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Eight Common Kitchen Plumbing Services That will Need You to Call Your Local Plumber | Cleveland, TN

Eight Common Kitchen Plumbing Services That will Need You to Call Your Local Plumber   Cleveland TN
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The kitchen has many plumbing fixtures, from taps and sinks to faucets and dishwashers. For your kitchen to function efficiently and smoothly, you require a well-functioning plumbing system. Remember, we rely on the kitchen’s plumbing system to give us clean water and carry wastewater away. However, like any other system in the house, there can be a malfunction, leaving you helpless and in need of plumbing services. Below are some kitchen problems that can cause a homeowner to require services of a local plumber.

Replacement and Installations

Sometimes, you want to upgrade your kitchen by installing new materials or maybe replacing old ones. Many are the times when people think that they can do it themselves and do not require services from a professional plumber, especially due to the cost factor. However, you might end up destroying the whole plumbing system and consequently damaging your home. It’s recommendable to call your local plumber as they have training in handling plumbing fixtures. After all, it’s what they’re professionally trained at. This may be a long-term investment as it could last for many years and you wouldn’t have to keep on upgrading your system.

Leaky Pipes

Homeowners may experience leaking pipes once in a while. Over the years, pipes can start to tear down and leak. Sometimes, it’s negligible but other times it’s dangerous and can cause havoc. Some of the signs that you should look out for include wet spots in the ceiling or floor, cracks in the kitchen, dampness, and even mold growing in your kitchen. Also, an increase in the water bill is a sign of water wastage. A leaky pipe is not only a nuisance but it can also cause stained walls or invasion of black molds. Repairing this problem requires a professional to find out the root cause and fix it. If you experience leaky pipes in your kitchen, it’s a good idea to contact your local plumber immediately.

Decreased Water Pressure

Low-water pressure from the taps is common in some homes. This makes washing utensils slow and frustrating. Sometimes, it’s because of the low water supply in the town and you may not have control over it. However, there are times it can be due to a closed water meter valve, leakage, or a blocked plumbing system. To restore the flow of water and get your taps running in-full-force, you can seek the services of your local plumber to check the cause of the low-pressure and fix it.

Dishwasher Repair

A wrongly fixed, broken, or leaking dishwasher can cause flooding, clogging, and other catastrophic problems. If you’re experiencing abnormalities in your dishwasher such as a loud banging noise, cloudy glassware, unclean dishes, or if the process is taking too long out of the norm, it’s a sign that something’s not right. Some of the causes of a leak in your dishwasher may include damaged spray arms or a broken float switch which could cause a water overflow. Trying to fix it is quite dangerous because electricity and water are part of the appliance and the two are a dangerous combination. You can end up hurting yourself or worsening the problem. Therefore, seek professional services from your local plumber to continue enjoying dish-washing services. After all, there’s always that feeling of satisfaction we all get knowing we’re satiated and the dishes will literally work on themselves.

Clogged Drains

Are your sinks taking too long to drain the water completely? This is common and unavoidable in some homes, however careful you are. It’s mostly caused by the blockage of pipes under the sink due to a build up of small food crumbs, grease, or soap scum. This can cause health issues if you don’t immediately handle the situation. You may fall prey to purchasing some popular chemical products to clean the drainage, but the problem with this is you could end up doing more harm than good.

If you suspect that your drainage is slow or is not draining water at all, don’t hesitate to call your local plumber before things worsen. The professional will clean your drains using specialized tools and prevent any future possible drainage problem.

Dripping Kitchen Faucet

Have you ever tried to study or sleep in a room next to a kitchen that has a dripping tap? If you have, you can resonate with how annoying it is. A leaky faucet can be wasteful and can cause a rise in your water bills. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, leaks can cause nearly 10,000 gallons of water wastage in US homes every year on average. Those drips may be due to a worn-out washer, corroded valve, or defective O-ring. In most cases, this is not a major problem as it’s easy to fix. However, sometimes you may have to replace it with a new one, and that’s when your local plumber comes in.

Garbage Disposal

This is a very crucial part of every kitchen, both hygienically and health-wise. With a proper garbage disposal system, cleaning up and washing dishes becomes easy and enjoyable. The challenge comes when people misuse or mishandle the system by dumping too much food remains and large disposals causing blockage of pipes. Poor garbage disposal can cause persistent odors, abnormal noises, water leaks, or frequent resets. Some garbage disposal problems require repairs while others need replacement. Your local plumber can clean the garbage disposal and repair or replace it if necessary, so always have one such professional on call.

Fridge Water Line Malfunction

Refrigerators with an ice maker or a water dispenser have a water supply line. Some of the major causes of a dysfunctional refrigerator include a frozen water tube, defective water inlet tube, or a faulty dispenser switch or control board. If you are in Cleveland, TN, and you suspect that your refrigerator pipes are clogged or leaking, you can contact a local plumber before the issue gets out of hand.

We Are one Call Away

Cleveland, TN, residents experiencing kitchen plumbing problems shouldn’t hesitate to call Metro Plumbing, Heating and Air for comprehensive diagnosis and repair. We are a licensed plumbing company that offers immediate and professional plumbing services in the shortest time possible. Give us a call to schedule plumbing services at your convenience.

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