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Popular Signs It Is Time For Septic Tank Repair | Cleveland, TN

Popular Signs It Is Time For Septic Tank Repair   Cleveland TN
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No one wants to call a plumber, but septic tank repair is possibly one of the worst emergencies that most homeowners want to deal with. Where there are septic tank issues there are often sewer wastes, backups, and bad odors. Therefore, septic tank repair in Cleveland, TN is not something that you want to put off because all of the above-mentioned symptoms will just get worse.

While routine maintenance can help you avoid some septic tank repair, unforeseen situations can pop up without any warning. Not sure if your septic tank needs to be looked at or not? There are a few signs that signal it is time for a repair. If you see (or smell) any of these signs you need to call a local Cleveland, TN plumber right away. The sooner you act the higher the chance that repair is still possible. If you wait too long, you may need to look at a replacement which will cost quite a bit more.

Foul Smells

Unless someone has a dirty diaper, your home should not smell like a septic tank. If you are catching faint whiffs of sewer smell in your home it is time to seriously look into septic tank repair in Cleveland, TN. Usually, you will notice the smell first on the lower floors of your home. However, if you don’t take care of it you will either start to smell foul odors coming out of drains on the second floor or have to deal with a clog.

Foul odors usually occur when a partial clog is building up in a pipe, your septic tank is in need of repair or is close to full, or because of excessive bacteria backup. Depending on the problem, you will either need septic tank repair, a plumber or have your septic tank drained.

A lot of time the foul odors you smell in your home result from sludge that is building up in the septic tank. It will simply continue to fill and smell if you don’t do something about it. It is possibly a sign that your septic tank is not properly balanced as well. Keep in mind that your home is not the only place where foul smells will occur. A lot of customers report noticing the foul smell of sewage in their yards as well. The bottom line is you should never have to smell sewer while sitting in your home if your septic tank is functioning properly.

Drains Are Starting to Empty Slowly

When your septic tank is working properly your drains should be working properly as well. There should be no issue with water flowing out your pipes into the septic tank. However, if something is wrong with your septic tank you may notice that your drains are starting to empty slower than usual.

Before worrying about septic tank repair, you need to figure out whether or not the problem is localized to one region in the home. If only the drains in one area of the home, such as the second-floor bathroom drains, are having issues draining slowly then you know the problem is localized. In this case, there is likely a problem with the drain that connects to the bathroom.

However, if you notice that your first-floor drains and second-floor drains are experiencing issues this is a big indication that something is wrong with your septic tank. You might have a clog in your main sewer line or your septic tank may be faulty. Either way, you need to call someone out to your property to tackle septic tank repair before your drains stop functioning altogether.

Keep in mind also that usually, you will notice slow draining floors that step from a septic tank issue on the first floor since it is closest to the mainline. The second floor will soon follow suit unless you schedule a repair.

Sewage Backups

If there is something wrong with your septic tank and you don’t notice preliminary signs, you will definitely notice when black sludge starts to seep back up your drains, toilets, and sinks. The black sludge is sewage coming out of your tank and into your home. Not only can it stain your fixtures, but it stinks and is literally sewage.

This is the last thing that anyone wants to deal with, but it will happen if you neglect your septic tank for too long. Most of the time if black sludge is coming up your drains it is a sign that your septic tank is overflowing and needs to be drained. Sometimes, however, it can also indicate that it is time for emergency septic tank repair.

If you have a regular draining schedule that has worked for years, and the backup occurs randomly in-between your cleaning timetable it is more likely that you will need septic tank repair. Usually, a septic tank will not suddenly fill up quickly unless you added more houseguests to your home on a permanent basis therefore changing your sewage news. If there is no reasonable explanation for how your tank could have filled before its time, then you need to call a plumber for a repair in Cleveland, TN.

Pooling Water in the Yard

Homeowners with a septic tank never want to find puddles of water pooling in their yard, especially if it hasn’t rained much lately. If you start to see patches of wet grass there is a good chance that your septic tank is leaking or is overflowing. Water has to go somewhere, and it will be pulled upwards by the soil if it’s draining from your septic tank.

Puddles also indicate that the drain field pipes may have clogs in them preventing water from properly making it to your septic tank. The location of the puddles usually indicates whether the issue is with your drain field or with the septic tank directly. Either way, you will need to call a professional septic professional for septic tank repair if you notice water pooling.

The best-case situation is that your septic tank needs to be drained. The worst-case scenario is that your septic tank is damaged and you need to have it completely replaced. You should get a professional out as soon as possible to find out what the situation is so you can take proper action.

Grass Dying Near the Drain Field

On the other hand, you may notice dried out grass in place of pooled water. This is also an indication that you need septic tank repair now. In general, the grass over top of a septic tank is considered to be a good judge of how well the septic tank is performing. If the grass is green and healthy then everything is probably operating correctly. However, dying grass indicates that water is probably leaking down to the drain field which is a problem that requires immediate assistance. Don’t take dead grass lightly, especially if it is an isolated patch that is located near your septic tank. The sooner you act the better.

Constant Toilet Issues

Are you having constant issues with your toilet and despite your best efforts cannot figure out why? Believe it or not, if you are having issues flushing your toilet it may not actually be the toilet’s fault. It might actually be an indication that you need septic tank repair in Cleveland, TN. It is not unusual to have an issue with a toilet flushing improperly, but if you can’t get your toilet to flush or if it continues to flush very slowly this may indicate that the septic tank is full or has a clog.

Odd Noises from Drains and Sewage Pipes

You should never hear any sound coming out of your plumbing. Outside of the gentle rush of water rushing down the pipes plumbing noises should be practically nonexistent. So if you are hearing a bubbling or gurgling noise then you probably have some type of plumbing issue. If you only notice the noises when water is running or after flushing the toilet there is a good chance that something is wrong with your septic system. You may be able to get away with ignoring it for a little bit, but if you ignore it too long you will pay dearly for it.

It is always easier to clean out a partial clog or empty a full septic tank compared to dealing with a full obstruction and lack of running water. If you have a full clog in your septic line or your septic tank overflows, you will have no access to water until a septic tank repair technician can get out to your home. This can take hours or sometimes a few days depending on where you live. With COVID response times can also be slow sometimes, and this is not a situation you want to find yourself in.

Luckily, it is easily avoidable by just contacting someone to help with septic tank repair the minute you start noticing odd sounds coming out of your drains. In short, if your drains or pipes are talking to you- make sure you listen.

How Much Does Septic Tank Repair Cost?

Now that you know the signs that indicate you need a repair, your next question is likely how much will it cost. The answer is honestly “it depends.” How much septic tank repair costs depends on what is wrong with your septic tank and how much labor will be involved in fixing it. Discovering a clog that can be broken up with a snake is a much different situation than discovering a crack in the side of a septic tank that is leaking into a client’s front yard.

Any reputable plumber in Cleveland, TN should be willing to come out and inspect your septic tank before giving you a full estimate. The cost should not stop you from calling and requesting a repair. Most of the time waiting to deal with a problem results in massive damages that then force you to replace your entire drain field and septic tank.

Septic tank excavation and installation is not a cheap process, so you should do everything you can to extend the lifespan of the septic system that is already installed at your Cleveland, TN home. This includes calling for septic tank repair at the first sign of trouble.

As mentioned in the introduction, this also includes remembering to book an annual septic tank inspection. Checking your tank and drain field once a year is a great way to ensure that your system is running smoothly and that any little problems can be addressed before they become major issues. It also will help you better estimate when your septic tank will need to be emptied. If you are a new homeowner or have a fairly new septic tank, keeping your eye on the sewage level within your tank while you are still assimilating to your sewage needs can be very helpful.

Should I Repair or Replace My Septic Tank?

Septic tank repair will always be the most cost-effective route, but it may not make sense if you have an old septic tank. While most consumers prefer to repair their septic tanks, if you have an old system that is going to need to be replaced within the next year or two, it may not make much sense to sink any more money into it. The extent of the repair should also play a large factor in your eventual decision.

The best way to make your final call is by seeking advice from a trusted source. Metro Plumbing, Heating, and Air of Cleveland, TN has worked with local homeowners for years. We can help with septic tank repair, routine servicing, and answer any questions you may have about your existing septic tank and drain field. Give us a call today if you have any questions or are worried about the overall condition of your system.

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