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Septic Tank Repair Season | Chattanooga, TN

Septic Tank Repair Season   Chattanooga TN
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As the uncomfortably cold and nasty winter weather slowly fades away, it’s time to think about your annual septic tank repair options. Septic tanks are conveniently hidden below the house and out of sight, as almost every modern plumbing installation that your household is equipped with.

An overlooked septic tank may have an unpleasant impact for the household and your neighbors in Chattanooga, TN. A leaky tank can lead to the appearance of strong odors, disruption in the use of the facilities as well as, a waste overflow that can ruin your day and even the walls and the electrical appliances that reside in your property.

In this post, you will find out how to know when it is time to call for a waste tank repair professional, as well as, the telltale signs that your septic tank needs replacement.

Septic Tank Drainfield

Despite that the septic tank is an important part of your property’s facilities, it is well-hidden in a place below and far from your house. This place is usually located in the far-end of your house’s garden and it’s referred to as the drainfield. It is important to keep your drainfield clean of obstructions and objects that may damage or block your septic tank system. It isn’t uncommon for houses in Chattanooga, TN, to require septic tank repair due to objects like leaves, small branches pests, and sometimes pests entering and contaminating the septic tank.

Moreover, it is essential to check, every now and then, the growth of any trees and plants nearby the site where the tank is hidden. Growing roots can attach themselves to the septic tank, or the nearby pipes, causing significant damage such as clogging or even water leaking. Inside the drainfield is located the draining hatch which is used for repair and draining purposes. You should ensure that this hatch remains unblocked and fully sealed in order to avoid any odors or contaminants entering your tank.

Finally, you should make sure that you don’t place any heavy objects above your septic tank’s drainfield such as cement blocks, or automobiles and motorcycles as they may add stress in the waste system located underground, or even worse, it might cause the waste tank to leak.

How to Avoid Emergency Septic Tank Repair

Having a septic tank in your house undoubtedly brings a lot of benefits and if like the rest of the household, you take the necessary care of the waste system, you won’t have to worry about unexpected septic tank repair sessions. In order to make sure that your wastewater system remains healthy, make sure that the occupiers of the house don’t drop objects inside the drain which can cause the pipes to clog. Septic tanks are not designed to dissolve sanitary items or non-organic waste!

Like the rest of your house’s facilities, septic tanks have an expiration date too. If you have installed the waste tank in your property, you can find out the material that it was made of and how long it is projected to last until a replacement tank is necessary. Aged septic tanks are usually made of concrete, but nowadays additional, and more durable, materials are used such as fiberglass, steel, and polyethylene.

Telltale Signs You Need Emergency Septic Tank Repair

Frequent septic tank repair and draining can guarantee the proper function of your waste disposal system and the proper function of the facilities inside the house. However, in case of an unexpected waste tank breakdown, you can face certain challenges with your house’s septic tank which can arise from pipe clogging or a leak in the system.

Those issues might affect your lifestyle and cause a disruption to the facilities and comforts that you are used to. In this part of the post, you will become familiar with what the top signs that your waste system is in need of urgent septic tank repair.


  • Bad Odor

Have you noticed recently a bad smell emanating from the sink, the toilet, or even your drainfield outside? A septic tank combines all the wastewater from your property and, unavoidably, when that tank starts to break down, a foul odor can alert you (and the rest of your neighborhood) that you are in need of urgent repairs.


  • Water takes a long time to drain

Next time that you do the dishwashing, check whether the rate of which the wastewater goes down to the drain. If the water tends to stay in a puddle, it’s a sign that your waste tank might be blocked. If the problem happens to other facilities such as the bathroom or the shower, it might be useful to call a plumber to check if the pipes leading to the septic tank are clogged or the level of the tank is normal.


  • Unexpected water puddles

If you notice a water puddle near your drainfield, it may be a sign that your waste system is in need of septic tank repair. In case that your septic system was clogged by objects, or simply the tank is filled to its capacity, it is necessary to call a septic tank professional to inspect the system and if necessary, drain and clean your septic tank. If you don’t act fast in a tank overflow situation, your drainfield might become contaminated with organic waste and the complimentary septic odor that comes with it.


  • House upgrades

Are you planning to run modifications to your property such as building another bathroom or adding a brand new hot tub? Don’t forget to check with your local plumber if your septic tank is capable of accommodating the new extensions.

If you are worried with your septic tank’s working condition or simply you are looking for a new waste tank, look no further. Metro Plumbing, Heating & Air works with plumbers who are highly experienced with septic tank repair issues. Invest in your property and your well being by having a professional plumber to inspect your septic tank today!

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