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7 Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips in Chattanooga, TN

Heating and Air Conditioning Repair 7 Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips   Chattanooga TN
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Did you know that almost all Tennessee households use air conditioning units, with over 80% using central air conditioners and a small portion using wall or window units? Most American homeowners rely on their air conditioning units to relieve themselves from the summer’s heat and shield themselves from cold during harsh winter seasons.

Therefore, it’s essential for homeowners’ in Chattanooga, TN, to keep their AC unit in good shape. Below are some maintenance tips that will significantly help you to reduce the costs regarding heating and air conditioning repair.

Keep Your AC Clean

As a responsible homeowner, you should liaise with dependable heating and air conditioning repair professionals to help you understand the general layout of your air conditioning system for easy cleaning. Most central air conditioners have two essential parts; an outdoor unit consisting of a compressor or a condenser, and an indoor unit that houses an evaporator or a heat pump.

The outdoor unit is located next to your house while the indoor unit is in a central duct near the furnace or at times in the air handler. Ensure that you clear any tree branches and tall grasses surrounding your outdoor unit since they serve as obstructions to airflow.

Also, it would be best if you cleaned the air conditioner’s evaporator and condenser coils since they accumulate dirt over time, which interferes with the normal functioning of your AC.

Build a Shed to Cover Your AC

You should avoid exposing your air conditioning unit directly to the scorching sun, but instead, position it in a cool place or build a shed to cover it up. Keeping the unit itself in the shade could be an effective way to reduce its workload and prevent it from overheating. It also helps to prolong your air conditioner’s life since it will not require frequent heating and air conditioning repair.

Also, providing shade for your AC prevents direct contact with frost during winter that could damage its critical components, causing malfunctions that would require you to hire certified repair services providers.

It’s bad to keep your AC unit covered when it’s not in use to protect it against vandalism, accumulation of dust, and other hazards that force your hand to check-in at a repair company, the next time you need to use it.

Set Consistent Parameters

With the help of a reliable heating and air conditioning repair professional, ensure that you identify and set the most appropriate air temperature parameters at the air conditioner’s control unit. This puts off the habit of frequent handling the switches as well as the control buttons and may reduce the number of visits you make to a heating and air conditioning repair service provider due to electric malfunction. Having an air conditioner whose operating parameters are set by a professional also keeps you safe from hazards such as electrocution.

Straighten the Coil Fins

Coil fins are usually located on the evaporator and condenser coils of your air conditioner. They are made of aluminum, thus can bend easily, causing restriction to airflow. Not to worry because you can quickly put them back in position using a fin comb, or if you are not sure about it, you could contract the services of a heating and air conditioning repair professional to fix them for you.

Change or Clean the Air Filters in Your AC

As your air conditioner continues to supply clean air in your premises, its filters trap dirt particles that may accumulate over time and block the filters, thus reducing the efficiency of your air conditioning system. Clogged air filters reduce the airflow into your system, causing the AC to overwork and make up for the deficit.

There is also the chance that some air will bypass the filtration stage and find its way in your living rooms, and cause allergies and respiratory health complications due to the presence of contaminants. Some types of air filters are reusable while others must be replaced. Ensure that you replace or clean blocked air filters. If you are not sure of the type, you could always seek a heating and air conditioning repair service provider to recommend the appropriate course of action, including formulating a maintenance schedule.

Check the Electrical Wiring System

Ensure that you check your air conditioning unit for melted insulation and loose electrical and ducting connections. This helps to prevent accidents caused by an electrical fault, which could have devastating effects on your entire family. Due to the sensitive nature of most electrical components, it is prudent that you contact a repair professional to perform a diagnostics test on your entire AC unit and fix any anomalies.

Check the Condenser Unit Fan

The outdoor unit of your air conditioning system generally houses the condenser. The fan propels the fresh air, after filtration, into the ducting system that supplies the rooms in your house, thus a faulty blower will affect the effectiveness of your air conditioning unit.

You should look out for any cracked blades and replace them. A heating and air conditioning repair service provider may oil the fan motor bearing, among other maintenance practices to ensure that your air conditioning unit is operating at its optimum capacity.

A reliable heating and air conditioning repair company in Chattanooga, TN

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