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Common Drain System Problems A Drain Cleaning Service Provider Can Fix | Chattanooga, TN

Common Drain System Problems A Drain Cleaning Service Provider Can Fix   Chattanooga TN
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Your drainage system is composed of many different components. Routine cleaning is necessary to keep a healthy environment, to save money, and prevent disasters. Local drain cleaning service provider, Metro Plumbing Heating and Air in Chattanooga, TN, is up to the task.

Your plumbing and drainage systems are important to the vitality of your household; If you were to forgo regular drain cleaning service you may notice a combination of any of the following issues.


The most common problem stemming from neglected drainage systems is a blockage. Many variables could cause obstructions in your pipelines. One of the most common reasons blockage occurs is due to hair and oils creating obstructions in the drain lines. Contact your local drain cleaning service company to prevent the obstructions from developing.

Unfortunately, all sorts of drains become blocked and DIY methods won’t keep the overflows away for too long. Clogged drains can become costly problems without proper maintenance.

Toilets tend to acquire blockage as well. If your toilet bowl isn’t sufficiently flushing and or filling up with water it’s a sign that it may be due to a blockage in your sewage lines. You should contact a plumbing company if this occurs.

Drain cleaning service providers can handle just about any plumbing cleaning service needs. The certified professionals at Metro Plumbing Heating and Air have experience dealing with seemingly unpleasant drain situations such as clogged toilets and even bellied pipes. A bellied pipe is defined as a large section of pipe that has sunk into the ground. Bellied pipe causes waste to accumulate in the sunken area.

Broken Pipes

Hiring a dynamic drain cleaning service company such as Metro Plumbing Heating and Air to routinely clean your drains will give experts an opportunity to recognize any malfunctions in the pipelines.

Drains can often break or crack. Pipelines can also completely collapse if cracks in the pipeline are neglected. A professional drain cleaning technician can also fix or recommend solutions for misaligned pipes.

Garbage disposal jams should be handled by a professional. DIY garbage disposal solutions can be dangerous. Garbage disposals are also useful luxuries that can help keep your kitchen neat and tidy. One thing you can do at home to maintain your garbage disposal is to be mindful of what goes into it. If you happen to lodge something in the garbage disposal drain that doesn’t belong, you’ll simply need to call a professional drain cleaning service to get it unstuck.

Other common drain problems include tree roots becoming lodged into your pipelines. Tree roots are long and extensive. These strong roots can break through concrete and your drainage system. If roots have grown into your drainage systems, fast action must be taken. Contact an excellent service to quickly alleviate the situation by removing the tree roots and repairing any damage the pipes may have acquired.

Benefits of Routine Drain Cleaning

The benefits of routine drain cleaning can be enjoyed throughout the seasons. The following benefits will make your life easier and keep your pockets full.

No More Overflows

Drain cleaning service and repair companies such as Metro Plumbing Heating and Air are experts at eliminating clogged drains and alleviating slow drainage. Everyday wear and tear cause all kinds of debris and minerals to deposit inside the pipelines. Routine cleansing would make drain blockages a non-factor.

Less Chance for Flooding

Consistently removing debris and preventing overflows is a good way to ensure your home never floods due to your pipes. Healthy, clean pipes are less likely to cause leaks that could cause flooding. Pipes that drain efficiently are also less likely to cause flooding.

Noise Reduction in the Plumbing System

Noisy pipelines may be the result of blockages. Noises that sound like gurgles and rattling are usually indications your pipes are experiencing a blockage. Noises that are louder or sound like banging may indicate something is wrong with the boiler itself. Drain cleaning experts can diagnose the cause of the problem and work to fix the issue.

No More Bad Smells

Dirty pipes are catalysts for organisms like mold, bacteria, and mildew to accumulate. This, in turn, may make your house smell like its own sewage system. Hiring a drain cleaning professional to routinely perform cleaning maintenance will protect your home from awful smells of sewage.

Drainage System Will Last Longer

Regular cleaning will prevent clogs and blockages. Obstructions in the pipe can damage the integrity of your plumbing system and cause your pipes to need replacing prematurely. To maximize the lifespan of your pipes, use a drain cleaning service to clean your drainage systems regularly.

Save a Lot of Money

Fortunately, the cost you spend routinely cleaning your pipes will be paid back to you in major savings. Plumbing emergency expenses can be very costly. Having your drains professionally unclogged can cost upwards of a thousand dollars depending on how bad the obstruction is. DIY products such as Drano, are temporary fixes that may end up costing you more in the long run.

The Cleaner Your Drains the Cleaner Your Home

The numerous benefits of having a professional company clean your pipes regularly largely outweigh the cost. The benefits of drain cleaning are bigger than your pipes. The cleanliness of your drains helps ensure your environment stays clean and toxin-free. As discussed previously in this article, clean drains reduce foul smells due to the accumulation of mold and bacteria. Clean drains also keep pests away, in the home, as well as outside of it. Well maintained drainage systems will prevent standing water on the outside of the home. Standing water is a magnet from mosquitoes and other flying bugs. The clean environment will help keep your home and yard pest-free.

The Metro Plumbing Heating and Air professionals in Chattanooga, TN, has been serving this community since 1989. This reliable plumbing company specializes in drain cleaning services, as well as repairs, leak detection, storm drain cleaning, and sump pump services. Contact Metro Plumbing Heating & Air to schedule your plumbing maintenance services today.

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