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Top Quality, Responsive Air Conditioner Repair | Chattanooga, TN

Top Quality Responsive Air Conditioner Repair   Chattanooga TN
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Metro Plumbing, Heating & Air is one of the Chattanooga, TN area’s best air conditioner repair providers with expert technicians, experienced system experts, and a team of professionals to help you pull together the right solution for your cooling problem. We’re also here to help you upgrade and maintain the system you have, with seasonal maintenance plans and a variety of new air conditioning systems and upgrades available to make your home a place you can enjoy year ’round.

Urgent Air Conditioner Repair

AC systems can be critical for members of your household who have respiratory conditions or otherwise are heat or air quality sensitive. Let us know if that’s the case, and we’ll do our best to get someone out right away to diagnose the problem and help you get cool again. We’re also ready to help when you’ve got special events and other activities where your guests won’t enjoy the moment if they’re dressed up and dripping with sweat. And of course, we’re ready to respond when your system fails and just make life better for your overall.

Air Conditioner Maintenance

Your air conditioner works hard in a typical Chattanooga, TN summer, especially on those 90-90 days when temperature and humidity are both high and oppressive. Air conditioner repair and maintenance in the off-season helps ensure that you aren’t at home, sweltering, while our repair technician is working to fix a system problem in July. Even if your system doesn’t fail completely, a system that hasn’t been properly maintained can do a poor job of lowering the temperature and pulling the humidity out of the air, resulting in a home that’s less than comfortable.

Duct Cleaning and Sealing

When you are getting an air conditioner repair or maintenance visit, you can also improve your system’s efficiency and safety by scheduling a duct cleaning and sealing service. We’ll remove layers of dust and debris from your ducts and make sure it is sanitized so that contaminants don’t grow on the surfaces inside and affect your air quality.

AC System Upgrades for Better Efficiency

Even very poor system performance can sometimes be corrected by simple air conditioner repair solutions such as compressor updates, condenser coil cleaning or replacement, refrigerant servicing, and fan motor repair or replacement. If that’s all you need to get you going and you waited to call, you’ll wish you called sooner.

Programmable Thermostats

We highly recommend programmable thermostats to save money by turning up the cool only when there are people home to appreciate it. If we’re visiting to provide an air conditioner repair and your thermostat is the problem, let us install one — and if we’re performing another repair, it’s the perfect time to add this simple efficiency solution.

Indoor Air Quality

In the summer, you may keep your home closed and the air conditioning running for days or weeks at a time. If you find that your breathing is not easy or you’re not as comfortable as you like, you may not be able to pinpoint the problem. It could be that your system is just not as good as it could be any more — maybe you skipped maintenance this year? And over time the air circulating in your house is getting lower in quality. With an air conditioner repair visit, we can diagnose any marginal parts of your system and offer the best solutions for your problem now, and for the long term.

Allergy and Asthma Filtration

We occasionally get calls from customers who are having problems with allergies or asthma in their homes and don’t know what to do to improve the situation. They can replace furniture, restrict pet movement, use special cleaning products, and still they may not find the single or multiple sources of the problem. Why not just filter allergens out of the air? It’s a general solution that can make a big difference for everyone, especially those with sensitive conditions. We can provide and maintain high-quality HEPA filters that strain almost everything out of the air.

There’s another level of indoor air quality

HEPA filters go beyond your usual heating system air filters and provide air filtration which meets a demanding technical standard. These filters are used in medical environments, manufacturing “clean rooms,”

Repair or Replace Your AC?

We have some very skilled technicians who understand how your system works and can diagnose and treat even the most ancient system or unusual failure. We also have people who can help you understand the numbers involved in a repair or replacement, from direct costs and efficiency-related savings to manufacturer incentives and capacity planning.

Air conditioning systems of the past sometimes last for a long time. Whether your air conditioner repair is on a modern unit that’s received weather-related damage or an ancient, long-serving unit that it’s difficult to get parts for, we can help you not only select a replacement unit but also consider the advantages of updating your system. You may find the numbers are better with a new system, or you may realize that you need whole-house AC that works hard to keep you healthy as well as cool.

We’re Your Resource for Heating and Cooling Information — And We’re Interactive!

We’re here for advice as well as to perform air conditioner repair, so take advantage of our experience. We can help you understand your system or just make it work, and we’re real people who answer questions. Get informed!

We’ve got years of expertise, a great understanding of what systems have to offer, and we’d love to get to know you as a customer. Whether we do business with you or just help you get informed, we’re glad to receive your call and get you information, ideas, or a highly-trained technician on the way to get you cool again. We’re ready for you. Call Metro Plumbing, Heating & Air at 423-668-0507, and tell us how we can help.

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