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Indications That You Need Septic Tank Pumping ASAP | Cleveland, TN

Indications That You Need Septic Tank Pumping ASAP   Cleveland TN
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Owning your own property brings with it a plethora of emotions like joy, anxiousness, excitement, getting overwhelmed, etc. Nonetheless, what a lot of people not necessarily talk about is that it can be just as challenging, demanding, nerve-wracking and time-consuming to keep that same house well maintained and in an orderly form. And when you finally do start getting things right, there will still be a lot to learn, some from experience, some from mistakes, and some from hefty plumbing bills. Almost every house owner will agree with us when we say that leaving maintenance work until the last minute backfires really bad and often has serious repercussions.

One of the most common and often complained about maintenance aspect of owning your own house is that many people usually have a tough time with is Septic Tank Pumping in the Cleveland, TN area. A lot of homeowners and tenants do not realize that septic tanks need regular pumping, and cleaning and neglecting it for prolonged periods may end up in serious consequences. To help you identify that you need Septic Tank Pumping here are some common warning signs that will help you realize that your septic tank is full.

·  It Has Been Long Since You Last Pumped the Tank

A very common and easy to comprehend warning indicator of a full or overflowing septic tank is when you realize that it has been quite a while since you last got it pumped. Many homeowners are unaware that septic tanks need to be pumped on a regular basis to avoid overflowing, backflow, leakages, and other associated problems.  As soon as you realize that it has been a long time since you got your tank pumped out and cleaned, get a professional to pump your septic tank immediately to avoid any further complications.

According to experts, a septic tank needs to be pumped at least every 3 years on average. It is, of course, much better if you get yours pumped annually since it will save you both time as well as money and save you the hassle of dealing with last-minute, frenzied tank pumping sessions.

·  It Is Taking Longer to Flush Than It Normally Does

The next obvious warning sign of a full or clogged septic tank is that your tank is draining slower than it normally does. Prolonged draining periods indicate that there is not enough room for this water in the septic tank, which is why you need to get it pumped immediately before it starts back flowing.

If you feel that your septic tank is either taking much longer to drain or flush, we would advise that you get septic tank pumping done right away.

This will speed up the draining process in your house, including in the toilets, sinks, showers drains, and even washing machines while also saving you from hefty bills and pipe damages.

·  It Is Giving Off Bad Odors

The next warning sign on our list, which can help you identify that your septic tank is full is the bad odors it gives off. A septic tank that is clogged, full, or overflowing will release a pungent smell from all the gases that form from the accumulated decaying organic matter in the tank. These odors do not necessarily come just from the septic tank itself but may also emanate from drains, sinks, toilets, and showers in the entire house. As soon as you notice a terrible stench – sulfurous sewage like odors in your home, have a professional inspect your tank.

·  Stagnant Water

Another popular sign that you need septic tank pumping is stagnant water around your property. As soon as a septic tank gets full, water starts pooling around it and around places where the tank’s pipes run through, including the drain field. Whenever you find standing water on your property, get your tank inspected and pumped immediately. These water pools can also emerge after heavy rains around the tank area. This might occur because once the tank reaches its capacity, the solid waste in it can cause the pipes and ground to get clogged up, leading to water pools or water overflow from the tank itself.

It is also important that you keep a lookout for such water pools as they can cause the pipes to clog with the excess water causing the water to form pools. This is not only unhealthy but also very unsafe since it poses a number of different hazards and health risks.

·  Flourishing Lawn and Particularly Healthy Grass Around the Septic Tank

If you observe that your garden has been very green and lush lately or that the grass around your septic tanks has been particularly healthier and greener recently, its time you get attentive. If your septic tank is not full or choked, the grass and plants near it should appear the same as the plants in the rest of your garden and property. However, a clogged septic tank will act as a natural fertilizer for the grass and plants around it and leak the sewage water into the soil, providing them with all the necessary nutrients, causing them to grow better. This is why healthier grass around the tank is an immediate indicator of a full tank, indicating that septic tank pumping is needed immediately.

·  Sewage Backup

Another well known and very common indicator of septic tank pumping is sewage backup. Homeowners who tend to neglect their septic tanks and avoid regular pumping or maintenance schedules often witness this warning indicator. You can think of it as the last nail in the coffin. When your septic tanks are full or choked to the brim, there comes a point where they start overflowing, and, in most cases, pumping sewage back up with the water. The minute you see water backing up in your drains, toilets, or sinks, the best measure is to call for professional assistance immediately and avoid the area until they arrive to prevent further health hazards and risks.

·  High Nitrate Content in Well Water

High nitrate content in water supplies is a warning indication particularly applicable to homeownerslooking for septic tank pumping. Most residents in the Cleveland, TN area, depend on ground wells for their water supply, and since their source of water is a natural reservoir, they need to get their wells inspected at least once every year in order to ensure that their water supply is safe and healthy for consumption.

Chemicals can easily seep into natural water bodies, contaminating and intoxicating them. Therefore, have your water sources regularly inspected and keep an eye on the nitrate levels of your water source. If you notice a high nitrate content in your water, it is time to get septic tank pumping.

Elevated nitrate levels in water wells and other natural water reservoirs are a serious warning indicator of full septic tanks brimming and leaching chemicals and sewage water into the wells and eventually in the water you are consuming. Not only is this extremely hazardous to you and your family’s health and wellbeing but also very dangerous for your property.

·  Gurgling Drains

Drains and sewage pipes and lines can often get clogged, blocked, and choked causing backflows and strange gurgling sounds. These problems are very commonly associated with other drainage problems as well, such as leakages, slow draining, etc. If you hear the water gurgle as it drains, or observe the water either back flowing or draining slowly, it’s a clear indication that your septic tank is full and choking up.

It is very important that once you observe these indications, you immediately seek professional help to look for professionals that deal in septic tank pumping in the Cleveland, TN area, to get rid of the sounds and speed up your draining process.


These are all the common signs and indicators that septic tanks usually display when they are full. If you have noticed one or more such signs, immediately opt for septic tank pumping in the Cleveland, TN area. After you have noticed any of these signs, speak to Metro Plumbing, Heating and Air immediately by calling at (423) 616-1025. Their 24/7 helpline will assist you and get someone to look into your case immediately.

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