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Drain Cleaning – Working the Pipes | Drain Cleaning Service in Cleveland, TN

Drain Cleaning Working the Pipes   Drain Cleaning Service in Cleveland TN
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Whether you live in Cleveland or anywhere else, household drains and water pipes play one of the most important roles in a building or a house. They are the main mechanism for waste disposal of the house and take away sewage, raw water and bodily waste material from the house.

Now using the bathroom and kitchen are things which are done every day in households and thus water pipes and drains undergo a lot of use and burden. They can become easily clogged and blocked and will require a drain cleaning service in Cleveland, TN to get reopened again. What are some of the causes of drains becoming blocked?

  • Foreign objects and obstructions going down into the pipes like toothbrushes or toothpaste caps
  • Allowing shaved and cut hair to flow into the drain
  • Pouring oils and fats down the drain which coagulate and constrict pipes
  • Flushing large objects like female hygiene products or contraceptives
  • Flushing a lot of toilet paper
  • Non-water soluble bath products

All these are the many causes which can block drains and prevent proper water flow. While you can account for some of these causes, some of them are often done unintentionally and without thinking so it is harder to catch them. So how do you know whether you require a drain cleaning service in Cleveland, TN? There are some signs of blocked drains, look for them.

Signs of Drain Blockage

1.   Smells and Odors

If your toilet or bathroom is stinking up a mess then suffice to say you will know right away and unpleasant reality will bear itself all too readily down upon you.

This is one of the worst, infact the possible worst way to find out about a drain blockage since it might also mean that sewage does not flush down and stinks up your bathroom. In the worst case scenario, it might get backed up which will require emergency sanitation treatment instead of just a regular drain cleaning service in Cleveland, TN.

If the smell emanates instead from your kitchen and is more sulphurous in nature then this indicates improper trash disposal and that food waste is not properly flowing down the drain. It is collecting somewhere and rotting which causes a sulfur-like smell.

2.   Slow Drain

If you notice the water is going down slower than usual in your basis or tub.etc and instead pools before going down, this readily indicates a blockage or some kind of obstruction in the pipes. This might not necessarily mean the drain is completely blocked but will turn into a similar situation if left unattended so it is best to call a drain cleaning service in Cleveland, TN ASAP.

3.   Drainage Sounds

This will become apparent immediately if your basin or tub or toilet is making loud gurgling noises and sounds as the water is going down then this means there is a blockage. This is because of air rising up because of the blockage between the main line and the water you drain down. This causes it to get trapped and expel with a force which causes the sounds and noises.

4.   Water Pooling

The end stage sign you could have denoting a block in the drain and which necessitates immediate drain cleaning service in Cleveland, TN. You could be lucky and the pooling could only be in your wash basin or bathtub but if you are unlucky then pooling of water may extend to the toilet.

Benefits of Drain Cleaning Service in Cleveland, TN

Before we elaborate on the advantages to be gained from pipe clearing by a drain cleaning service in Cleveland, TN, we must stress that it is not something which should be done as a last resort when problems have already reared their heads.

Regular drain cleanings will help you more and be more beneficial than one-off drain cleanings. Here is why:

1.   Avoiding Blockages and Clogs

With regular a drain cleaning service in Cleveland, TN you will get to avoid major blockages and clogs where they become serious problems before they even happen.

Regular drain cleaning will ensure that whatever muck, grime or materials are built up in your drains get washed away and cleared before they can get to a point where they begin to obstruct.

2.   Cost Savings

Regular drain cleanings will not incur that large of a cost for you all things considered. They are a much better alternative than deeper cleanings which have to deal with bigger more serious obstructions or having to deal with other headaches and costs if it gets to the point of sewage and water packing up.

Not only will that involve flooding and water damage costs but also costs of sanitation services to treat and collect sewage backing up and outflow.

3.   Health Protection

Getting a drain cleaning service in Cleveland, TN is also one of the core steps involved in protecting your health. Not just your health but also of your house.

Clean and unobstructed drains mean no opportunity for pathogens or bacteria to grow and penetrate your house or vermin and pests to reside and feed while going in and out of your house. Getting them pumped and cleaned also prevents the infestation of drain flies which are annoying and unhygienic nuisances which are otherwise hard to get rid of by conventional means since their larvae live on drain grime and scum. Also, no chance or opportunity for even a little bit of raw sewage to back up in your house is one benefit to savor forever; you do NOT want to experience the consequences of foregoing it.

4.   Odor Elimination

A drain cleaning service in Cleveland, TN will also mean the elimination of odors from drains and toilets. Odors can make using the toilet a very unpleasant experience and put a stop to your activities in the kitchen.

Not to mention they are very unhygienic and pose potential health risks. They may be precursors to bigger problems. So not having to hold your nose while using the bathroom is a plus!


If you are looking for a drain cleaning service in Cleveland, TN then contact Metro PHA today. We can be reached on our website where you can see more details about drain cleaning. You can also contact us at (423) 855–0967 for a consultation.

We pride ourselves on providing a service which will satisfy you every time and provide a guarantee on it, let’s get down to some cleaning today!

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