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A house’s drainage system is one of its most important parts. Modern life as we understand it is impossible without modern plumbing. Drains are responsible for eliminating household waste and carrying it to sewerage lines.

The importance of a well-working drainage and plumbing system can’t be understated. You will very quicklyrealize and appreciate your drainage system once it fails to work. That is why it is necessary to have regular drain cleaning service in the Cleveland, TN area. Unlike our bodies, we can’t feed fiber to drains to unblock them. They need a professional hand to clear any problems and clogs.

There are many problems that can occur in your drains. It is imperative that you have a drain cleaning service at least once every year.

1.  Blocks and Clogs in Drains

Our drains carry a large amount of waste, water and refuse through them. Solids and debris can build up over time due to grease and fat accumulation. Grease can congeal and form a plug. This plug catches food particles, hair, and other small objects. This plug can become a big ball over time which chokes the drain.

A big plug will prevent water from draining into the sewerage lines. With nowhere to go, the water will back up into your kitchen and toilets. Standing wastewater is one situation you don’t want. Drain cleaning service can solve this issue before it becomes too big a headache.

2.  Infestations of Pests and Organisms

Drains are perfect homes for pests like drain flies, centipedes, cockroaches, and rats. They are the ideal conditions for these animals to breed and proliferate. They also get convenient access to your homes through drains.

Drain pipes provide space and food to pests. This encourages big numbers to settle in and start breeding. The filthy conditions of drains make pests vile carriers of disease and contamination. You will have an emergency on your hands if these organisms find their way to your house. Dangerous bacteria and pathogens can infect your home through these carriers.

Some pests like drain flylarva and eggs are resistant to water and even hot water. Only the strongest pesticides can kill them. Regular drain cleaning service will ensure clean and free drains.

3.  Mold and Fungal Growths

Mold spores are best suited to warm, damp, dark, and wet places. They attach and grow readily in such places and surfaces. Guess what else fits all those characteristics?

Drains are excellent grounds for mold to grow and prosper. Unlike other places, drains also provide consumable material for the mold. Mold takes very well to bioorganic waste. This combination can soon become very dangerous.

Mold causes a lot of problems and is dangerous for health. Regular drain cleaning service is essential to controlling mold. Regular cleaning prevents spores from growing too much and spreading into your home.

4.  Problems in Plumbing

House plumbing is built for lifelong use. It is very rare that the replacement of a house’s internal plumbing is required. However,blocked drains can exert undue stress and pressure on your plumbing. This pressure can reduce the life and durability of your pipes.

That increased pressure expands the pipes. This expansion can cause leaks and problems in pipe integrity. Rusting can also occur due to pipes becoming more brittle. Regular drain cleaning service can ensure pipes are well working.

There are also many benefits of cleaning drain regularly. Here are some of the many benefits of routine maintenance of plumbing systems:

1.  Eliminating Bad Smells and Odors

Odors and bad smells are among the first signs of clogged drains. These smells originate from decomposing food particles. The rotting food produces noxious gases that can float up out of your drains.

These smells can be vomit-inducing so you should hasten to fix them. A plumber can ensure no gases come out of your drains.

2.  Safety and Security

A drain cleaning service will bring safety and security to your house. The internal workings of your house will be keptclean and optimal.

Clear and clean drains will ensure no leaks or bursts. A sewage pipe leak can be a horrible experience. Treating a sewage leak is also expensive and requires more than plumbing repairs. It is no situation to understate since at the worst you may be forcedto evacuate your home. You should never stay in the presence of raw sewage.

3.  Your Family’s Health

Strong flowing drains ultimately mean your family’s health isn’t compromised. Your family won’t have any problems in using any toilet. You should never try to hold in when you have to go to the bathroom. Constipation and many other problems can occur from lack of access to toilets.

Disease and illness will also be avoidedsince clean drains don’t present risks. Blocked drains can open your house to many negative and harmful elements.

A well working waste disposal system is essential to your family’s health

4.  A Good Environment

Fast working drains mean fast waste disposal. A trip to the toilet can be short and succinct. Quick drainage ensures any odors aren’t allowed to linger. A more pleasant environment is achieved for your bathrooms. Imagine bathing in an odorous bathroom?

Blocked drains can also be a massive source of embarrassment if guests are over. Always have drain cleaning service in the Cleveland, TN area if guests or relatives are due.


Drain cleaning service in the Cleveland, TN area should only be done by trusted professionals. Drain cleaning is one area you should not try to save money on.

Contact Metro Plumbing, Heating and Air at 423-616-1025 to get in touch with us. We perform many plumbing related maintenance tasks including deep and thorough drain cleaning. We will ensure your drains are fast-flowing and smooth working. Our work is our professional guarantee.

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