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A Scent of Home

Every home has its own scent, whether you can smell it or not.  Recall the last few times you’ve visited a distant relative.  It’s likely that their home has a specific scent you’re familiar with.  That’s true for every house and, the longer we spend in a building, the more likely we are to stop noticing that scent.  But visitors will always recognize the smell of your home, good or bad.  So it’s time to improve that scent and build a signature smell for your house.

The Dangers of Phthalates

First, avoid using scented air fresheners.  Sprayed air fresheners, candles, and electric oils are all chemically based.  Unfortunately, they need a way to distribute through the air quickly.  Accelerants are used to help distribution as wax melts, oil heats, and sprays diffuse.  These accelerants are phthalates and they’re toxic to your health in sufficient quantities.  These chemicals build up in the body over time, and since you can’t completely prevent your exposure to them (they are pretty much everywhere), it’s best to remove them where you can.

How to Get a Clean Sweet-Smelling Home

First, clean up anything that causes the odor in the first place.  Wash musty clothes and linens, replace air filters, clean out garbage, and clear out your sink drains.  If you have pets, children, or both, regular vacuuming and cleaning of furniture and curtains is essential to removing musty odors from upholstery.

If you do need to use a deodorizer, find one that doesn’t use phthalates to speed up distribution.  Activated charcoal deodorizers are extremely effective, if a little on the pricey side.  For a cheaper alternative with a little more effort, spritz a rag with vinegar and wave it throughout your home.  You may look a little silly at the time, but it will help.

Add a Safe Scent to Your Home

Now that the foul smells are gone, you can set to work establishing the kind of dreamy, easily-remembered scent that you want for your home.  You don’t need candles, electric diffusers, or aerosols either.

Oil and Air Filters:  Take your favorite essential oil and dab a little of it onto the air filter for your central cooling system.  Don’t use too much or you’ll overpower your home and could damage your air filter as well.  Just a few drops will be enough to spread the scent throughout the home.

Simmer Scents: Cooking fills your home with the smell of whatever you’re making.  Take advantage of that by placing sliced fruits, cinnamon, or a few of your favorite smelling oils in a pan of water and letting it simmer on the stove.  Be sure to keep an eye on it while the stove is on and refill the water.  As long as the water is heating, the scents contained within will fill the kitchen and surrounding rooms.

Bake Cookies: Just as they say to do when you have people coming to evaluate your home for purchase, bake cookies or make something that smells good and the scent will fill your home.  It takes a little more effort, but the rewards are well worth it.

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