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Ductless AC Benefits to Consider in Cleveland, TN

Heating And AC Ever Considered Ductless Air Conditioning Heres Why You Might   Cleveland TN
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As specialists in heating and AC, Metro Plumbing Heating and Air has seen all kinds of units operate throughout Cleveland, TN, including ductless air conditioning. If you’ve never considered using this system over the traditional system, we might suggest that you do as it can serve both heating and AC requirements.

A less familiar type of heating and AC unit, it’s been pointed out that ductless air conditioning, also known as split subsystem air conditioners and mini-split systems, do have some notable benefits above the traditional units. This doesn’t come at a higher cost either, as like traditional heating and AC units, there are a number of varieties to suit a range of budgets.

How does it work?

These alternative air conditioning systems have three elements that separate it from traditional systems. It contains an indoor unit that creates less or virtually no noise; it has a hidden line that provides refrigerated air; and it has an outdoor compressor the units are linked to.

Ductless air conditioning systems operate using a network of ducts and a blower attached to the ceiling, to deliver air, stripped of heat and moisture, throughout the house, or a particular room.

The system is often made up of two units, with the larger half sitting outside the house and the smaller unit shooting cool air into the home or commercial space.

Between the two units are two coils, one removing warm air from the space inside, while the other brings in cool air.

A thermostat control and virtually silent blower fan helps circulate air around the unit and home as efficiently as possible.

While split units connect one indoor unit to one outdoor unit, a multi-split system can connect five indoor units to one outdoor unit, so it can be used for the whole house. The former is more designed for singular spaces or single rooms.

A multi-split system further allows each room to have individual temperature control and it can come in different styles.

Humidity is managed at any temperature without the need for a water tank while inverter/non-inverter compressors control temperature.

This works mostly via motors so whenever the temperature rises above the set temperature, the motor hastens to lower the temperature, and it adjusts itself to maintain a consistent indoor climate.

The nearer the temperature is to the set temperature, the motor speed reduces and stops when it’s below the target temperature.

With this kind of system, constant running is more beneficial than stopping and starting the motor, which is likely to use up more energy.


One notable purpose for ductless air conditioning is for ‘spot cooling’ – this is particularly useful in spaces where there are computers or machinery and that need some temperature control.

This type of heating and AC system is also more energy efficient and feels more fluid or natural in the home. Even when it starts getting colder when you’re switching to heating, and AC is the last thing on your mind, there’s no need to move the system out.

Furthermore, it’s slightly more secure than traditional air conditioning systems because it provides no avenue for entry into the home, which is not the case with traditional air conditioners.

A particularly striking factor of these air conditioning systems however, is you don’t need to restrict their use to just the hot summers, as they can be used in any climate, allowing for a consistent temperature to permeate your whole house or commercial real estate and it can cool whole houses that have hot water radiant heat. With models that have heat pumps, ductless air conditioners become both heating and AC units, as they can be used to provide efficient heating during the colder months as well.

How difficult is it to get one?

Ductless air conditioners are as easy, if not easier, to get installed in your home as traditional heating and AC systems. In fact, call Metro Plumbing, Heating & Air, and you could be operational in a matter of hours.

We’ll set up the outdoor condenser coil and compressor and ensure all copper tubing, fan coil units and electrical power lines are in place and connected appropriately. And we’ll install your wall controller.

We can also advise on the type and model of ductless air conditioner that will be best for your home. Most of them are ideally lightweight but they come in different shapes and sizes and you can choose a color scheme to blend in with your interior.

If you’re worried about outdoor damage to your unit, from the elements, garden animals or from weather, know that these units are durable. Neither are they an eyesore, designed to blend in with the surroundings.

Should your ductless air conditioner break down however, you can still give Metro Plumbing, Heating & Air a call and we’ll be over as urgently as you need to repair it. We know that summers are brutal and winters need a warmer touch, so with our service, your unit will be back up and running in no time.

We also work in the areas surrounding Cleveland, TN, serving heating and AC systems of most major brands and our staff can provide honest and professional feedback on any repairs, or installations without padding our prices.

Metro Plumbing, Heating & Air also provide plumbing services, heater repair, installation and maintenance as well as HVAC system replacement, and we can monitor your indoor air quality, thermostats and provide safety inspections. We also look at heat pumps and furnaces as well as air conditioning units. We’re family owned and strive to provide a reliable service, that’s why you can call us today or anytime for your heating and AC issues.

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