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Why to Buy a Central AC System? | Air Conditioning Service in Cleveland, TN

Why to Buy a Central AC System Air Conditioning Service in Dalton GA

Improving the quality of life in our homes is a right and a duty that we have towards ourselves and our family members. Today, advancements in technology have introduced us to innovations that make life much easier, fun and efficient. Among one of those main things, we have air conditioners.

The common option for homes is window or split AC, but you can pick a central air conditioning system if you have a house big enough. A professional air conditioning service in Cleveland, TN can help you install the whole system.

In too many houses, it is commonly seen that there are several compressors both on the roof and hanging on the sides of the walls. A single house is occupied up to 5 air conditioners of at least 8000 BTU.

This practice of installing many AC units has become quite ‘normal’. But with an economic, practical and ecological viewpoint, it is simply not appreciative and beneficial. So many air conditioning units in a home are nothing more than waste of money, space and a sign of unnecessary consumerism. Air conditioning service in Cleveland, TN can offer you better alternatives in this regard.

In this article, we will explore a truly intelligent solution and with which you will be more than satisfied in your home for its efficiency i.e. the central air conditioning system.

What exactly is a central air conditioning system?

A central air conditioning is a system which employs single air conditioning unit to distribute cold air (or hot air if you wish) through the concealed ducts. The ducts are hidden in the ceiling and/or walls of the house. A professional air conditioning service in Cleveland, TN will do the job without disturbing the aesthetics of your interiors.

There are many advantages that can be discerned at first glance in this type of system. Let’s see what the main advantages of a central air conditioning system are.

Advantages of a Central Air Conditioner


If you are into designing the interiors perfectly, you can’t ignore this advantage, as it complements the interior and exterior aesthetics of your house.

As we already mentioned, it has become ‘normal’ to see many compressors on the roofs of houses and hanging on the walls. Of course, that is the correct way to install them, but when three can units are seen instead of one, the impact on the eye is unpleasant.

A single compressor, isolated at some point on the outside of the house, greatly minimizes this visual shock. Moreover, it allows you to play with the opportunities in terms of decoration and aesthetics on the outside.

Similarly, when you have many units inside the house, they ultimately limit space to adjust certain furniture in specific places. With a central air conditioning system, you can place your furniture and decorative accessories easily, since you have a totally open space. A professional air conditioning service in Cleveland, TN will ensure the installation to be concealed properly.


When you calculate the total consumption of 3 or 5 ACs on your monthly power bill, especially in the hot months, it just makes you want to quit the idea of having ACs. We are not exaggerating, as it is usually the response of people when we show them this reality. They are simply shocked to see the cost.

The total consumption of many ACs is higher due to the number of machines that cause huge stress on the electric voltage lines.

Many families today tend to have more than one television and audio visual devices. Since every member of the family has their own hobbies and tastes, it is logical that they want to enjoy their favorite program in the comfort of their privacy.

When it comes to air conditioning, everyone will agree that ‘it’s hot’ or ‘it’s cold’, though the difference in temperature in terms of tastes can be of certain degrees. For example, Dad may like to keep the AC at 19°C while Mom may prefer to have it at 22°C.

The temperature issue could be adjusted, so that everyone is comfortable through a single conditioned air, which in the long term will save energy and money. Always, hire an air conditioning service in Cleveland, TN for the installation of central air conditioning system.

Tips to buy the Best Central Air Conditioning System

Well, it’s not about choosing a particular brand, though the reputation of the companies speaks for itself. You might already have in mind a particular brand, but the really important things you should take into account are:

  • Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER)
  • Quality of the ducts that will distribute the air

These are the main concerns that you should know and master when going out in search of the best central air conditioning system.


Switch for the fan and its automatic delay, light to check the filter, etc. are all important aspects. But they take a back seat when it comes to choosing the best central air conditioning system against EER. EER coefficient should be a value greater than 12 according to the area to be facilitated, that is your home. Consult with a professional air conditioning service in Cleveland, TN that can help you determine the best EER value for your home.

The Ducts

When it comes to choosing material of the ducts, you will find that there are many options on the market. Depending on the place and the temperature, they can vary enormously. Consult your air conditioning service in Cleveland, TN to determine the type of material you should go for.

Since metal is a thermal conductor, you must ensure that all the ducts to be used, including the flexible ones, are properly isolated when necessary.

The ducts can be divided into three main groups:

  • Metal
  • Glass wool
  • Flexible conduits

You must ensure that the ducts comply with the industry standards. Our recommendation is that you invest in acoustic insulation, so that you do not have to sleep in your home listening to the murmur of the ducts when they vibrate. It may be a little uncomfortable at first, but you will end up getting used to it in the long run.

The most important thing is to have a good positioning of the full distribution of the ducts. It is convenient to know exactly where the distribution ducts will pass in order to place the full distribution point at the best strategic points. A professional air conditioning service in Cleveland, TN will take care of these concerns without missing out any details.

For installation and repair of your central air conditioning system, hire a professional air conditioning service in Cleveland, TN, which is none other than Metro Plumbing, Heating and Air.

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