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Warning Signs That Show You Need Air Conditioner Repair Services | Chattanooga, TN

Warning Signs That Show You Need Air Conditioner Repair Services   Chattanooga TN
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Your air conditioning system is a sophisticated refrigeration device. Early identification of operational issues helps you to avoid ending up with a system that doesn’t work at all. Metro Plumbing, Heating and Air in Chattanooga, TN has you covered if you are dealing with a malfunctioning air conditioner. Here are some common warning signs to look out for:

Odd Noises

A certain level of vibration and noise is normal from any mechanical equipment, including an air conditioner. However, excessive levels of noise are a clear warning that air conditioner repair services may be necessary. There are many possible causes for the higher levels of AC noises that range from misaligned shafts to damaged mounting pads.

Such odd noises include rattling, grinding, hissing, shrieking and clanging. A rattling sound is usually an indicator that the AC belt has been misplaced from its original position. Grinding sounds occur when the AC motor bearings are broken. All these sounds point to the need of having your air conditioner repair urgently.

Short Cycling

Short cycling refers to an operational difficulty in which your AC turns on and off without completing a full cooling cycle. The result is poor performance of your system due to the immense strain on the compressor. The life of the AC is also shortened significantly while the cost of running the system increases alarmingly.

There are many causes of air conditioning short cycling problems. If your air filter is clogged or dirty, the system strains in pulling through enough fresh air. Consequently, your system will overheat causing it to turn on and off before the cycle ends. Low refrigerant levels also cause your AC to overwork in cooling your space resulting in short cycling.

Low Cooling Output

If your AC is no longer supplying your home with cool air, then air conditioner repair services are needed. If some parts of your home tend to be hotter than others, your AC may be losing its cooling power. The reasons for the low cooling output are several and may include ventilation issues, refrigerant leakage or system age.

A clogged air filter inhibits proper flow of air resulting in the reduced cooling capacity of your AC. Dirty coils also cause your AC to strain in cooling your space. Additionally, a faulty compressor prevents the cooling cycle from starting which causes your AC not to cool your space. The compressor is basically the heart of any air conditioning unit.

Higher Bills

It’s important to keep a close eye on your monthly electric bills. You should be alarmed if you notice that you are paying more to keep your home cool. There may be an air conditioner repair problem that needs to be solved. Any malfunction in your AC will cause the system to overwork causing it to draw on more electricity.

Putting off air conditioner repairs for so long costs you more money in the long run as reflected by higher bills. A faulty AC requires more energy to run. For instance, a unit that frequently cycles on and off draws more energy than one that runs at normal intervals. The longer you put off air conditioner repairs, the more money you’ll spend on your monthly utility bills.

Easy Steps You Can Take to Prevent Air Conditioner Repair Issues

Just like any other mechanical equipment, your AC is prone to experience technical issues down the road. Your AC comprises many components and an issue in one component translates to a problem in the entire system. Here are some easy steps that can enable you to increase the longevity of your AC and prevent system problems:

1. Ensure Your AC Unit is Properly Installed

You should prevent any AC problems right from the beginning by ensuring that your unit is properly installed. Proper installation enables your AC to perform excellently for quite some time without the need for air conditioner repair services. Such proper installation can effectively be delivered by our expert AC technicians.

2. Keep the Air Filter Clean

Air flow problems that result from coil freezing often arise from dirty and clogged air filters. A task as easy as keeping your unit’s air filter clean enables your AC to operate smoothly much longer. Replacement of the air filter may be done after several rounds of cleaning it. You will therefore be able to prevent lasting damage on your AC and regulate your energy bills.

3. Install an Overflow Switch

Another common AC problem that you can prevent is water leaks that occur when the condensate drain line gets blocked. A water leak messes up the area around your unit and causes a musty smell in your home. Installing an overflow switch prevents water leaks by shutting down the entire system before the leak happens. Which allows you to unblock the condensate drain.

4. Install a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat is more precise in saving energy. Installing one allows you to eliminate AC problems that arise with older control systems. Such as malfunctions caused by overworking of the AC due to inaccurate setting of temperatures. A programmable thermostat keeps the temperature in your home consistent at all times.

5. Maintain the Right Amount of Refrigerant

The leading reason for air conditioner freeze up is usually insufficient refrigerant. If your AC is low on refrigerant, chances are it was undercharged during installation. You can call in our AC specialists to ensure that refrigerant is charged up to the right amount. Our AC technicians will also assess whether the insufficient refrigerant is as a result of a refrigerant leak.

6. Ensure Regular Preventative AC Maintenance

You should not wait till your AC exhibits problems. All AC problems can easily be prevented through regular maintenance. Have our AC experts come in each spring to inspect and fine tune your system. Aside from preventing breakdowns to your unit, AC maintenance also keeps you from spending much more on air conditioner repairs.

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