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AC Repair: Common Causes of AC Compressor Problems in Homes | Chattanooga, TN

AC Repair Common Causes of AC Compressor Problems in Homes   Chattanooga TN
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The compressor is a vital component of the air conditioning system. It’s a part of the outdoor unit of the cooling system, and its role is to compress the refrigerant fluid as it carries heat away from your home. It heats the refrigerant and converts it to liquid from its gaseous form. It may seem implausible since more heat is added. However, it is important since the refrigerant has to have a higher temperature than the outdoor environment. This acknowledges the simple Physics fact that heat always transfers from warmer areas to cooler ones.

For that reason, the compressor should remain in tip-top condition to perform its role and promote the efficiency of the AC unit. Prompt and regular AC repair services are necessary since they encompass wholesome repair of individual parts such as the compressor. For the unit to adequately serve all your heating and cooling needs, it’s advisable to schedule a date with a reliable AC repair company for regular maintenance. The compressor is also made of individual parts which need repair and maintenance. Air conditioning repair professionals in Chattanooga, TN, have identified some common defects in AC compressors that include:

Electrical Wiring Defects

Like any other components powered by electricity, ACs can also have power supply defects, and if unfixed swiftly by AC repair experts, some components, including compressors can become faulty.

Some wires might have been cut or loosened and require replacement or reconnection to power sources. Additionally, blown fuses or tripped circuits that result from overheating or oversupply of electric charge to the cooling unit could be the source of wiring defects. Wires might contain an electric charge which might electrocute you when trying to fix the mess yourself.

It’s advisable to look for a qualified and certified AC repair technician to handle the job since apart from facing AC inconveniences, you wouldn’t want to get health problems arising from electrocution. Bare wires around the air conditioner could also cause short-circuiting which in turn spells doom for the compressor. The bare wires may also trigger a fire, a dangerous hazard to your investment.

Inconsistent Refrigerant Levels

When your AC system has cracks and holes, it will result in leaks of the refrigerant. The lower it goes, the harder the compressor works to pump the refrigerant across the system. This strain eventually leads the compressor to break down or wear out faster. The defect can leave you in extreme heat and sweltering conditions while relaxing indoors. The leakage issues are often linked to poor installation.

In a similar train of thought, too much refrigerant levels are also a danger to the compressor. Similarly, the wrong type of refrigerant can also damage your compressor.

A qualified air conditioning repair professional will ensure that the refrigerant levels are consistent and enough to make the AC system run smoothly, preventing components such as compressors from getting damaged. Besides, these leaks are also dangerous to your family as well as your pet’s well-being due to the risk of refrigerant poisoning. Whenever you feel your home isn’t cooled enough, you can always visit a reliable AC services company to get help.

Contaminants in the System

Dirt, grime, mineral deposits, and debris may accumulate in the condenser coil over a long time. If these materials build up over time, they may block drain lines, making the compressor defective since it cant compress the air required to cool your house. The AC system has an outdoor unit, susceptible to debris accumulating in some components, compromising its efficiency.

Moisture will also cause rusting that might contaminate the refrigerant and endanger the compressor’s condition. Homeowners living in Chattanooga, TN, should seek the services of reliable AC repair technicians to inspect the whole system and eliminate the debris before it destroys the compressor.

Blocked Drain Lines

After working for some time, your air conditioner can develop cracks and holes. They hinder the flow of refrigerants in the system, putting pressure on the system to work harder and longer. Consequently, the ultimate usage life of individual components goes down, prompting you to peep into your pockets to cover unexpected replacement expenses.

Low cooling capacity of AC systems and higher energy consumption could be a sign of blocked drains. Additionally, the efficiency of the air conditioning system is highly compromised when the lines are tasked with expelling the moisture from the air conditioner.

Homeowners should seek the services of air conditioning repair technicians for assistance with blocked drain lines. They will identify the lines that are blocked and replace or unblock them, relieving the stress on the compressor.

Inadequate Lubricant

While the compressor is the heart of your Air conditioner, the lubricant is its blood. Inadequate liquid levels lead to various air conditioner issues such as air compressor failure. Insufficient lubricant levels translate to strenuous efforts by the compressor to compress the air that is pumped into it. This strain can lead to an eventual breakdown or insignificant wear and tear. Sometimes, this wear and tear are irreparable, and the whole unit needs replacement.

What you need to do is find a qualified AC repair technician who will help you calibrate the correct amount of lubricant needed for your air conditioner. They will also recommend the correct type of lubricant to apply to your specific air conditioner, following the manufacturer’s guidelines. Additionally, they can also check the condition of the pump and ensure it’s working properly.

Vibrations From the Outside

Sometimes your air conditioner can struggle to turn on, and it takes a ‘hard start.’ A hard start can cause the compressor to shake every time you turn it on. For that reason, the unit can eventually break down if the ‘hard start’ issue isn’t checked in time.

Hard start problems can also lead to compressor failures, leaving your home hot and sometimes inhabitable. Notifying AC repair experts once you notice this condition could be the first step of saving your AC’s compressor from complete malfunction and ensuring your cooling unit’s lifespan goes beyond the standard 15 to 20 years.

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