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The Lifeblood of Your System: Why Sump Pump Services Are Always Needed | Cleveland, TN

The Lifeblood of Your System Why Sump Pump Services Are Always Needed   Cleveland TN
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What is a sump pump, and why do we need sump pump services from time to time? Some residents in Cleveland, TN and beyond ponder these questions and more. And with more water traveling in and out of your home, knowing what a sump pump is and when to fix it are highly critical.

Before we describe the need for sump pump services, a basic definition is in order. The primary purpose of the sump pump is to keep your basement and crawl space free of water and sewage. It is a simple, tiny pump that is installed in the lowest area of your home, typically near the basement or crawl space, and its main function is to pump out the water that gathers in the sump pit and pump it out so that the lowest part of your home’s foundation remains unaffected. Without it, much damage can be done. Mold and mildew will accrue along the floors and walls of your basement, thus leading to breathing and allergy issues. Plus, when sewage collects, it can cause other, more severe problems, such as attracting sewer rats, which can carry all manner of untold disease.

But with the proper attention, your sump pump will be able to do its job right. And those who live locally know just who they can turn to for sump pump services: Metro Plumbing, Heating & Air.

The professionals at Metro Plumbing, Heating & Air know just how challenging a task locating your sump pump can really be. In fact, it is highly suggested that if you need to have an inspection or routine sump pump services done, that you allow a licensed contractor to locate your sump pump in order to fix it. Trying to do this yourself could be a major undertaking, and may result in massive flooding if not done properly.

Since sump pumps are located underneath the home’s basic foundation, they typically will fly under the radar as far as maintenance issues are concerned. In fact, most residents here and beyond may not even be aware that their home’s sump pump is not working as it should, nor could they realize that it may not be working at all. Getting it fixed as promptly as possible is extremely important, along with basic routine maintenance, the latter of which can catch problems before they become severe.

The professionals at Metro Plumbing, Heating & Air highly recommend that residents in Cleveland, TN have their sump pumps checked once every two months, as both dirt and debris can collect so quickly that a backup can result.

Looking for leaks in the sump pump’s discharge pipe, checking for debris, and inspecting the pit are among the many sump pump services that the professionals at Metro Plumbing, Heating & Air can offer. As part of the inspection process, a professional should be able to check the float switch to see that it’s working properly, make sure the check valve is in full working order, and test the sump pump’s battery to ensure that it’s fully functional. Also, a thorough inspection of the discharge line is critical so that the smooth transition of your water is fully guaranteed.

If the discharge line happens to be clogged, then a licensed professional should be able to clean out any debris as part of good, quality sump pump services. There are times when it may get clogged with dirt, leaves, or even loose gravel, but the experts at Metro Plumbing, Heating & Air can help once you make that call.

The type of sump pump you choose to have installed depends largely on your personal needs and how much water is transmitted from your home on a daily basis. Submersible pumps are quieter and more efficient than most others, with the only drawback being that they require a much larger sump and can be very difficult, if not expensive, to install. With pedestal pumps, they are much easier and cheaper to install, the only drawback being that they are much less efficient, make too much noise, and don’t always fit right into the sump part as neatly as they should. Plus, they have the added risk of wearing out more quickly than other systems, as they are smaller in size and not as fit to carry water in and out of your home as frequently.

Both battery and water-powered pumps have an edge over other systems in that they can get to work during times of a power outage when the main pump fails, thus transmitting the regular flow of water in and out of your home. The only drawback is that the battery will need replacement, and, as it is only used as a backup, it may break down more if used too frequently. A water-powered pump is less efficient and not as easy to install as the battery-powered version. Plus, it relies heavily on tap water in order to operate, thus resulting in increased water costs each month and can be difficult to install. It may also require a backup prevention valve due to its heavy reliance on water in order to function.

As part of these services, it is highly recommended that pedestal sump pumps be replaced as frequently as once every five or six years. Submersible pumps should be replaced every 8-10 years on average to prevent system wear and tear. As part of sump pump services, the pit of a sump pump will need to be cleaned periodically to remove dirt and other build up.

The sump pump is the lifeblood of your entire plumbing system. Think of it as a heart that pumps blood into your circulatory system, keeping it alive and well. The professionals at Metro Plumbing, Heating & Air understand that without it, water backs up, thus flooding your basement or other area of your home. If that happens, the team at Metro Plumbing, Heating & Air are on call 24/7 to answer your questions and address your need for sump pump services. Each professional is held to high standards, including routine drug testing and a rigorous background check, so you’ll always be in good hands. Good sump pump services are only a call or a click away.

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