue with your air conditioner is when there is warm air coming from the vents. Before you call for AC repair, you should take a quick look at the thermostat. If it isn’t set properly, it won’t cool the house down. You should first check to make sure that the system is set to the cooling mode. If it isn’t, the air conditioner won’t kick on. You also want to check what the thermostat is set to. If it is 75 degrees in your home and the air conditioner is set to 78 degrees, the system won’t start cooling the house until it reaches 78 degrees. You need to make sure that the thermostat is set lower than the house’s actual temperature for it to work properly.

If you checked the thermostat and everything checks out, you should call a professional in AC repair. A few different issues could be causing the problem, such as a dirty air filter or a frozen evaporator coil. It could also be something more serious like a faulty compressor. It would take the knowledge and experience of a licensed HVAC tech to diagnose the problem and make the necessary repairs.

#2 Poor Air Flow

If you want your home to reach the desired temperature, the cold air needs to flow from the vents freely. If the airflow is poor, you should contact a professional in repairs. There are a few different things that can be causing the problem. If the air ducts are clogged, it can be difficult for the air to pass through to get to the vents. The same is true if there is a leak in the air ducts. When this happens, the cold air will escape through the leak, creating poor airflow. The problem could also be something more serious like a broken blower motor or a failing compressor. Until you call for AC repair, your system will have trouble reaching the desired temperature in your home.

#3 Foul Smells Coming From the Air Conditioner

If you smell something strange when you turn on your air conditioner, you need to call for AC repair. If you turn on the system in your Chattanooga, TN home for the first time during the cooling season, it isn’t uncommon to smell dust. After a few minutes, the smell will dissipate. If you smell any other types of smells, you should call a professional in air conditioning repair.

If you smell something burning, there could be an issue with the electrical system. This can create a fire hazard, and you should call a professional in repairs immediately. The issue could also be with the insulation, which should also be repaired as soon as possible.

If you smell mold or mildew when the system is running, you should call a professional in AC repair immediately. The smell could be due to the growth of mold or mildew in the air ducts, which will affect the air quality in your home. Mold or mildew in the air can cause you and your family to develop allergies or respiratory issues. There could also be mold or mildew growing inside the system itself, which needs to be cleaned by a professional if the air quality will be healthy for your family.

#4 Strange Sounds Coming From the Air Conditioner

If your air conditioner is functioning properly, it should be relatively quiet. At most, you should hear a click when the system kicks on and off and a low-level hum when it is running. If you hear any other sounds when your air conditioner is running, you should call a professional in AC repair.

If you hear a rattling or buzzing sound coming from the indoor or outdoor units, there is likely a loose part. If the problem goes ignored, the loose part can cause more serious issues with the system, resulting in a complete breakdown. If you hear a whistling or grinding noise, it signifies a more serious problem that should be checked by a professional in air conditioning repair immediately. These issues won’t repair themselves; therefore, it is best to call a professional in AC repair immediately.

#5 Leaks

There should never be moisture or water pooling around any part of the air conditioning system in your home. If you notice moisture or pooled water, there could be a disconnected, broken, or clogged hose. It could also be something more serious, like a refrigerant leak. If this is the case, the problem would need to be repaired, and refrigerants would need to be added to keep the house cool. Because refrigerant is toxic, a leak can be very dangerous if you have small children or pets. Anytime you notice a leak around the air conditioner, you should call a professional in AC repair. If you are experiencing any issues with the air conditioning system in your home, schedule an appointment with Metro Plumbing, Heating, and Air. We are a family-owned and operated company that has been serving customers in the area since 1989. Since then, we have offered quality plumbing, heating, and air conditioning services at reasonable prices. We also offer emergency service and can handle any issue you have at any time of the day or night.

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