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Tips to Deal with a Leaky Pipe | Plumbing Repair in Chattanooga, TN

Tips to Deal with a Leaky Pipe Plumbing Repair in Chattanooga TN

In the majority of households, there are three basic services provided by the state, i.e., water, gas and electricity. Knowing the operation and distribution of them within our home is a duty we have as owners for the following reasons:

  • The first is that it is always good to be able to deal with the repairs of our home ourselves before letting a service for plumbing repair in Chattanooga, TN deal with the issue.
  • Secondly, it is always good to know what adjustments and repairs needed to be applied and how they should be applied. This way you can avoid paying overcharges to the professional service for plumbing repair in Chattanooga, TN that would come to your house to make a repair.

In this article, we will show you how to repair leaky pipes. A leaky pipe in the house is a serious problem that can compromise the infrastructure of your home and even of your neighbor’s if you live in an apartment building. If you face severe issue of leaky pipes, always hire an expert service for plumbing repair in Chattanooga, TN.

The most common plumbing materials found in family houses are PVC, steel cast iron and copper. Usually the copper and PVC pipes can be repaired by you, regardless of the size of the leak. In addition, most hardware stores will have what you need to get the job done. Be warned: if the issue is bigger, prefer calling a service for plumbing repair in Chattanooga, TN.

And it is for this reason that you must have knowledge of what should be done to this type of problem, but above all, how it should be done. Anyone can dress as a professional plumber, however, the plumbing trade also requires solid knowledge at the level of electricity, use of tools and instruments and masonry. These traits are always present in a proficient service for plumbing repair in Chattanooga, TN.

Depending on the kind of pipe, you will need to use a certain type of tools and setting. Another very important thing to consider is the place where the pipeline is; the more difficult it is to reach or access the pipe; the more difficult it will be to repair.

If the pipe is made of PVC, steel, lead, or wrought iron, it may require the intervention of a qualified service for plumbing repair in Chattanooga, TN. A professional service will be equipped with the necessary tools. In any case, the information that we will give you here will also be of great help in those cases. So, let’s look at each of these possible scenarios.

PVC Pipes

PVC stands for Polyvinyl Chloride, a plastic that is formed from the polymerization of chloroethylene monomer. Its components are derived from sodium chloride and natural gas or petroleum, and include hydrogen, chlorine and carbon.

Its most interesting feature is that it is thermoplastic. When it is subjected to heat, it becomes soft and extremely malleable. When it is cooled, it recovers the previous solidity without losing the new shape it has obtained.

That’s why repairing of leaks in PVC pipes can easily be carried out at home using the thermodynamic fusion method without the need for very complex tools or instruments. You may need a specialized service for plumbing repair in Chattanooga, TN if you are not into DIY.

Suppose for a moment that under the sink, a leak is generated due to a perforation in the pipe; it can also be that in the bathroom when drilling a wall, this type of leak can occur. In these cases, one of the options is thermodynamic fusion.

To do it without a service for plumbing repair in Chattanooga, TN, the process is as follows:

  • Break the wall at the leak spot as little as possible to discover the precise leakage area. If it was because of drilling, you would already have half the work done.
  • When you can see the hole in the pipe, open the hole a little more. The point is to have a circular shape no larger than 8 mm.
  • Using a directed flame lighter or a thermofusor, heat a PVC repair plug. It is simply a small cylindrical piece of PVC, which you can make yourself using an extra piece of PVC pipe.
  • Cut the PVC in the shape of 10mm circle. It is important that when heating the PVC plug, it does not wrap in a flame.
  • Once the plug is in semi-solid state, you can use it to cover the hole, and proceed to heat the hole.
  • Now insert the plug. Not only will it cover the hole but, since the plug will be larger than the hole by 2 mm, the flexible PVC will fuse as internal and external seal of the hole.
  • The best way to hold the plug to heat is using a screw that serves as a support pillar. This way you will not burn it and will be able to insert the PVC repair plug easily and properly.

In other scenarios like a crack, fissure or a big hole, it is advisable that you call a proficient service for plumbing repair in Chattanooga, TN.

Leaks in Copper or Iron Pipes

In case of dealing with a copper or iron pipe, rapid coupling needs to be employed; however, thermodynamic fusion can also be used in these cases. The work of this type requires, of course, the correct tools to heat the metal.

The repair process is a combination of:

  • Locate
  • Cut
  • Sand
  • Heat
  • Integrate the coupling

Remember: There are other methods to repair too such as epoxy putty and special tape.

If you need to call a specialist service for plumbing repair in Chattanooga, TN, simply consider hiring Metro Plumbing.  They are the best plumbers in town, equipped with the latest tools and technologies. They use advanced machines to detect the leaks behind the walls and ceilings. This way they don’t cause unnecessary damages to your walls or ceiling.

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